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Nice! That was quick! You added the UP key for jumping. That's much more comfortable now! 😃
Another cool feature would be a death counter. 💀: 42 <-- 😬

Also, there seems to be another bug that occurred only once to me: A platform pushed me downwards outside the level. Was the first platform, just after I got the "right" key upgrade. Made a screenshot, but could not reproduce this again... even trying really hard. 🤷‍♂️

The camera bug did not occur again even 3 times played through in a row. That seems really fixed now. 👍

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Like that game. However, there is an annoying bug. The character is in the next "screen" but the window does not shift over to it... and you can not move. Sometimes you can get out of it by moving left/right. But sometimes you get stuck... and have to restart the game. Also it would be nice to be able to autosave to the game at the safepoints. That would semi-resolve this issue...

I'm glad you like the game. Have just forwarded your message to EIGHTECS! Have a nice day and don't forget to come back for another round of speed racing! 😉 -- Good to hear, we got the visuals at a good level now. 😃

My congratulations to the 1st rank of the Jam! 👏

Thank you. Then I'll just play it again and see how it ends... I nearly got there thought.

Yeah... or like some sound effects for the last 10 seconds to increase the time pressure feel. Or maybe not have all items at once... and increase the difficulty level by adding more and more items.

For 4-5 hours this was decent. But I believe you could have done more. Missed some audio there and maybe a bit of background music. Graphics could have been better... well, it's a prototype. And you surely could add more ideas to that game.... maybe make the numbers floating around or moving to create different levels to master... and set goals like a minimum number of connections to achieve in each level. Hope to see you in one of the next Game Jams! 

I didn't fully grasp the games goal... and maybe would have needed to just stay there until the timer run out... but when the timer went to negative values I wasn't sure if this is a bug. Probably just an inversion style element. I totally liked the useless interaction "E" with the skeleton... the overall feel of the game was nice. A lot of small little details in the game mechanics... not just running around and collecting but switching stuff... having different collectables in both dimensions... nice! 👌 

The graphics were fine... I totally liked that atmosphere you put me in. Unfortunately the levels were a bit too easy... at least for me. Liked the dialogs and idea of the game... you might be able to add more fun and difficulty by adding some more game elements as barriers and different colors... not just dark/light. Let me know about any such new stuff added to the game... would love to see it!

Awesome multiplayer game. The controls were not so easy to understand first, but then it was quite cool to play. And I believe its total fun to play it with other humans. Unfortunately I had no one to test it with... playing against the AI is not so challenging and motivating 🤷‍♂️
I totally liked the details in the main menu as like the title animation and the overall look and feel of the game. That was really working well for me...  👌

Really like the design and feel of the main screen. Really bad that you cannot actually play the game. Would have been for sure a great experience... Hope you will finish the game in your next Jam submission. I expect it to be awesome! 🖐

The game was fun to play and also the controls worked very well. You should probably spent a bit more time on Graphics and Audio... But for a first time submission, that already decent work. Hope to see you in future Game Jams.

The game was fun playing, liked the funny dialogs... and you really got me making the level too hard the first time. The controls were a bit tricky. Also the setting up of the dungeon.... but, given the total complexity and limited time: Very awesome work! Very creative and well executed.

Really awesome idea.... that world was quite fascinating. Unfortunately you could get stuck in some places. And I didn't have any scroll wheel to zoom out... So I had to restart the game multiple times and just get to the end by trial and error. I liked how this world was just different from reality, the ambient sound fittet very well... and playing was quite like a fantastic space adventure...

That game was awesome. Did play till the end... and the story was quite an interesting experience. You wanted to know how it ends... and the characters even developed. There were some funny conversation elements too. Also to find out how to navigate in that world ... it was a real adventure. Totally awesome idea. Some few things in the world were not well visible due to the lighting, but I made it through. Hope there will be a second part of that game once. I mean... they have kept the key, right? 😉

Liked that game a lot. Having those two worlds... heaven and hell.. and even their special properties changed like in heaven you never die and float. But you can't do much there than this... and in hell, you risk stuff... also that seamless change in the music style is cool. I like the idea a lot to need heaven and hell as a combination to actually master "life" (or that game). To kind of find the balance between them... Hope to see you on future Game Jams!

Awesome! Probably one of my favorite submissions. I liked how you introduced the player to the game... tell him about what is his goal, but at the same time speaking about the game designers (or "gods") task to do this. The sound and overall atmosphere... lighting and other effects are just awesome. I enjoyed playing that game a lot... Thank you.

I've unfortunately not much to give you as a hint for improvements, except: More LEVELs! Give me more levels... and maybe some intermediate conversation with the god of that game... there are quite a few possibilities as letting the player discover other worlds... maybe a brighter outside-the-cave world... slowly changing the atmosphere and adding more and more details to it ... things to interact. But thats more for how you can continue working on that project after the Jam is finished. 

I liked the idea, but found the steering quite hard... as the gravity "accumulates" and it takes a near unpredictable time to flip and then flips quite fast. There should be kind of a gravity indication bar. Or the speed of gravity increase should be a bit lower. The first levels are otherwise a bit hard to accomplish... you need to start with some novice level.

Awesome audio-visual design... that gave me a total retro feel. That background sound just felt real with headphones and the screen was a bit to much bent, but it just looked like a very old tube ray monitor... nice! You totally hit the inversion topic and we were able to solve much of the game. But it seems there is a bug in it for the 4th item to collect. We actually had a look at the source to find the solution... but well we collected it but didn't have the flipxy option afterwards and also it seemed to have a bug when displaying the path there. Would have liked to see the end titles. Nevertheless, a great game with a lot of puzzle feel. You surely have spent a lot of time creating the level. Thanks for that awesome experience. Tell me if you have fixed the bug... then I'll try to finish it...  

Very artistic game! I like that game mechanic... its puzzle combined with jump and run. You need to master the jumps or might fall down... you need to find the right path... or get smashed or fall down. The levels that I could play (due to time limits) were reasonable hard and in slowly increasing difficulty. I would have liked a more diverse soundtrack - it kind of gets annoying over time. But it still fits the Zen or Japanese style of the game. The tree and so on... How many levels are there? 

Did like the start... but didn't come far... just ran against things without knowing how to go on. If I knew more how to play it, I might give it another go. Read below that your dialog system broke. But you could have put that info into the game description... 😥

I like the idea. But, it's totally making me crazy that the whole screen flips. I especially liked the rocks circling around and bumping... the flying enemies path kind of were a bit unpredictable sometimes which made it quite hard to do in addition to the gravity flip thing. In the end quite a good game, difficult but doable ... I would have liked some more sound/music.

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What the.... that was AWESOME! I'd love to play another level like this. But since I'm a bit short on time to rate all those games. Its good to have finished it... wasn't too easy. I liked the soundtrack and overall sound design .. and also the evil laughter if you fail. There seems to be bug in the game when you jump onto things that still move.. they will then stick to you. But, it didn't happen to often to kill the fun. It was quite hard until I found out that I can press&hold "jump" to keep it jumping... And I like the trap near the end where jumping just lets you fail.  Also you full hit the "Inversion" topic... with gravity AND directional inversion.... Also liked the brilliant colors in the game a lot. 

Well... you missed the main topic "Inversion", thought. Better keep an eye on that next time. The wildcards (like can be played on mobile) are only an extra bonus, which you optionally can choose as a limitation. But, the game is fun for a while.
I only saw the food on the map, so it's kind of hard to know where to go and if you already ate it. You implemented the animation of the snakes quite well. everything ran quite fluently. I would like some sound and music too...

Was fun to play! I'd like more levels for the final version and a counter how many times I've died, to have a motivation to play the game a second time. I liked the dialogs with the old man a lot. The first level with those guys were actually quite hard, because they moved quite quickly.

Very cool game. I like how you get introduced to how everything works and then the levels getting harder. However, some bugs (metal blocks getting stuck in the walls) make it a bit frustrating sometimes. For the review it was good to limit the number of levels, but for a real player you might want to add some more levels and also a "save" function. If thats to hard to implement, give the user some access code for the levels. I saw this in a game from the 90s... I guess it was push over. Worked out very well. You just note down some 6 digit number and need to reenter it to get back to your level when reloading the game.

Heya. Very interesting idea. What I still don't know: Does one have unlimited time for the decision? Or is there time running out in the background that limits the points to reach, if you take longer for it? Well, you could add a timer running out (and show it on the screen). So you need to hurry up and know when the game ends.

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Awesome game! I was hoping for some time pressure... however I found it quite hard to get the double jump and stuff working. Maybe a game that works better with custom key bindings. Also that bug with the conversation was a bit irritating at the beginning but as you announced it, I could deal with it.
I liked that 2 color style. Although, you somehow broke with it for the green colored text parts. But that was kind of cool. I somehow feel that the time left should also be reset by the inversion zones, just seen logical this would happen... also destroyed blocks were not restored when inverting time. I like the overall atmosphere created by the intro. I motivates a lot.

I would totally love to play through the game, but need to rate some more games now. Will come back later and try my luck again! 

PS: Made it until the red key. But then messed up the blocks to run to the red door.

Ok, then I should probably play the game once more to have a look for a golden beet! 😉

The aspect of art and meaning is equally important. I guess it's all about you getting better with Godot programming over time, so you'll need less time to do the programming part. Hope to see you again at another Godot Wild Jam! 🖐 

Got it working in Chrome by enabling some experimental WebGL support. It still didn't work stable (sometimes it reacted to the keyboard, sometimes it did not, very strange!)
The game idea is very original. It's telling a story but also combining action sequences with a more common platform style. I like the visual effects.. as the fog on the main screen  or seen through the window ... or that explosion animation shaking the whole frame. I liked the story and wished it was developing further... but well limited time... and maybe you had to learn a lot about how to work with Godot within that time (as I had to). Hope to see you again in some other Godot Wild Jams!

I had some issues myself with the HTML5 export, when directly let Godot package it as a ZIP file. I later chose normal export and then zipped it manually. That worked. I also got an error about "API mismatch" - so this might be the issue. Or you might want to try a different/stable Godot version (3.3.3). Hope that helps.

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I unfortunately don't get further than "YOU: another boring day". And yes, that's indeed very boring then... 😉

Still waiting for the inversion to happen... 😥

Seem there is something wrong with the export that prevents Mono scripting from working. It doesn't work in Chrome (WebGL  not available) and the below messages from the Developer Console is from a freshly updated Firefox 94.0.2 (64-Bit) running on Windows 10. Some friend said it would work with his Mac. But, I've no Mac available for testing...

Yeah! As promissed, I finally got my house on the Bahamas. I cancel my working contract with you for a while now, but might come back to you to earn a few more millions when I need them. After my hard work in the court and reading all that news, I now need to recover a bit... 😉

Very innovative game. Reading the description of the game it sounded like: Wow! How will you make up all those inventions and patents? But seeing it in the game it quickly made sense how everything works. It's kind of a memory game (remembering which court actions worked and which did not) and at the same time carefully reading and looking at things. I like the intro and the outro a lot. The intro encourages the player to play the game, having a clear goal and a motivation - while the outro gives the player the feel to have achieved something worth the work during playing the game. Especially the music, and sound effects of the outro are working great and are well chosen. Also during the game there is music that fit the kind of work... kind of feeling a tiny bit like a criminal guy... but not too much.
Also I liked the reference to your Game Jam submission "The lost walkman" as one of the inventions. Another detail I noticed was that exchanging pixely desktop background.

Potential for improvement:
a) It feels like the News app needs a direct link to Court app (thats where you wanna go next like 99% of the cases and need to press "close" and then "court"). While a usual News app would not have such a link, it seems reasonable because it seems to be a special News app for patent guys, right? 
b) The player starts with $0 and nothing happens when failing at the court. The player never gets into monetary issues failing too often. Instead you could let the player start with some start budget and let him go into a negative range too. Then getting a call from the guy again, that you get fired when getting below say -$10,000. This would add another difficulty to the game and let the player more often decide for a invention/patent which is not so expensive and hence risky loosing the court fight.  Or not spending all the money earned immediately on the patent. And it would give this game also a second ending. And a bit of a thrill... you could also make this available as a difficulty level at the start of the game - so one could play the game multiple times with having still some fun. Also you could just scale the court winning probabilities down to make it harder. So the player is more and more forced to remember past experiences and develop strategies to actually win.

I like the deeper meaning of the game... at least that I found within it. For me it tells the story about life. Nobody knows how it will finally end... and where you will go. There is as far as I can see, also no way to find 99 beets above the umbrella shop. So you will never be able to have everything in life. There are people trying to fool you and tell you lies to get your money or whatever they want. And there are those kind people that tell you their story... or want to team up with you. Some who help you get up again...

While it's quite artistic (I liked the black&white background lower in the game),  I would have liked more fun stuff in there. The steering was kind of cumbersome. Especially all to the end. Maybe I bought the wrong umbrella?

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Just in case you wonder how it feels behind the 3k ... I've put this one on YouTube recently. Should also be linked somewhere on the games page among the previews.

PS: Just noticed this is not the submitted version. The inner ring in the new version scales down with the speed to match the current speeds jumping distance (which increases with speed). Also the FPS rate might be better and the rings rotate together with everything else. That might make a difference in the difficulty. The game level however is 100% the same.

PPS: Just tested the original submission. Got to 4333 on the second try. Don't know if that is the technical max, since the jump distance changes. But at least you can for sure get over 3000.

Yep! I did... I'm currently getting to about 4332 without issues. Mostly messing up the gapped spiral.

Awesome game! That game is in a way simplistic, but in the end has so many nice little details added to make it so great. Its a classic Alien Attack with no scrolling and role playing / story elements added. I like how you implemented the "Inversion" topic. That complaining alien attack coach is fun. And also there seems to be strategies... you kind of want to help earth, and need to get the defending ship quickly better but don't let to many ships go through... to sneakily help the humans win the fight.

I like the mouse control allowing to aim directly at the ships, so you don't have to draw that long line in your mind and see if it hits the ship shooting from the current position. That really adds more fun to the game - still some challenge left, so not too easy. I like the soundtrack, it's not getting annoying too fast. Still like to hear it after having played some rounds. Those special effects are cool... also that background changes during the fight. Was wondering if they have any meaning or are just decoration... because some look like steam that might originate from a already burning mother ship. The AI seems quite decent. Would be interesting to see how you scripted that one.

Also the effects on the ships hit by all that weapons (quite a varying amount of stuff) are awesome.

I like also the idea of being the game AI that sends out that alien ships... but needs to be careful to not scare the player away and not kill it too soon... and at the same time not annoy the player with to slow progress and sending out more and more different ships. Also it's not designed that way... I thought that's just absolutely a similar task, if you wanted the player (playing the human ship) to stay happy... and keep the difficulty level right in a balance.

I also love you included a high score list (damn just saw someone else kicked me off the 1st place! 😅 -- ok, fixed that! 😉). Also you just repeat that "message" drop and that "inverse" drop until the play has collected it (by accident or intention). So it cant be missed by accident! Well designed.

Just noticed how those exploding alien ships sound like firework! Haha! Nice choice for the sound sample!

Ideas for improvement:

- The dialog box for conversation needs keyboard interaction. Thats probably because you didn't want that they are closed by accident by a mouse click. You could put a close button there... -or- have a timeout timer running (like 1-2 second) during which all clicks are ignored. Instead of just let the user wait, you could also add an animation for the box and then the text to appear.

- You could read aloud the dialogs. 

- Bug? You are not give any points before you switch to the alien side... But storywise you should be able to collect points there too.

- I don't know why, but it seems the alien ship type switches sometimes without me clicking on that icon. But only if I have not the "10 points" ships selected.

Yep. The time limit the things. I also wanted to add so much more. But now we all got comments on what's important the most for our games to be added... and can work more focused on that

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Yeah! Guess thats just before the spiral having the two halfs.
You are getting close to the 3000! 😉
Did you play with mobile device or desktop PC (keyboard controls)?

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Totally awesome game idea! I like it a lot.

At the beginning I did not understand how to use the controls correctly. A additional text description or a short tutorial would help a lot (maybe you can add this later). I understood the description as I could use mouse or keyboard and first tried to get him into the hole with just strokes, wondering why the first level was already so hard to solve. After the 3rd level I aborted and went into the menu again - to look up the controls. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to look up the controls during the game again on my second try. So I had to restart... because it was a bit hard to just memorize all the controls. Here a separate tutorial level would be nice where you are instructed what to do and which keys to press.

The stroke control seems to be a bit weird to me, the strength seems to be randomly adapted while you hole and not release it.... and there is no way to abort it (I would add a key or right mouse button, or a "cancel" area to drag in on the screen for this), this sometimes is bad if you started your stroke from a sub-optimal starting point to reach the desired final strength.
Also I would like to have a look at the whole level to see where the goal is. Either by scrolling there or a mini map could be added maybe just as a temporary overlay activated by a key. And for a final release I would need a high score page and a different page shown at the end, so I know this is now my final score. It just kicked me back to the main menu and I realized: Oh! I've completed the game...

Apart from that the game idea is awesome. The music is decent and the sound effects add some fun too. Especially, if the guy is falling down from the platform. And also some game mechanics like "jumping in the air" is totally fun. I also like the emotional comments about the final outcome of each level. There should be really such a nice commenting on the final result... to encourage the player to try again and get better.  Maybe even by just comparing to the last round "Well, still bad... BUT, you got 10 points better than last round! That's AWESOME! Keep it up!"

Well.. Having said this (and given alle the feedback): KEEP IT UP! This game it already really good and has quite some potential to really go viral.  👏

PS: I totally love the intro before the main menu. It's very encouraging... and fun to watch. However I'd probably skip it, if the player comes back to the main menu should be skip-able with any key strokes (maybe it is already?).

The game seems fun with some more tweaking. It was too hard for me just at the beginning. Getting slowly a bit better. But, I saw no chance in ever winning in a decent time. I wished you had added multiple levels to that game.... just to encourage me as a player to move on and try harder and see my progress. And then one by one adding the different inversions each level... and finally switching between them randomly. Also the champion could at the beginning be replaced by an amateur... then a hobbyist and so on... to gradually make it harder to win.

I totally like the idea of that pong revival. It's a classic and this adds to needed variation to  make the game interesting again. 👏