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A gravity altering puzzle game for Godot Wild Jam #39
Submitted by gaet — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Game Description
Simple & cute gravity game

How does your game tie into the theme?
The player can "invert" the gravity's direction.

not really. It's ugly and not very complicated...

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Awesome! Probably one of my favorite submissions. I liked how you introduced the player to the game... tell him about what is his goal, but at the same time speaking about the game designers (or "gods") task to do this. The sound and overall atmosphere... lighting and other effects are just awesome. I enjoyed playing that game a lot... Thank you.

I've unfortunately not much to give you as a hint for improvements, except: More LEVELs! Give me more levels... and maybe some intermediate conversation with the god of that game... there are quite a few possibilities as letting the player discover other worlds... maybe a brighter outside-the-cave world... slowly changing the atmosphere and adding more and more details to it ... things to interact. But thats more for how you can continue working on that project after the Jam is finished. 


Thank you very much for the kind comments! I was not considering going back to the game later and your suggestions are very appreciated! I'll keep them in mind:)


Very solid platformer! I really liked the way you interacted with us and the world through dialogue, and also the music. Made it somehow very atmospheric. Nice job!


Thank you! I wanted to have the narrator insult the player to go for that wildcard but it didn't feel right to me :)


I liked the way you introduced the controls, I'd say its one of the better gravity inverting plaformers that have been submitted :) Solid effort!


Thanks a lot! :)


Great job on introducing the mechanics! 

I would have liked to be able to choose my own input scheme, I don't like using the arrow keys.


Thanks for playing! I wanted to have a key binding feature but I didn't find the time to do it.

So I decided to go for the arrows because they are universal..


Very fun to play, I loved the mechanics, the game was a lot like my entri though, but we couldn't know that we had the same ideas for the most part. I would recommend that you enable 2d pixel under Import tab, preset to fix low quality of your sprites. Nice job!


Thanks! Indeed, we went for a very similar idea (I think the theme naturally pushes us in that direction :) )

Thanks for the advice on the sprite import : I'll pay attention to that next time!


This felt really polished. A lot of fun, keep up the good work!


Thank you! It was fun to make also :)


Short but well polished, the visuals are greats and the music + tone of the game is cute.

I was just wondering what is that thing on the left that spew star ? You can go through it but you disappear from the camera.


You can go through it? Hahaha, I must have forgotten to put a collision box on it! It was just supposed to be a wall :D

Thanks for playing!


I like your concept of inverting the gravity together with the levels. The last one was really hard but I managed it after ~15 tries. Thanks to the fast respawn speed, I didn't gave up ;)

And the colorful animation on spawning stuff was really lovely!


Thank you! Yes, I wanted to make some death animation and reload but I didn't like the idea of waiting so I just reloaded the scene and it felt better to me.