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looks really good! Thank you!

Thank you! yeah, that's a real motivator for me when I can see something out of the ordinary (for me) taking shape.

Dude, give us at least 2 or 3 levels that are not too hard! :D

Fun mechanic to use the oxygen as a resource and a tool at the same time.

Damn, is it really so complicated to dive (real question, I have no idea)? If you don't pop your ear : YOU DIE! If you don't regulate your nitrogen: YOU DIE! Makes me think of a movie but I don't remember which one...

Anyway : this was very original!  Good job on the environment!

I liked the fact that the boat add this inertia to its movement (although lowering the sail seemed to make it brake quite abruptly but I'm no sailor :) )

Cool game, could be great with a few more features, I think

I trampled that jellifish! 

Very cute game. It made me think of the ambiance in Little Big Adventure where everything is nice . 

And you even had the time to make a boss fight, great! I just wish there were some sound effects and music : this would add a lot of juice to the game

Thanks for trying it! Boids are really interesting : Sebastian Lague made a nice coding adventure on it

That's a very nice card game! It has a real UNO feel to it (and seeing how that game is popular, that's a compliment :) )

There is a good mix of luck and strategy to make it enjoyable.

I liked this dual game play. Makes me think of overcooked in a way (I imagine each spot on the boat could be filled by any player with the urgency of the failures and so on! 

As it is, I'm not sure there is a point to the ctrl key as I just kept it pressed at all time but I had a lot of fun!

The controls were a bit difficult to mebut I like the bullet hell type so still a very nice experience!

Looks very professional: great graphics, everything worked fine, Very solid game!

this was surprisingly difficult (I might just be bad at this :D). I was glad for  the merchant fish and its rejuvenation! 

The background graphics are very pretty. I liked the breathing tube idea in the first level where the best path is actually the longer because the path while disconnected is longer in the other case. Promising mechanic!

I felt bad for killing so many turtles. :) 

But it was very satisfying to play!

Nice game, works well and quite satisfying to play.

that's quite a unique movement system, indeed. I'm not sure how well it scales because I think it might get tiresome to type the coordinates if you had to navigate around reefs or other ships and so on but it was very interesting. Good idea!

Those mermen hit pretty hard. The graphics were original, made the game look very different to everything else. As someone else said, I would have liked a more fleshed out version of the game (which is good : this preview made me want more :) )

Funny game (lots of puns!) I liked the off tune music (I hope it was made on purpose but if not, it's even funnier :) )

It took me 2 tries to catch the fact that the kraken needs to catch with both arms otherwise it doesn't work. And after that, I'm not always sure of what I'm doing but the overall happiness of the creature made it worth it :)

Very good take on the theme! I liked how all the different mechanics tied together. I didn't have time to finish the game but I kept it because I definitely want to play it again. 

Incredibly cool! I love this 3d world being confined to 2d movement, it's great. And the fishes animation and control were just perfect. And you found time to add a few mini games in the mix, also! Very good entry!

Thanks! Yeah, I've wanted to play with boids for some time and this theme was perfect for a quick introduction :)

That's one of my favourite games so far. I loved that the world is a big ocean and when you get far away from any "island", you get the feeling you're really deep . The overall audio works quite well also.

dude! That's not how a dolphin moves! :D It was fun to try to control that guy and shoot the sharks. I tried moving as fast as possible but it wasn't a good idea :D

I really liked the splash of water when something gets out of the water, it's a nice touch

Those are indeed boids you spy ;) That was another thing I wanted to play with in this jam and it was quite fun! I just don't like the "jitter" when they have to move away from something : that's something to work on!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your feedback! Indeed, the game is very short and I think I could push it further in some kind of "Ecco the dolphin" game. My objective was on training animation mainly which is why I didn't take time to create a bigger level :)

hahaha, yeah, there is not much to do but I liked bothering the fishes too :)

Thanks for playing!

This idea of the character having to move to the control is great and adds a bit of stress to the game. GG

I agree with the other commenters : the controls are perfect! I was not a big fan of the sound effects but the gameplay more than made up for it. Great game!

That was very fun to play! The AI was well balanced also : not too smart so that it's impossible to win, not too stupid either. Very good game!

That was a really nice puzzle game that I wouldn't mind having on my phone to spend time on :)

I got stuck on the sail though, I didn't understand how to move after I got it...

Thanks for your comment! I agree with the swimmer's rotation. I wanted to make an animation for changing direction but it takes so much time that I had to let it go unfortunately...

Resource gathering was fun. I had difficulties with the raft part because of the way the obstacles pop either in a line or right in front of the boat... 

Thank you : I spent more time on the art than the rest so it's nice to hear :)

Thanks a lot! I actually started with a slower swimmer but I was not really convinced... Although it gives more of a "contemplative" feel which is nice for such a short game :)

I liked that old man model and the world is much bigger than I anticipated at first! It's a nice feeling when you're thinking you could get lost in the game :)

I think a mouse view would have been helpful to look around for the gems (even in browsers, the game can capture the mouse until you press escape or something like that so it should work)

Loved the dialogues :D
I think it's the first time I've played a blind date simulator for alligators...

Great game! I'm impressed that you found enough time to do the art, cutscenes, all the sounds and the level design with just two people! 

I like the idea of using the player's oxygen to blow the pufferfishes : having to manage that resourcce was pretty interesting

I liked that monochrome world with the colored fish and net. Although some obstacles were not always clear for me.  Nice game!