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I'm glad you liked it!

No collecting totems does not make you heavier nor stronger!

Great game, lots of fun! good job on the upgrade system. I really enjoyed it!

That was an excellent experience. The link to the theme was spot on, the pixel art and animations were gorgeous. I liked the minimalist sound effects too. A really great job to all of you!

thanks for the kind words!

I'll have a look into the bullets to see if they can be made a little smaller or better define the enemy hitbox!!

yes the double jumping is the key! I'm glad you had a good experience and I hope you managed to get the ending too!

I'm so sorry to hear you couldn't play! Naively I didn't consider 60% keyboards when making the game. I will add button remapping and re-upload the game post voting so you can get to play it!

Thanks for playing, sorry you couldn't experience the end and I hope you'll give it another try at some point!

That's odd - normally you just hit space to press the play button. Let me know if that doesn't work!

Really good game!! the only thing would be to bind the actions to keys on a keyboard! it would just make the gameplay that little quicker rather than clicking the buttons every turn! excellent job!!

How I wish I had seen your add at the start of the jam, you have a great style!!

Neon Pong, the first game in my sereis "Coding Classics with Godotis avaialbe to download for free now at

A game with "Pong" in the title should need no introduction, so there is a short gameplay clip on my youtube channel below!

2832 :D

I agree that something needs to be done to make the ball easier to track. In hindesight i should have made the arena & paddle bigger relative to the ball, perhaps that would have made it a little easier!

Thank you for taking the time to share some really constructive critism. Its thoroughly appreciated :)

I liked the way you introduced the controls, I'd say its one of the better gravity inverting plaformers that have been submitted :) Solid effort!

Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate the inversion stacking, it's exactly what I was hoping to achieve :)

It is hard, I should probably look into making it a little easier on the player!

I like your suggestions and will look into adding them in when I have some more time :)

Thanks for the feedback: I agree totally, in hindsight it should deffinately have an audio cue before inverting one of the mechanics!


The mouse drag is not that great, especially for the tee shots. Aside from that its a great effort and and fun take on the theme!

looks good and the song is nice, a shame the gameplay was missing!

The combat log is very detailed. Your game is my first "car based autobattler" so I was rather befuddled to start out. I got the hang of it in the end but never required to inverse my cards to beat the game. The only time i did, i ended up losing. It would have been nice to be able to just swap out 1/2 card per round, rather than flipping the whole team :)

Not bad at all!! I'm not sure what the moving platforms were for as I made it through the game without needing to use them. The jump is very floaty and needs some work but other than that it is a solid effort and ties into the theme well!

Very groovy soundtrack, easy to pick up! got 1200 so far! will be back to try again soon!!

This is my take on the classic arcade game Pong:

This is the first instalment of my series "Coding A Classic" where I will be coding games and adding my twist to them using Godot! Each game will have a devlog to explain briefly how I coded the game and anything I learned from the process. At some point I will make some YouTube videos!

In the mean time, the game is free and can be played in the browser so enjoy -

Stay safe,


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Hey, I got round to doing a quick HTML5 export so the game is now playable in browser!! enjoy!!

It has been 2 months since I released the Penguiner demo and, after a little time off to become a Dad and get to grips with being a parent, I'm diving back in and going to finish the full game!

The game is playable in the browser and can be found at: If you like it feel free to download it or share it with your friends :)

For the feedback please can you focus around the gameplay, some suggested aspects to comment on would be:

  1.  How responsive do you find the controls?
  2.  Do you feel like you can put Penguin exactly where you want to?
  3.  Is the game too fast/too slow?
  4.  Do you find the snowmen too easy/difficult to deal with? Would you be happy if they were more aggressive?
  5.  Do you find the game fair? Is it too easy to finish if you start with 2 lives? How would you feel if you started with 1 or even 0?

I'm not looking for feedback on the visuals - I am using a free art pack and I don't have the capacity to edit this.

I will be doing some devlogs tracking my update progress and so I feedback will be taken seriously and I hope to address all of you who get back to me!

Any comments are greatly appreciated :)

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Thank you!

Hello there,

I will be doing an export of one of my projects in a new format (HTML5). As this is a release, can i post a new thread in the "release announcements" or can i just update the post i created a while back? If I update, will it bump the post back to the top? Is this even allowed at all? I don't want to be bending any rules.

Secondly, I will start a Devlog for said project. If i create one on via the game dashboard will it appear in the Devlog section of the forum or shoud I create a new thread directly in the forum section? The aim of the devlog would be to share progress on the project, share the sources i use for learning and try and reach out to get more people interested of course!

Hopefully someone out there can understand my questions!


JWR26 Games

Excellent feedback thanks! I will have a go at making a HTML version and let you know when it's done :)

Hey man,

I sent you an email around 2/3 weeks ago but I have had no reply requesting some feedback on my project Penguiner... I don't even know if you got my message. I also can't find you on discord which is a shame.

If you are interested in trying out my game, just give me a message on here :)

All the best,

JWR26 Games

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Here is a little platformer project I worked on over the Christmas holidays! I've tried to go for something really classic in terms of gameplay and attempted to keep things simple - after all, simple can sometimes be best!

It is completely free, so don't hesitate to give it a try and feel free to leave me your feedback! We all have to start somewhere and this is my starting point! 



a really well thought out game! i had to download it from the itch website as the app gave me an error message saying it could not read the build to install!

A beautifully presented game! after 45 minutes I was engrossed. It just goes to prove that no violence is required to make a game captivating. I look forward to seeing more of this!

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If you are reading this don't - click the dowload button above and try this game out! It gave me half an hour of pure joy and I would love for the project to be developed further!

Also, the artwork is fabulous! 5/5 from me!

Its a great idea for a game and I'm a big fan of the artwork. The simplicity of the theme really stands out for me and i like the tile map you have used. The explosion effect is great and gives the character a sense of real power!

However, I find the controls a touch unresponsive. Personally, I like nice crisp controls that make me feel in total control of the character and there were moments that I felt like she wasn't responding enough. I think you could maybe decrease the deceleration time for movement so she comes to a stop sooner as there were a couple of moments where i fell off ledges into spikes due to momentum.

Post Jam this could be expanded into a nice little story! Keep up the good work!