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Submitted by Mitch Coote (@mitchcoote) — 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
Flog is a game of golf where you are the ball

How does your game tie into the theme?
The player is the one being hit into the hole

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Good Job! It's a well-designed game and fun to play. Also, the controls feel intuitive and responsive.


You are the ball! Nice inversion :D 

I didn't recognize the additional controls (space, ctrl,...) until after my first run ^^'


Haha, playing without the extra controls is definitely hard mode.

Submitted (1 edit)

Totally awesome game idea! I like it a lot.

At the beginning I did not understand how to use the controls correctly. A additional text description or a short tutorial would help a lot (maybe you can add this later). I understood the description as I could use mouse or keyboard and first tried to get him into the hole with just strokes, wondering why the first level was already so hard to solve. After the 3rd level I aborted and went into the menu again - to look up the controls. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to look up the controls during the game again on my second try. So I had to restart... because it was a bit hard to just memorize all the controls. Here a separate tutorial level would be nice where you are instructed what to do and which keys to press.

The stroke control seems to be a bit weird to me, the strength seems to be randomly adapted while you hole and not release it.... and there is no way to abort it (I would add a key or right mouse button, or a "cancel" area to drag in on the screen for this), this sometimes is bad if you started your stroke from a sub-optimal starting point to reach the desired final strength.
Also I would like to have a look at the whole level to see where the goal is. Either by scrolling there or a mini map could be added maybe just as a temporary overlay activated by a key. And for a final release I would need a high score page and a different page shown at the end, so I know this is now my final score. It just kicked me back to the main menu and I realized: Oh! I've completed the game...

Apart from that the game idea is awesome. The music is decent and the sound effects add some fun too. Especially, if the guy is falling down from the platform. And also some game mechanics like "jumping in the air" is totally fun. I also like the emotional comments about the final outcome of each level. There should be really such a nice commenting on the final result... to encourage the player to try again and get better.  Maybe even by just comparing to the last round "Well, still bad... BUT, you got 10 points better than last round! That's AWESOME! Keep it up!"

Well.. Having said this (and given alle the feedback): KEEP IT UP! This game it already really good and has quite some potential to really go viral.  👏

PS: I totally love the intro before the main menu. It's very encouraging... and fun to watch. However I'd probably skip it, if the player comes back to the main menu should be skip-able with any key strokes (maybe it is already?).


Thanks for playing and the thorough feedback!

It was my intention from the start to do a tutorial level where the controls were taught one at a time, unfortunately I ran out of time to accomplish that 😟.

A lot of the commenters have issues with the controls and I agree completely. It's one aspect I'd like to spend a lot more time on if I develop this game further.

Thank you!


Yep. The time limit the things. I also wanted to add so much more. But now we all got comments on what's important the most for our games to be added... and can work more focused on that


This was quite fun to play and not very easy! The voice acting was a nice touch


It took me a little too long to realize what FLOG is backwords but I loved it. Great audio and visuals! The controls were pretty hard but it looked and felt super great when I did manage to make a flog. Cool game!


Congrats on submitting!

Cool idea and it's fun to play!

I liked the art for the character as well.

I would have liked to be able to see where I needed to go in some way, now I had to start a shot to see where the hole is. And with the mouse the aiming is kind of hard, sometimes it seems to not react right to the mouse movement.


Thanks for playing!

There's a map button: M on the keyboard and Y on controller (Xbox).

I agree that there's some wonky behaviour with the mouse aiming.

Thanks for the feedback 😊


Very original and fun!



The mouse drag is not that great, especially for the tee shots. Aside from that its a great effort and and fun take on the theme!


Thanks for playing and the feedback! Did you find it hard to aim with the mouse drag?


Delightful absurdity. 

The art, the music, the voices, all great.

The thing I'd most like to see would be not needing to drag the mouse across the entire screen to get a powerful shot in. 

Good job!


Thanks for the feedback, noted about the mouse dragging! Glad you enjoyed it.