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Mitch Coote

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I think you didn't get to mine last time, I'd love for you to try it out 😄

Oooo interesting, I'll have to test that out myself.

Thanks for playing!

I'd love to see someone play my game live 😺

It'd be great if you could play mine 🤠

Thanks for playing 😄

A tile reset button is a great idea, I hadn't thought of that.

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I forgot to mention it in the game but Q and E also rotates the tiles.

Thanks for playing!

Haha, playing without the extra controls is definitely hard mode.

Thanks for playing and the thorough feedback!

It was my intention from the start to do a tutorial level where the controls were taught one at a time, unfortunately I ran out of time to accomplish that 😟.

A lot of the commenters have issues with the controls and I agree completely. It's one aspect I'd like to spend a lot more time on if I develop this game further.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

There's a map button: M on the keyboard and Y on controller (Xbox).

I agree that there's some wonky behaviour with the mouse aiming.

Thanks for the feedback 😊

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Did you find it hard to aim with the mouse drag?

Thanks for the feedback, noted about the mouse dragging! Glad you enjoyed it.

That is weird, I'm on Chrome too 😕

Yup that's exactly how I did it. 320 x 180 resolution with the scaling mode set to viewport.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

The plan was to add sound effects, but yeah I did run out of time.

Oh dear, I used GLES3 for the project. Not sure if all the browsers support it?

As the owner of a cat this is too accurate 🤣. Nice job!

Thanks! I was planning to have more things to destroy but ran out of time 😊