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Sue peoples inventions to finance the house at the bahamas šŸŒ“
Submitted by Tch1b0, evilc00kie ā€” 1 hour, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Mobile Friendly

Game Description
Buy Patents, sue inventions, GET RICH and GO BAHAMA šŸš€

How does your game tie into the theme?
You start off as a sad and overworked open-source developer. Suddenly, your whole life gets inverted and you sue others invetions to finance your dream: A House at the Bahamas šŸŒ“šŸ„„


Discord Username
Tchibo#4092, evilc00kie#9323

Participation Level (GWJ Only)
This is our third Godot Wild Jam

Participation Level across all Jams
This is our third game jam

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Yeah! As promissed, I finally got my house on the Bahamas. I cancel my working contract with you for a while now, but might come back to you to earn a few more millions when I need them. After my hard work in the court and reading all that news, I now need to recover a bit... šŸ˜‰

Very innovative game. Reading the description of the game it sounded like: Wow! How will you make up all those inventions and patents? But seeing it in the game it quickly made sense how everything works. It's kind of a memory game (remembering which court actions worked and which did not) and at the same time carefully reading and looking at things. I like the intro and the outro a lot. The intro encourages the player to play the game, having a clear goal and a motivation - while the outro gives the player the feel to have achieved something worth the work during playing the game. Especially the music, and sound effects of the outro are working great and are well chosen. Also during the game there is music that fit the kind of work... kind of feeling a tiny bit like a criminal guy... but not too much.
Also I liked the reference to your Game Jam submission "The lost walkman" as one of the inventions. Another detail I noticed was that exchanging pixely desktop background.

Potential for improvement:
a) It feels like the News app needs a direct link to Court app (thats where you wanna go next like 99% of the cases and need to press "close" and then "court"). While a usual News app would not have such a link, it seems reasonable because it seems to be a special News app for patent guys, right? 
b) The player starts with $0 and nothing happens when failing at the court. The player never gets into monetary issues failing too often. Instead you could let the player start with some start budget and let him go into a negative range too. Then getting a call from the guy again, that you get fired when getting below say -$10,000. This would add another difficulty to the game and let the player more often decide for a invention/patent which is not so expensive and hence risky loosing the court fight.  Or not spending all the money earned immediately on the patent. And it would give this game also a second ending. And a bit of a thrill... you could also make this available as a difficulty level at the start of the game - so one could play the game multiple times with having still some fun. Also you could just scale the court winning probabilities down to make it harder. So the player is more and more forced to remember past experiences and develop strategies to actually win.


Clever, funny, and very well presented. It seemed like I ended up suing the same products for the same infringements multiple times, Iā€™m not sure if that was intentionaly.


Thanks for playing!

Yes, that was intentional due to some complexity compromises:

Each patent-invention pair has for each of the three main arguments (color, shape, function) a probability to win. We defined each manually. So 5 patents times 6 inventions/patent = 30 patent-invention pairs. 30 pairs times 3 arguments = 90 probabilities which need to be defined/balanced manually. 

Opening up the possibility to infringe any product with any patent would be a combinatorical nightmare:
Each of the 5 patents could sue all 36 inventions with 3 arguments each: 540 probability values.


The presentation here is great. The visuals and music work together nicely.

It's a bit unclear that you need to select something in the news app and then go to the courtroom app. A little bit of streamlining there would go a long way. 

Good work!


What the...?! This is awesome!!!

Definitely one of the top tier games of this jam - I especially love the music and the originality :D

Good job, guys!


This was worth playing for the presentation, absurd story and humor - the game managed to crack me up a few times, like with that sound you hear for an unconvincing argument in the courtroom or the tutorial :D


I'm a sucker for these kind of grinding games. (I'm ashamed to admit how long I played Cookie clicker). This one was fun! I think I would have tried to merge the suing and news screens into one because as such, they feel disconnected, even though you always need to go through one before the other.


I think the gameplay loop here is pretty fun. I think that the select buttons could use a little more feedback when you press them. Really fun though, keep it up!


Thanks for the feedback to give more feedback!

What would you prefer as a feedback which would also work on mobile devices? Maybe auditive (example1, example2)  ?


I like the first one! :D


Nice story telling! I liked the introduction, it was on the long side but it was well done.

I feel like I have to do a bit too many clicks for certain operations, like when selecting a patent I have to choose to close the window before going to news, there I have to do the same. I get it in the sense of it being apps you open and close... Also you get some extra information, but it gets a bit cumbersome. 

Nice graphics and audio, great job!


It's Wekepepew again! Thanks for your frequent feedback :)