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The spellcasting mechanic was awesome! A few times I felt like I made the symbol and it didn’t take, but in general it worked pretty well. Mind sharing how you did it?

Thanks for playing! I wanted to generate a random map each time, but didn’t get around to it. A few people have mentioned the spell range indicator, that’s a great idea.

Thanks for playing! Good point, range / area of effect visualizations would have helped a lot.

I love a good resource management game. It can be hard to balance in a jam, but you did a great job. I felt like I had to keep an eye on things and carefully decide where to travel, but it wasn’t too hard. The writing really helped build out the world and keep you engaged. I especially liked the singing berries.

I lost all my seeds early on and never figured out how to get more. The music was a bit repetitive.

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The bird vision was a neat way to have a really cool visual effect that was relevant to the gameplay too. The movement was neat, though a little clunky. Having A be both launch and flap might have made more sense. I did appreciate the controller support though.

Overall it was chill and I enjoyed flying around and exploring, but it got tiring eventually.

Oh, and when you pause it only pauses you, the rest of the birds keep flying around :) Also, it would have been nice if Start on the controller also opened the menu.

Excellent work! I was really impressed by how expansive and beautiful the world looked. The music gave it a nice chill vibe. I did find the light in front of your character a little distracting, it actually felt like it covered up your view a bit. I was also confused how to visit the research station at first – I kept trying to climb the ladder.

Was there a penalty to dying? It sent me back to the research station with my knowledge, so blowing myself up on a mine was actually the fastest way to get back to the station :)

Nice puzzle game, I really liked the aesthetic. The mouse sensitivity felt really high. I tried switching to a controller, since I noticed the (A) hint in the dialog, and figured out it wasn’t talking about the “A” key. The controller look sensitivity was really low. Having a sensitivity option would have helped. Other than that, nice work!

Nice work! It might have helped to have a little exposition in-game about the time-travel bit, to explain why you’re running through this library collecting scrolls. Other than that, the movement felt a bit fast and abrupt, but I don’t play too many runners. I was glad for the checkpoints though, not having to restart from the beginning made it much more approachable.

Great game! I liked the mechanics and the style. I was a bit confused by some of the synergies between tiles … I managed to create some “water channels” but I had no idea how I did it. Overall an excellent entry though!

Thanks for playing! For sure some music or ambient noise would have helped. Glad it worked for you on Ubuntu!

—Minor spoiler—

Cause I finally found the great recall but yet I can’t recall anything

The implication is that you have been stuck in a loop forever. The spell you think will restore your memory is actually what erases it, and you wake up only knowing that you need to find the spell. Maybe that wasn’t obvious enough though :)

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the suggestion! I’ve uploaded two zip files, containing individual blend or glb files.

Thanks, so glad you came back after the jam! The music came from this really incredible (free!) pack on

Thanks for playing! A few tips I meant to include in-game:

  • Bats have high attack but low health. The merchants to the west sell arrows and a bow upgrade, which make the bats easy to take down.
  • Transforming fully restores health, so timing combat around the day/night cycle can give you a life boost when you need it.

I loved the art and music, and I think you did a great job with the level design, especially working in the wildcard about revisiting areas.

I liked the environment design and the music. Maybe I missed something, but it took me a long time to figure out you were supposed to shoot with the arrow keys, I tried almost everything else first. Arrows aren’t the most convenient depending on the keyboard, so another option would have been nice, but other than that good work!

I loved that the controls and mechanics were simple enough that you could jump right in, but still created some challenging gameplay (though I’ll agree with another comment that keyboard controls might have been more ergonomic). The upgrade system kept things interesting. It seemed to just freeze when the moon was destroyed.

Nice work! It had a chill vibe with nice music, and worked well with the theme. It was great that you could customize controls, but it seemed like a lot of the controls were missing, and one you could customize (jump) didn’t seem to be used at all?

That was certainly different :D Apparently none of the characters liked me very much, though I liked all their dialog.

Fun game, and the insomnia mechanic was a nice touch. The jumping felt a little too fast and hard to control, and the attacks could have used a little “punch” like a knockback effect or hit animation.

The controls were pretty tricky – both on the ground and for flying the ship. That being said, I loved the writing, voice acting, music, art, and intro sequence.

This was a really clever puzzle game with nice aesthetics. Nice work, and kudos for including a level editor. It did feel a bit slow at some points, where I knew what I needed to do to solve the puzzle, but it just took a while to execute.

Good find, thanks for pointing that out! That screenshot is pretty great, I’ve not seen that many enemies on screen at once :D

Thanks for giving it a try, sorry it didn’t work on Ubuntu! The destructible terrain was made possible by, which meant I had to compile custom export templates. I’ll have to do some more research on doing that portably. Thanks for the feedback, and being dedicated enough to try it under wine!

I liked the character design, but unfortunately the controls were pretty challenging. The character moved somewhat sporadically, and the arrow keys are on the same side as WASD on my keyboard, which made the key layout somewhat challenging.

This was a cool concept, the gem cutting was a neat element unlike any other game I’ve played. I liked the music, though a more smooth transition between the outdoor and underground music might have been nice. The UI was a bit wonky, and at some point I think I had the mouse captured, but menu button focused, so pressing space to jump would toggle the menu. Overall, nice work and use of the theme!

That was a unique idea for a puzzle game. The art was good, but the gameplay started to feel repetitive after a few levels. Overall it felt pretty polished though!

The platformer/card game combo worked well, the art looked great, and I liked the music. Great work all around!

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This was a clever mashup, and I like how it integrated the wildcard. Overall it felt really polished, and the art and sound style worked well. I really liked the color palette.

So good! It looked great, sounded great, and the gameplay had a number of interesting concepts without feeling overwhelming. I wish I had more time to read the dispatches and newsreels, they seemed entertaining.

Great game. The enemies felt a bit too tanky, and fighting them got a bit tedious, so I usually ended up running. Once I had the rapid-fire and “jump” upgrades it felt much more satisfying though. I liked how the upgrades changed your hands. I loved the character designs and overall aesthetic. Are the assets low-res? Did you render higher-res assets to a low-res viewport?

I loved the art style, especially the intro scene. WASD or customizeable controls would have been nice since the arrows aren’t very convenient on my keyboard (which is totally hypocritical since I didn’t add customizeable controls in my entry either!). I did manage to start a few rounds with the leaderboard still showing, maybe by pressing space too fast? The leaderboard is a nice touch though!

That was a really cool application of the wildcard, both in terms of the gameplay and the story. Nice work!

Thanks for playing!

It was probably on the more resource intensive side and I didn’t spend any time optimizing … thanks for giving it a try!

Thanks for playing! I’d intended it to be intense, but I tried to build in some initial time before enemies spawned. It might have been a bit random though.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it sounds like there might have been a bug around teleporter resource costs, sorry about that! I can’t praise Zylann’s voxel tools enough:, that’s what made the expansive and destructible cave system possible.

Oops, yes, it could have been more clear that you had to hold RMB. It wasn’t intentional that you needed to unlock everything, but there might have been a bug. Thanks for playing all the way through!

It was a really neat concept, but I struggled a lot with the controls. I couldn’t get through the first tutorial because I kept falling off the platforms. The grappling mechanics seemed really cool, I just never got very good at them. I kept trying to press ESC to open a menu and pick a different level, but that just seemed to un-capture the mouse. I liked the music, and adjusting it based on speed was a nice touch.

Cute little game. I’d suggest not having players re-play the tutorial after failing, as that level felt a bit slow after you got the hang of things.