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Great concept! Changing the music based on the active board was a nice touch, and thanks for adding controller support (I played with a SNES-style controller).

I did hit a crash at one point, and unfortunately the console didn’t say anything beyond “Uncaught RuntimeError: invalid index into function table”.

Huh, I could have sworn StarFox had a cross hair but I guess not :D

StarFox64 projected one into 3d space though

Looks just like the kind of game I was trying to make, but you pulled off the visuals and sense of speed much better :D

I loved how twisty the course was too. How did you build it? By skinning a path?

Neat and original concept! The AI didn’t really seem to be trying to score at all though.

Extremely polished, especially the UI. Enemies being able to hack you on the second level added a nice layer of complexity when choosing whether to kick or hack. It was fun trying to lead the enemies to collide with obstacles. The crashed-car obstacles do look a bit weird since they move at a different pace than the road.

You nailed the look and feel of StarFox, especially the suspenseful boss entry. Aiming was challenging, a crosshair would probably help a lot!

Thanks, the lighting was a real bummer! I initially targeted GLES3 but ran into some problems on the web export so I switched to GLES2 at the last minute and didn’t manage to fix the environment to look decent.

BTW, I think you double-posted. That happens to me all the time in the comment section too.

Thanks for playing! I really wanted to leverage’s matchmaking API but didn’t have time – I might still try to figure that out.

Nope, the world is infinitely generated and it only ends when you die. The difficulty does scale up over time. Thanks for playing!

Hah, totally understand the last minute crush. J and K might be good keys to pair with WASD since they’re on the home row (for QWERTY, anyways).

Agree with the others that the pace is a bit slow, but the visual effects are great! I like the music, though the audio cut in and out for me.

I liked the art, and it certainly captured the sense of destruction (I played this after the bug was fixed – items flying from the shelves defintely adds to the feel). The contrast of the cheery music and wanton destruction was amusing. The sounds were a bit repetitive and annoying though.

Does it say something bad about me that this was really satisfying? I had a blast. Excellent visuals and destruction effects, and the camera work was a really nice touch. Just add sounds and music!

How’d you achieve the style? Rendering a 3D scene to a low-resolution viewport?

I liked the movement mechanic, visuals, and of course the David Bowie reference :) The flamethrower sound effect was a bit too crunchy/staticky.

Simple but fun mechanic and pleasant art/music. The difficulty jump between medium and hard was pretty alarming :)

I liked the art and in particular the running animation. There was a nice feeling of speed, but standing still to swipe felt like it broke the momentum. The intense music gave me a chuckle, though there’s kinda an awkward break between the title music and the game music.

Nice style and use of a limited palette. The sounds are quite loud compared to the music.

Love the art style and punchy sound effects, though I found the controls a bit awkward. The instructions say WASD aren’t recommended, but I think most people are used to that.

All around great! Clever idea, fun gameplay, excellent graphics, and simple yet catchy music. I did notice that many of the sounds/music seemed skewed towards the left ear.

Hi Steve, thanks for the comment! The character moves during animations because it is designed for use with Root Motion.

This is an awesome feature, but the posted instructions did not work for me. When I copied the full URL (e.g.$name-$hash) and posted it into the “description” field of my itch project page, all I got was a link. What worked for me was clicking “share” in sketchfab, copying the HTML for embedding, and pasting that into the description.

Thanks for implementing this!

Hi all! I’ve just uploaded a 3D mech:

It is animated and features multiple attachments you can swap out. If you use Godot, I’ve included an example project with the AnimationTree already set up with a script to control it. There’s also .fbx files for other game engines.

Let me know what you think, and if you use it in a game (or something else)!

Thanks for giving it a try @Hamzak! I’ve found that turning off SS Reflections (in the settings menu) can help a lot with performance. It will be off by default in the next release. Turning off motion blur can help too, and worst-case you can reduce resolution (though admittedly I need to do some optimization too).

The second level is actually disabled because it wasn’t quite ready yet. I don’t plan on barring entry based on your record times, those are there more as a goal. Also, the next release will feature online leaderboards when you play through the app, which hopefully will provide more variety in record times.

Mind sharing what graphical glitches you encountered?

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it! The grayed-out menu options are in fact ambitions. Stay tuned for v0.2 in the next week or two!

Thanks for playing! Yes, there are some graphical artifacts I didn’t have time to investigate, that’s not just you. I considered locking the player’s rotation to prevent you from flipping upside down, but I did find the tilting kinda fun so I let it in.

Nice work! I liked the level art, though having to start over if you bump one thing was a little frustrating.

Nice music and good concept! I like how the patterns are (I assume) procedurally generated. The butterfly movement was a bit to jittery for me. Smoothing out the motion might make the experience more relaxing.

For future reference, there’s a 2to3 program (probably included with your python3 distribution) that can automagically convert a python2 program to python3 (I used that here and it worked fine).

Cute! The tickets/points added an interesting resource managment element. I think the small field of view makes getting gems a bit random, as you usually can’t see them until you’ve committed to the jump.

Neat concept! I didn’t find it too nauseating, and I guess the point is to keep the thrusters balanced so you don’t spin anyways :)

Although it was listed as 2-player, trying to control both at once was a nice mind-bender.

Really nice! I liked that you have to figure out the rules for yourself. I’m not entirely sure I did, but I started to get an intuition for what worked, and the atmosphere was pleasant enough that I didn’t mind idly clicking at squares for a while :)

Thanks, totally agree! I also planned to add a jetpack for smaller course-corrections, which would help avoid those situations where you get stuck.

Thanks! There was supposed to be a jetpack (hence the name), but I didn’t finish!

Thanks for playing! The cursor turns gray when the target is out of range, but I agree it isn’t the most clear.

I encountered the same errors on ArchLinux. python 3.8.5, pygame 1.9.6. I think those are just warnings (though legit, I do think you want == and not is).

There was an actual error that prevented the game from launching though:

AttributeError: module 'pygame.sprite' has no attribute 'Sprite'

I noticed that requirements.txt doesn’t pin to a specific version of pygame, maybe that’s the issue?

Also FWIW the jam page tells you to source venv/bin/activate, which isn’t included in the download (but does appear to be commited to your repo).

I like the concept of balancing exploration and gathering with defense. It did feel a bit empty though. I’d pick out a target on the radar, fly towards it … and just fly for a while with nothing to do. Still, nice concept that I think has potential!

Rockin! It was super satisfying to launch yourself, though a bit difficult to pull off. Most of the time I didn’t get anywhere, and you were one wrong move away from launching yourself way back to the ground. That might be what another commenter meant about the collisions – sometimes I thought I was hitting a balloon below me only to be launched downwards.

The concept of slowly filling a canvas was neat. It would be cool if you could export your canvas to an image at the end (or at least view the whole result).

Fantastic artwork and music. The style is distinctive enough that it reminded me of your game last year!

The enemies attacked fast, but there definetely was a “tell”, so it didn’t feel unfair once you realize what to look for.

It was a little too click-spammy though, and I quickly tired out. Maybe a more powerful but slower-firing weapon would make it more a test of patience and precision than of finger endurance :)

As far as missing assets in your clone, the repo uses git-lfs to manage assets. It looks like it is in the ubuntu 20 repos. If the issue was something other than LFS though, let me know. There shouldn’t be any assets missing!