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Hi @tehced, I think the Godot Engine discord ( would be a good place, probably in the #3d channel (or #networking, if you think this is more related to the multiplayer component). I’ll keep my eye on it. is just a git repository host, similar to Gitlab/Github. I used that as an example because their build system is simpler than GitHub’s (which looked like this for our game this jam. Though as far as why yours didn’t work, it seems most games uploaded a zip file with the exe/pck, whereas your game was a single exe. The single exe probably should work, and the fact that it didn’t might be a bug with itch.

Nice work! The ability to reverse teams was a nice twist. Some more visual/audio effects might have spiced it up a bit, and some color or icons in the log might have made it more readable.

Great work! This felt very polished. The art was excellent, the levels were well designed, and the sound and music were nice (though the footsteps were a bit loud and repetitive. It took me a while to figure out I had to hold the mouse button down for the orb. I kept clicking on the fire in the second stage and not understanding why the orb disappeared so soon.

I’ve always uploaded the pck/binary together in a zip file and that seems to work. Maybe itch gets confused by the sandalone executable? I’ve used to automate exporting before, and here’s a really simple example: Hope that helps!

Nice work! Once you get the hang of going back-and-forth to clear tiles, it isn’t too challenging, yet it is somehow still satisfying as you get into a certain rhythm.

Clever, funny, and very well presented. It seemed like I ended up suing the same products for the same infringements multiple times, I’m not sure if that was intentionaly.

Solid game with a cool interpretation of the concept. The art and animations were very well done. “Pelvis Presley” gave me a chuckle.

Oh, FYI, the app on Linux had trouble installing this one. That usually works with Godot games, so there might be something unusual about your upload?

Thanks for giving it a try! In theory, the fact that you have infinite resources is balanced out by (spoiler) the fact that you get thrown in your own dungeon. Want to place infinite skeletons? Good luck getting out.

Unfortunately the AI is a little too opportunistic and easy to fool with a bunch of bomb-chests!

Wow, incredible. Great interpretation of the theme. I imagine coming up with levels for this was quite difficult. I had a hard enough time holding the levels in my head while playing through them, I can’t even imagine creating them.

I enjoyed the dialog as well.

I liked the pixel art and music, but was a bit confused by the gameplay. I didn’t really understand what to do, and space/shift didn’t seem to do anything. Eventually I touched a mirror, and just ended up in a black empy space.

Nice game! I liked the interpretation of the theme, and it was brain-tangling to figure out when to reverse gravity. The platforming did require a somewhat frustrating degree of precision, but overall good work!

Thanks for the kind comments. F is the key to open a chest, which we totally forgot to hint at anywhere in the game! I’ll add a note to the description, thanks for mentioning that.

Hi Wekepepew! Sorry it crashed in the browser, and thanks for deciding to give the mac build a try! The mac builds are just offset by 1 because the first mac build failed. All three desktop builds are the final jam version, so I hope that works out for you!

I enjoyed the game mechanics. The card art was nice, as were the effects that made the table feel really alive. I do wish the cards didn’t turn 90 degrees when picking them up, that made it a little challenging and unintuitive. The music was nice, if a bit repetitive.

I liked the crafting mechanics, and the concept of having to load up a cart and think about what items you bring where. The overall concept of running an apocalyptic shop was cool too. The 3d art was quite nice and the music was atmospheric.

I couldn’t figure out how to use the mixer – I thought I loaded up the right ingredients for adrenaline, but I couldn’t turn the wheel.

It felt really polished, if a bit lacking in content. The art, and in particular the animations, were very well done, and the music and sound fit nicely. I just wish there was more to craft!

The artwork and music were beautiful, and I enjoyed the visual novel take on “crafting”. The writing was excellent as well, it feels like the characters and situations were really well thought out.

Nice retro graphics and crafting mechanics – I especially liked that it involved building. After running around for a while, it seemed that night never came. Some ambient sound or music would be nice.

A solid game with some fun crafting options and a good challenge. I was a bit bummed after the first level that I couldn’t craft anything, because I got unlucky with drops. It would be nice if you could craft health too. The audio was a little unbalanced (the post-level screen felt really loud compared to the in-game scene)

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Beautiful pixel art! As everyone else has mentioned, I especially love the cat. The furnace minigame seemed to require an excessive amount of repetitive clicking, so unfortunately I kinda gave up on that one. The game had a wonderful atmosphere though. Thanks for including a Linux build!

Sorry about that! We absolutely should have a way to customize controls.

Beautiful graphics, nice sound, and a clever concept. The movement of the mechs was also really well done. Very impressive work!

Great work! The attacks were a bit hard to time.

Aww. That’s probably within the bounds of what you’re allowed to fix during the rating period, if you wanted to.

ArchLinux, thanks!

Beautiful and eerie! I absolutely loved the visual style, and it was very atmospheric. It was pretty creepy and a little disturbing noticing how the food affected your pets.

The events got a bit repetitive though, and you quickly realize you can ignore 90% of them, since hunger increases really slowly (I just ended up ignoring food most of the time, since it seemed more harmful than helpful).

Looks awesome – is there any chance of a Linux export?

Thanks again for the suggestion – I’ve added a Energy Weapon Pack designed to pair with this character. Let me know what you think!

I do, thanks for the interest!

Thanks for the comment and the interest! There’s a few free packs you can find just by searching, but they might not match the character exactly.

I’ve been meaning to touch this up and add some more content, and comments like yours keep me motivated. Stay posted, and I’ll try to add something soon!

Nice mechanics, and I loved how the lines lit up near the ball - that was a nice touch. The sound effects were a bit abrupt, and some music would have been nice.

I loved the colorful, minimalist art style and chill vibe. The camera controls only seemed to adjust on one axis (tilt up/down), was that intentional?

At first I thought I was actually tilting the world, which would have been neat.

Nice work! I liked the art, and the game was challenging. I did find the “Swipe Right” instruction to be a bit confusing - since I had already pressed “D” to go right before it showed up, and I thought I had lost or something.

You might look at something like to only show “swipe” hints on touch platforms.

Really nice art and overall presentation, combined with a clever platforming mechanic. Overall great job!

The music did feel a bit intense and “cruchy” in a way that didn’t quite fit the theme, but it was still good (and kudos for creating your own music!)

The music and presentation was anxiety-inducing (in a good way, given the nature of the game). It did get repetitive really quickly though. Some changes in the background/text as you progressed would have been nice. Creative interpretation of the theme.

Easy to understand but challenging. It could have used a little more “juice” - a visual/sound effect on death, a sound for jumping/landing, ect. just to make it feel a little more engaging. I did notice that sometimes the comet in the background would just disappear. Also, it seems you can go straight up a sheer cliff face, which might have been intentional, I’m not sure :)

I liked the humor and (very topical) interpretation of the theme. Unfortunately I didn’t find the gameplay itself too engaging, but I haven’t really played clicker games.

The game was simple, but works well! Some music and sounds would have gone a long way. The procedural terrain definitely made it more interesting though.