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Reflections: In a Strange PlaceView game page

Navigate your way through a mirror dimension with the help of your reflections!
Submitted by IndecisionEngine — 3 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Reflections: In a Strange Place's page


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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Prithee, speak! (Sorta. The characters talk to each other, but there's no choices.)

Game Description
A short jaunt through a mirror dimension!

How does your game tie into the theme?
The four frames are inversions of each other. Moving right will move left in the other. The twist is that not all the elements are visible on each frame.

I will if anyone is interested in seeing it. I'll warn you though, the character movement code is pretty jank.

Discord Username

Participation Level (GWJ Only)
First one! I've been trying to make time for this jam for months. Things always have been in the way.

Participation Level across all Jams
This is my fifth game jam.

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That game was awesome. Did play till the end... and the story was quite an interesting experience. You wanted to know how it ends... and the characters even developed. There were some funny conversation elements too. Also to find out how to navigate in that world ... it was a real adventure. Totally awesome idea. Some few things in the world were not well visible due to the lighting, but I made it through. Hope there will be a second part of that game once. I mean... they have kept the key, right? 😉


Great idea and execution !

I just wish the cameras were more zoomed out (or maybe an option with the scrollwheel), because I had trouble seeing where I was going most of the time.

The dialogues were funny in between gameplay too.


That's a fair point. I tried to not have any blind jumps, but there ended up being a couple anyway.

Thanks for the feedback!


Wow, incredible. Great interpretation of the theme. I imagine coming up with levels for this was quite difficult. I had a hard enough time holding the levels in my head while playing through them, I can’t even imagine creating them.

I enjoyed the dialog as well.


Oh, FYI, the app on Linux had trouble installing this one. That usually works with Godot games, so there might be something unusual about your upload?


I've not exported to Linux or used the app before, so it's possible I missed doing something I was supposed to do. If you have any tips for next time, I'd love to hear them.


I’ve always uploaded the pck/binary together in a zip file and that seems to work. Maybe itch gets confused by the sandalone executable? I’ve used to automate exporting before, and here’s a really simple example: Hope that helps!


One of these days I'll get a more automated workflow for exporting/uploading to itch. I've never used this or .yml files? You have a good resource that explains what it all is and how it works? 

Submitted is just a git repository host, similar to Gitlab/Github. I used that as an example because their build system is simpler than GitHub’s (which looked like this for our game this jam. Though as far as why yours didn’t work, it seems most games uploaded a zip file with the exe/pck, whereas your game was a single exe. The single exe probably should work, and the fact that it didn’t might be a bug with itch.


Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I've had a few people say similar things about the level design. I might post a little video about it in a couple days to show the process I used. Will let you know when it's up if you're interested.


So cool, what an awesome concept. Definitely a mind bender on that one. Super engaging and oh my the feeellllsss! Really awesome narrative. I can't believe that I got so engaged in such a short amount of time. Good job.


I'm so jazzed that the dialogue was received so well. I've done some writing in the past, but writing for a game is way different. 

Thanks again for playing it on stream. It's always very informative to watch someone engage with your creation for the first time. 

Submitted (1 edit)

The game is very original. It took me like 15 minutes to complete.

At the beginning it was very difficult but I could see a progress between levels.  The idea is very cool, but some graphics are a little simple. Nice game!


Yeah, it's not an especially long game. I wanted to experiment with sprites and 2.5D since I had to use 3D anyway, but didn't end up with enough time to properly texture the environment at all. Thanks for playing!


This is such an interesting idea! Loved the dialogue and had a ton of fun playing. Great job!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for checking it out.


Fantastic idea and really great execution! It really made me think, and it was very fun. Great job on this. :D


Thanks for checking it out!