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Jump in and compete against your friends and family to be the ruler of the board!
Submitted by velopman — 10 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

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Mobile Friendly

Game Description
Jump in and compete against your friends and family to be the ruler of the board!

How does your game tie into the theme?
Inverting squares of the board to your color to take control and win the game!


Discord Username

Participation Level (GWJ Only)
4th submitted

Participation Level across all Jams
15+, not sure anymore.

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This game reminds me of a minigame from Frogger 2.


Awesome multiplayer game. The controls were not so easy to understand first, but then it was quite cool to play. And I believe its total fun to play it with other humans. Unfortunately I had no one to test it with... playing against the AI is not so challenging and motivating 🤷‍♂️
I totally liked the details in the main menu as like the title animation and the overall look and feel of the game. That was really working well for me...  👌


This is one of the most fun entries.

My personal opinion on the design : I think I would have made it pop more. I didn't really notice your game at first, probably because it didn't catch my eye...


Simple and high polished submission. I like it!

Bonus for the multi-player feature ;)


This entry has some of the most fun gameplay, I am sure you must be a good programmer.

The graphics look polished and the music is a nice fit - great job!


Wow! Thank you, I really appreciate that :D I felt like I spent too much time polishing the UI, so it's nice to hear someone enjoyed the gameplay. 

The music was an absolute banger, so glad that INS/OVR was able to make a track for the game. Don't know about you, but it added a retro vibe that honestly made the game for me.


This is such a fantastic party game! The UI design was 10/10, and those transitions were so cool. This felt more like something that’d been built over months, not days. The pixel art was wonderful as well, it fits the game perfectly. I hope you’re proud of yourself! :D


Thank you! That means so much. It was my first time really leaning into the AnimationPlayer, so I'm glad that it paid off.

Definitely want to keep working on this one. Turn it into a Twitch chat game at the very least, a multiplayer game as a stretch.

Glad you enjoyed it.


Wow, that was so cool! I love the incorporation of the theme and the very high polish. The animations are so satisfying and the music is cool, too!

Also extra points for making it a multiplayer game and for giving us access to the source code. Definitely have to look into this one!

Great game!!


Thanks so much! I think I may have focused on the polish a bit too much, but glad that it pays off and you enjoyed it! 

Haha, if you're going to look at code, scope the commits to 2 days before the jam ended. It goes down hill from there.


I had a quick look and it just looks outlandish to my nooby programmer eyes :D

There's a lot to learn from it so thanks again for making it available!


To be fair, that isn't far off what it actually is ;p

Happy to context share at some point in the discord if you have any questions.


Really great game! The song is awesome. The filling in rectangles is a good risk vs reward mechanic. The little animations and the color scheme everywhere make it feel very polished.

Literally the only criticism I can give about it is that the options menu doesn't grab focus so you have to click something if you're using KB/controller. And that's super minor. 

Well done.


Thanks so much :) Really tried to polish it up. A little more than I probably should have.

Ooo, good call out! I made that late during the last night so totally forgot to give something focus. I'll make sure to update that after voting has ended.


Cool idea! Seems like a lot of work for a game jam so nice job on submitting!

For me the input keys didn't work, only swiping (also on pc) but it didn't hinder me.


Hey! Thanks so much for playing the game. Sorry to hear that the input wasn’t working well for you. I hope you managed to get some joy out of it regardless! 

I am worried that the controls are an issue due to communication, rather than implementation. 

Would you be able to describe your specific issue? Had the player join screen shown a keyboard as input method? Was your character able to move off of a single direction at all?