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Thank you! And yes, that's how you win everything lol :D

Yeah, I definitely played with the idea of upgrades (and different challenges), but I found them to be the beginning of some serious scope-creep! :D

Thank you for the kind and encouraging words! Maybe I'll update the game after the jam ends (depending on my ranking lol)

Well that's definitely a bug lol :D

Never heard of Deluxe Ski Jump but after looking at some screenshots I can definitely see what you mean.

Thanks a lot for the review and the bug report!

Bro, your game looks absolutely sick and waaay better!! :D

But thanks a lot, glad you liked it!

I did, but then I saw that we got some extra time and went ahead and polished it a little ;-)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a lot! 

Lol, thank you! :D

Thanks a lot! :-)

Thank you! :-)

Thank you very much! I am very glad you liked it so much :-)

Thank you very much, Niven! :-)

Hope you are doing well!

Yeah I think that's a bug lol... 

But thanks for playing and the kind words! :-)

Thank you! Makes me happy :)

Thank you! That means a lot to me :)))

Yeah, that can happen... Probably one or more arrows got a crit on you! It really was a nightmare to try and balance the first fights, especially as I did not have the time to include items, upgrades and things like this... Sorry if it was frustrating for you!

Thanks for the review! I will include an explanation on the different units on the game page :)

Glad you liked the graphics and the feel! :)

Yes, it is an Autobattler, so you don't have any control within the battles. I planned to include items and upgrade paths for units to let players create some sort of build or strategy, but that was way too overscoped... Thanks again for the review and sorry for the confusion :D

Thank you! :)

You can buy soldiers in the little office under the shop and money is earned through arena fights. I definitely had problems balancing the game, which got worse without the possibility of stat boosting items, potions etc. You can progress quite far by picking the right fights for your team composition, but even then there is an element of luck (which is way too big and kinda frustrating).

Anyway, thanks for playing and the comment!! :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

The palette selection is actually part of a project template for (Super) GameBoy games I am working on right now. These are the original 32 palettes and yes, I included them for both accessibility and customizability :)

You can check out the source code on my itch, if you want :)

I never played CotN, but looking at some videos I can definitely see similarities!

I knew pretty soon that a HP (and other stats) / item system would be too much for me to implement, so I made the level procedural to give at least some replayability through randomness. Maybe next time!

Thanks for the review! :-)

Thank you!!! :)

Thanks a lot! :-)

Thank you! :)

I will add a small tutorial in the description

Wow that was very polished!! I really liked the fishing mechanic, as well as the soundtrack and all the upgrades! Did you even sleep during the jam? lol

Nice job!

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Thank you very much!

Yeah, I didn't have the time to make a tutorial.. And I use a project template to save some time, that's why I had the palette and key changer ready ;-) I have the template on my itch in case you want to check it out

Sorry for the delay, I was busy and could not look into it.

I fixed the crash in the newest version, at the cost of not supporting the mouse as input device. Thanks for reporting!

Thank you very much!

These things were actually intentional decisions... trees grow back, but only if there are some of them left! And I made the game without the undo function to raise the stakes that are associated with every decision :D

So far this is my favorite game of this jam! I love the aesthetics (especially the depressed turtle), platforming feels really good, there is a lot to explore and I could not stop. Wow!

But is there something happening or unlocking when I collected all of the items? I wasn't quite sure whether I missed something or what's going on :D Also getting up from the bottom of the world felt a little tedious... which made exploring a somewhat frustrating...

But don't let that distract you from the fact that this is my favorite game of this jam!!! Very well done!

Thank you! Makes me happy :)

Thank you very much! I originally wanted to go for music in the style of the Gameboy, but it wasn't relaxing at all :D

That is amazing! The art is just so lovely and it's definitely cozy watching all those elfs and santas stroll around lol.

Well done!

I really need to make a tutorial next time... But I am very glad you enjoyed it :-)
Thanks for playing and the review!

That's really cool! Nice and original interpretation of the theme. Definitely feels cozy to watch the bugs mind their own businesses.

Well done!

I really like the idea! Nothing more cozy than planting things and watching them grow. Also nice music!

Maybe try to make it that the trees grow only upwards and not downwards... that kinda breaks the immersion :D

But well done! Really fits the theme!

Yeah that's really not that cozy lol! Same thing for the original gb soundscape... it just didn't make me feel it so I just ignored my self-imposed limitations a little bit ;-)

Thank you very much!

I really wanted to do a tutorial, but sadly I didn't have the time for it. So I am very glad that you eventually found out!

Thanks for playing and the kind review!

Wow, 5/5??

Thank you!! :-)

A well made cozy-winter-afternoon-simulator! :D

I really liked the transition between outside and inside (very nice camera work and also nice attention to details like taking off the shoes and coat).

Good job! It really is cozy!

I love it! A very nice puzzle mechanic, I really had some Eureka-moments during playing!

Music is also very chill, but the last level definitely is not ;D I found the platformer challenges close to being frustrating, but I usually don't play platformers, so this could just be me. Maybe you could add some coyote-time or decrease the space between the platforms... but eventually I did it, so I can't complain too much lol.

All in all a very nice game, that you could build upon after the jam! I think it has a lot potential!

Thank you! Makes me happy :)

The trees are regrowing, but only if there are some of them left ;)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

Yes! :-)