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Submitted by Ryan, Dark, ncollie — 22 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Kids these Days, Mobile Friendly

Game Description
An evil overlord hires you to design a dungeon. You feel a little suspicious ... better build in an escape for yourself, just in case. (NOTE: Press F to open chests!)

How does your game tie into the theme?
(spoiler) After designing a dungeon to keep out heroes, you are thrown into it (inverting the rules/expectations of the game)


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The game was fun playing, liked the funny dialogs... and you really got me making the level too hard the first time. The controls were a bit tricky. Also the setting up of the dungeon.... but, given the total complexity and limited time: Very awesome work! Very creative and well executed.


It's a funny game! Switching roles is just what you deserve for being a butcher.


Plot twist: Evil man is evil. Love it. 

Needing to make the dungeon difficult enough to kill the AI player, but not enough to kill you leads to a lot of interesting decision making. Would've been nice if the things you were placing didn't deselect themselves after placed. 

Really cool game overall. 


I love plot twists. What came at first with a little worry why I ever wanted to place helpful items into the dungeon turned out to be my destiny!

I spawned right into a chest and couldn't move and it wasn't clear to me in the first place which door was an and which out.

Yes to the voice acting and to the originality and the "hero"-KI!


I like the game.

I was a bit weirded out by the orientation of the map in the editor vs the hero point of view.

I don’t know if that’s intended but you have infinite ressources ? I put bomb everywhere.

I just wish there were some other map to try and test out new mechanics.

Great game overall and I like the small taunt from the evil overlord.


Thanks for giving it a try! In theory, the fact that you have infinite resources is balanced out by (spoiler) the fact that you get thrown in your own dungeon. Want to place infinite skeletons? Good luck getting out.

Unfortunately the AI is a little too opportunistic and easy to fool with a bunch of bomb-chests!


Really good idea, it's a great interpretation of the theme! It's an interesting dynamic to have to design a level that defeats the AI but still beatable by you. Great work using two wildcards as well! Great work team :D


I liked this idea and being harassed by this BBEG was quite fun!

I was playing in the browser (No crash for me :) ) but it was not obvious to me how to open a chest.


Thanks for the kind comments. F is the key to open a chest, which we totally forgot to hint at anywhere in the game! I’ll add a note to the description, thanks for mentioning that.


It crashes in the browser. I want to download the mac version but the version number is lower than the linux/windows ones. Should I wait for the updated version? I don't want to review if it's not the final version.


Hi Wekepepew! Sorry it crashed in the browser, and thanks for deciding to give the mac build a try! The mac builds are just offset by 1 because the first mac build failed. All three desktop builds are the final jam version, so I hope that works out for you!


I downloaded it and it works fine :)

I wish I didn't see the spoiler but still had fun :D

The idea is cool!


Great voice work, really funny! A cool concept as well, great job!