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this one is really cute, love it^^

Nice action game-play, always like some music timed challenges^^

Flawless presentation and staggering amount of polish! Would have easily believed that the whole think took you way more than just one weekend^^
My only complaint is that many of the levels feel somewhat unfocused. Think I would have preferred smaller levels with very deliberate ways to solve tricky setups. As it is now I mainly complete 75% of each level on autopilot.

Simple and sweet game-play with a very polished visual presentation!

The tower rising up meant I could not just commit my arrow shots to muscle memory, which improved the experience quite a bit.

Lovely animations on the cat^^ Jumping around the house was fun, but the clouds felt random and unbeatable to me :D

Lovely minimalist puzzle game^^ To tired to get far in it, but I enjoyed the levels that I reached :D

Cool premise, only somewhat confusing at first^^

Also bonus points for a image heavy tutorial, even if I did not understand it fully :D

Quite tricky little puzzle game. I like that in most situations I can choose to either play smart or just go for speed and agility. At least some environment art would have been nice, same for sounds^^

Bit confusing at first glance but short & entertaining as soon as I figured out how it works^^

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Concept and progression through several upgrades is kinda neat, but the only stuff I do as player is walking around and grinding for stuff to walk around more. Any kind of skill required would have been nice. Examples: Enemies or traps to dodge, pushing block puzzles to solve, secret passages to find or something like that.

But hey it's a gamejam I am quite sure something like that was planned but the time limit did not allow it^^

Very lovely and well executed idea with charming presentation! Really surprised by how much fun I had playing this one^^
Three Points of critique:
Big levels make executing a solution after I understand how to do so kinda tedious though. Aside from that "Throw-able" objects are quite close color wise to the Background table which makes it difficult to spot them. Due to these things the start is kinda rough, in Level 1 I was unsure how to start and in level 2 the difficulty and level complexity went up way to fast for me.

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Happy to hear you liked it! We definitely had something like that in mind, but deemed getting some tiny amount of sleep  more critical ;-P

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Visuals are charming and the overall idea is really simplistic but still somewhat engaging.
Sadly it's a Dealbraker that you used premade Music without crediting it in any way.
Music used is the Track "fokus" from here:

Neat little game^^ Nothing much posing any thread to the player sadly.

Installer crashed for me, no idea why^^

Happy to hear you already like what you see. If we find the time to setup a linux build we'll be sure to let you know^^

Nice and solid little highscore hunter! (28 for me) Love the cheeky "You are evil because you steal apples" usage of the limitation. The Hand gives me old Zelda game flashbacks, which is always appreciated^^
Main drawbacks as of now: Deaths feel a bit cheap from time to time, some kind of variety in the gameplay would have been awesome and the background tune gets a bit annoying if you play multiple rounds.

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Engaging and fun to play, the different upgrades change your options quite considerably which is awesome. Same goes for the noteworthy variety of enemies. Played multiple rounds just to see what kind of bugs there are :D

Some environment/barriers would have been nice. My main problem with this one is how the "You are the bad guy" limitation feels like an afterthought.

Bug: After the first upgrade there are no texts for the upgrade choices.

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Surprisingly funny and entertaining to play for a short while, well done!

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Overall a bit to generic and the "evil" limitation feels underused. Having to kill some peaceful bugs with each wave or such could have underlined that you are the evil one here.
I do quite like the little touches though, such as the fancy weapon spin reload animation, the clear communication of the different bug types or the clean visual style.

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Really liked the smooth and clean presentation of the whole thing and the core idea is intriguing. Gotta admit I'm either tired or the questions are really difficult. A indication showing the correct answer after voting wrong would have improved my enjoyment quite a bit^^

Oky, build should be visible now! Thanks again for telling us^^

Thanks for the heads up!  We are looking into the issue, our build seems to be invisible :-/

Will inform you as soon as we find a way to fix it.

Lovely small Pen & Paper system! Played some one shots with friends of mine and we had a blast, even if they have no Idea of any Fallen London content :D

This was exactly as frustrating to play as I expected. Congratulations, even for someone who is not hit by any of the accessibility hurdles it is still painful^^

Could use more clarity, I was for the most part of my first rounds not sure how the game works, But after playing some rounds in a row I understood enough to play it eventually and I liked the gameplay that it provides :D

Nice small and simple game^^
There seems to be some kind of visual bug with light blue triangles that overlap the player character  and if I saw it correctly they are fixed to some of the bigger fish I think?

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Thanks for the kind words, I am really happy to that hear playing the game is enjoyable^^
The double damage sounds like a bug, it's most definitely not a feature that I wanted to created :D
Will see if I cant track it down.

Game play is motivating and there is always something to think about, as fires increase in size trees burn down and especially the water having full strength on the tile its splashed but only a part of its power on the neighboring tiles. Having a strong visual style truly helped here as well with the game boy style colors used to a good extend (and recoloring the helicopter over water was so subtle I only realized it after playing for 2 minutes or so.)

Refill time for the water felt just right, as it gave a moment to think about where to fly of next and which fire has the main importance right now.

 You have a spelling mistake at the start of the instructions (figher fighter instead of a fire fighter)
Reached a Score of: 13417

Awesome Idea and nicely executed. Bonus points for successfully using the 3 color limitation with 3D in such a clean and useful manner and for the entertaining creature sounds :D
The voice was a bit to difficult to understand, but it also gave some air of strangeness to the whole thing. Also when the voice told me to press x on my keyboard to go to the level it did not work for me.

Concept sounds like it could be fun, right now there is just nothing to do with the scrolls and fireballs so I am not sure what to do with it.

Also the 3 RBG codes rule is broken by ground, walls and player being three colors already on top of all scrolls and fireballs. (but hey, it clearly shows you tried to keep the colors very limited so its clear you tried to follow it^^).

Game play is simple and entertaining, the difficulty increases rather nicely (if a bit to easy in the first 2 levels for my liking, especially on repeated playing)
The Storm damage mechanic elegantly leads to some nice risky moments where I go into may more danger than I normally would just to keep the high damage output. It would profit from the storm moving around, or any other incentive to move every now and then, as right now for the most time I just stick to the center and shoot like crazy.  (Reached a score of 135 without moving out of my center point :D)

The opacity for the particle effects means it's not strictly 3 RGB colors, but you clearly tried to follow the restriction so I think that no real problem^^

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It took me way to long to realize how this entree handled the the Color limitation, and I love it.
Sound and atmosphere are quite relaxing and the slow play speed matches perfectly with the gentle wave of flowers and music.
If one has the required patience for the speed of all gameplay it itself gives a surprising amount of depth with all these different plants and items. (not sure if I ever used the shop correctly even after finding it though)

Some of the colors get a bit hard to look at after a while, especially yellow for me.

Also... that is a lot of content for a game jam entree, well done indeed^^

Very cool idea and execution of three different variations of the same core gameplay, all feeling and playing differently in a way that makes them all worthwhile to try.
The colors used really paint a nice underwater mood.

I do feel like I cant wrap my head around the controls completely as I always loose half my fish simply trough being unable to keep them inside the screen with my two mouse buttons. Difficulty felt quite high, but that might be connected with my control confusion^^

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This feels so whimsical and lighthearted, very lovely!
It's quite fun to play, even if I do not understand why I would ever want to stop keeping space bar pressed down :D (if there is a benefit to not doing so please tell me, I am curious )

I like the  title screen as well, with the art and music it gives of quite the energy^^

I should not have spend as long as I did cutting those plants and planting new ones, it is strangely captivating^^
Great job on the sound and overall game feel here. It is relaxing to fool around with the game and just see how your own reefs grow
It was a bit sad that most of my fishes wandered of to the far left end of the screen and keep staying there half hidden outside the screen but after having 20 or so kelp there was enough fish everywhere :D

Sadly still crashing on startup, answer me here as soon as it is fixed then I'll give it a second try^^

Really smooth use of the three color style^^ The whole game looks like it takes place on the page of some book, mainly due to the colors and the calm pace and that's lovely^^
Overall it feels like something I would love to play if it had some additional content, but right now it is a endearing proof of concept ^^

Felt like a option to end the game when a shelter has been build would have been nice, as I was unsure If there was still content to be found.