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Pollinate as many flowers as you can!
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Team members
Ja'ire Vaugn - Artist
Sophie Kneznekoff - Programmer

Software used

Cookies eaten
No cookies but a lot of M&Ms

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Love the art style and the music is a great match for it.

At first, I played the game without reading the instructions so I didn't know about space and what it can do. and the game was perfect you had go away from the flower early  and to a side away from where the bird is coming, to get your bees away form the bird. or go to another flower to call them to you, it added strategy to the game which made it extremly fun.
But when I found out about space the game just became too easy I can just hold space all the time and I won't lose any bees, it completely lost the since of stratgy it had. So in my opinion I think you should get rid of the call function (space) or make it so that you can only use it a very limited amout of times.


Thanks for letting me know, I didn't have too much time to test that mechanic, but you're right about finding a way to limit it.  I'm flattered that you played it more than once even if it was a bit too easy for you the second time.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This feels so whimsical and lighthearted, very lovely!
It's quite fun to play, even if I do not understand why I would ever want to stop keeping space bar pressed down :D (if there is a benefit to not doing so please tell me, I am curious )

I like the  title screen as well, with the art and music it gives of quite the energy^^


That's good to hear, and you're right about the spacebar thing. The only drawback I can think of to holding it I guess is if you run into a bird, you lose all the bees at once. I'm so happy to hear you had fun anyways!


Cute bees and cool music! It's really fun to search flowers for the pollen ! 


So much of the game jam time was spent on trying to make the pollen getting mechanic feel fun, I'm really happy to hear it worked out that way!


One of the best games I played this jam! Art is great, gameplay is fun. The screen pause when a bird eats one of your bees is a little weird, but nothing experience-breaking.


Thank you so much! I’m so glad most everything ended up working.