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Engaging and fun to play, the different upgrades change your options quite considerably which is awesome. Same goes for the noteworthy variety of enemies. Played multiple rounds just to see what kind of bugs there are :D

Some environment/barriers would have been nice. My main problem with this one is how the "You are the bad guy" limitation feels like an afterthought.

Bug: After the first upgrade there are no texts for the upgrade choices.


i feel like with one or two more evolutions it would be a interesting experience :)

I had some troubles with the limitations, first i wanted to make you grow so strong that you are able to leave the basement and conquer the world but i guess that was just me thinking to big for a 3 days jam :D

i will try to improve the game, well i would prefer to have a developer helping me out since i prefer working on art and gamedesign

Thanks for the review im happy you enjoyed it!