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Collect and grow all 27 kinds of plants!
Submitted by FigyTuna, nicoleperson (@nicoleperson13) — 14 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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Godot game engine

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Soothing and Fun Game!
Got to about 12 plants in one run before I felt stuck. The music is so relaxing I've thought about opening up the game in the background of my computer browser just to have it playing. The colors are vibrant but work well with the game especially with the pixelated graphics.
Overall, good job!


Hey everyone, another update (Sep 12th). You can now SAVE your game and load it next time you play! Enough people requested this and I think it will be really helpful to those who don't have the time to sit down and collect everything in one sitting.


NOTE: Looks like saving may not work in the browser version, downloading is the way to go.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

It took me way to long to realize how this entree handled the the Color limitation, and I love it.
Sound and atmosphere are quite relaxing and the slow play speed matches perfectly with the gentle wave of flowers and music.
If one has the required patience for the speed of all gameplay it itself gives a surprising amount of depth with all these different plants and items. (not sure if I ever used the shop correctly even after finding it though)

Some of the colors get a bit hard to look at after a while, especially yellow for me.

Also... that is a lot of content for a game jam entree, well done indeed^^


Very calm and relaxing game.

Love the sound design!


Really nice tone and an impressive quantity of content! I thought that the menus were oddly shaped and a bit cumbersome to use, and couldn't figure out how to access the shop. Great job on being faithful to the 3-colour restriction.


I played it on pc, and for some silly reason I couldn't get the browser to show the whole game screen... So eventually I found myself struggling to figure out what to do, until I realised there's text in the top bit of the screen to help... Very nice game! I especially enjoyed how it was weirdly relaxing


Those hints are so helpful! Glad you took the time to add them.

The "hold to remove plant" tip unblocked me when I got confused.


I really enjoyed this! I really liked the way you handled the three-color restriction. The music was nice, but got a bit repetitive.

I didn't play through the whole thing (I discovered 5-6 plants), but this is impressively long gameplay for a jam game. I liked discovering the different plants.

To answer an earlier question, the HTML5 version is working fine for me. It did take me a while to realize you need to click on the checkmark to use items, though.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah it was a much larger project this time around and if you played longer you'd see that not everything ended out smelling like roses (heh). For example, I miscounted, there are only 27 plants in the game...


Is the html5 version actually working ? I can't plant any seeds ? I want plants !! :p Can't rate for the moment. Kudo for you Ryan, music is great.


There are some problems, yes. I'm fixing a game breaking bug and uploading a post-jam version if you'd like to try it out.


If you do I definitely would like to !


I uploaded a version with major bugfixes and typo corrections.


What a creative game ! It reminds me of 90s tamagotchi but with plants. cool, well done.


Music was on point with the gameplay, very relaxing chill game. 


Very relaxing game. I enjoy it 


Just to be clear, there are only ever three colors on screen at once even during the smooth transitions between color palettes.