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I played it on pc, and for some silly reason I couldn't get the browser to show the whole game screen... So eventually I found myself struggling to figure out what to do, until I realised there's text in the top bit of the screen to help... Very nice game! I especially enjoyed how it was weirdly relaxing

Thank you!! I'll keep the sounds in mind for next time... I realised after the jam finished, that I forgot to check all the volumes of the different sounds.. But thanks for mentioning that, and for playing! :D

Thanks for playing our little game! And for the nice comment! :D

Thank you very much for trying it out, and a nice comment like yours is always appreciated! :)

I probably should've read the description, haha, interesting game though! In the end I was really hoping there's more!

Thank you for trying it out!

This is so good, wow! I love the mechanic of turning into a tree to hide, very creative! Oh and the music and art is just awesome! :D

It did get a little frustrating when I couldn't see the monsters when they were in the part of the screen I was going next, if that makes sense? But other than that, I love it!

Thanks for playing, and for giving feedback! :D

Ahh, that makes sense.. thanks!

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Was just wondering if the 3 colors include different shades of the same color?

That's epic! A thing came up, so I won't be available all the time tomorrow, but you can join here if you want to  try to work together and make a game. :)

I followed you, but unfortunately a thing came up, and it'll kinda screw up my entire schedule... So if you still want to work on a project, even though I might not be available at all times, join here I made a new server

Originally I was thinking of doing it alone, but hey, might be fun to collab.

I can do a bit of pixel art, program in Godot, and a bit of music.

Hahaha I broke it a couple of times... Very cool though! I haven't seen any game like this before!

Thanks so much for trying it out, and for the nice comment! I'm going to be working on the game a little more after the jam review time is over, just to finish it. But yah, thanks again!

Ahh for real?... Seems like I did something wrong with the export.. Haha thanks for trying though! :)

Visually very good, though, I had trouble with the controls not being consistently the same.

This. Was. Gold.

Yeah no prob, I'll keep an eye out for that! ;)

If I had a pc that wasn't a potato, it would've been a lot more fun... Haha, but good job though!

Wow, I had to run it through wine, since I'm on linux, but it actually worked!

I really like the idea, though I wasn't sure what to do after it said "push the slider on the far right," because I tried it, and it didn't work, then I pushed every button I saw, and flipped every switch, it was fun, but nothing happened.

I really like the level design! Kinda reminds me of half life for some reason. :)

Ahh thanks so much for checking it out, and for the nice comment!

I'm not sure, thanks for trying though! :)

How are you guys doing so far? :D

Awesome Idea!

Good job!