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A jam submission

DryadView game page

A short stealth game
Submitted by KingW — 42 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline
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Team members

Software used
Fusion 2.5 by Clickteam
Beep Box
Fire Alpaca
Pyxel Edit

Cookies eaten
None D:

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Incredibly polished and well made. Great music and sound effects, beautiful sprites and animations and fun and original game mechanics. I like the nonviolent approach, and being able to turn into a tree is always a plus. My only complaint is the small size of the viewport, a better persepctive on things happening around me would've been nice.


we actually considered increasing the viewport size, the problem is that some of the levels would need to be remade


Visually this game is spot on, both in terms of animation and in terms of working around the colour limitation. Personally I think the stealth mechanic would have worked better if the camera fixed around the enemies in an area so you can always see which direction they are facing, but that's just my opinion. Overall, very well made and polished :D


Art style and animation are really on point here! Liked the tree transformation most of all^^
Letting the seed fall when transforming or ducking added a nice level of complexity to the levels, and  required me to think more ahead than I at  first expected.

I would have highly preferred some checkpoints (maybe only one when picking up the seed) as in it's current form It gets tedious to repeat things again that I already beat before.  (I tend to suck at stealth games though, so maybe that is just me here^^)


Like the colours. Really well presented. Self-explanatory control and clear route-forward.

The game feels great. I love the transform mechanic, it feels really satisfying.


I really like this game ! Nice gameplay ! I love the cute character and the environnement.

You didn't fix all coins, there are still some that don't disappear after taking them, and also badly positioned.


fixed now

I just checked, and it's still the same, and with the same coins of under door below, it doesn't fix things by saying them.


did you re download the game?



Ran into a couple bugs: the bottom-left timer sometimes moves with the player in between being spotted and respawning (or some scenario similar to that).  I think the player can get stuck as a tree if the tree is spammed during the same interval. These are only small things though, the standard of the game is great to see. It feels really polished.


i do believe that i have fixed those now.


Wow, this one is actually my favorite! I'll definitely try to beat it completely later. Everything about this game is great, and there isn't really nothing to complain about.


glad you enjoyed! 


This is so good, wow! I love the mechanic of turning into a tree to hide, very creative! Oh and the music and art is just awesome! :D

It did get a little frustrating when I couldn't see the monsters when they were in the part of the screen I was going next, if that makes sense? But other than that, I love it!


thanks for the feedback! you make a great point, however with the way the camera works, showing more space to one side of the player could be disorienting because the camera shifts when you change direction.

This game have some bugs & errors, as the coins don't disappear after collecting them, or some are badly positioned, If you release the seed when you camouflage like a tree, it disappears very quickly and the input of deactivating the ability takes more than half a second, so it's very difficult to pick it up in time before it returns to his place, & the most weird bug is that at level 4, a big blue gem appears that is very out of place at in the first time he are caught.


fixing those bugs now!👍