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Thank you for this beautiful little game ;-) Procedural music is awesome ! 

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"Flash Match" is out on Itch io !

Playable on Windows here :

"Flash Match" is a local multiplayer game ! Play with up to 4 players in a photo-battle !

You have 5 minutes to find as many little pictures as possible corresponding to the big photo in the center of the screen ! Open your eyes, point a picture with the cursor and FLASH IT !

The game :

Your car is nothing ... Really nothing ! This is a crazy race in a long long road ! Pick up the pieces on the roadsides to build a real car and then, protect yourself on the road ... Beware of signs, rocks, trees, cows and other cars ! If you hurt them, you lose a piece of your dear new car ... Don't pick up the same piece twice ! Ready, steady, go!

Trailer : 

The game is available for Android.

Link : :

Google Play :

Twitter :

Thank you for this beautiful game/gift ! 
Amazing sounds, music and graphics ...
I really liked searching hidden things in each level and bring happiness to the sad characters.
Flying between planets is really funny !
Merry Christmas Noa ;-)

Nice game ! Easy to control and fun gameplay ! 

Thank you for playing my game and for your constructive feedback ! And I glad you enjoyed it ! 

Good platformer game with a dark atmosphere. I really like the character eyes movement !

Thank you for your feedback ! Glad you like it ! 

Fun game ! I really like the controls ! Neat concept and nice pixel art ! 

Beautiful pixel art game ! Nice sounds and graphics ! It's very relaxing to build a submarine nature ! ;)

Cool shooter game ! I like the animals' sprites ! ( Nice challenge to do 2 game jams in the same time ). 

Adorable character,  beautiful music and amazing animations !  Great job ! 

Nice use of  the limitation in this 3 color world ! It's fun to paint walls ! And I love the electronic voice for the instructions ! Nice 3D game ! Congrats ! 

Nice game and cool 3D animation ( Amazing job on hand animation ) ! Congrats ! 

Nice 3D game ! Cool effects ( wind, rain, thunder ... ) and solid gameplay ! Amazing job ! 

Cute bees and cool music! It's really fun to search flowers for the pollen ! 

I really like this game ! Nice gameplay ! I love the cute character and the environnement.

My phone is a Cubot Note Plus, and for the lags, the flashlight control react slowly and the ghosts/shadows animations aren't very fluid ;-)

Very dark game with a nice gameplay and beautiful graphics ! I think that the battery goes out too fast ( for me ) and sometimes the game lag a little bit on my phone ! Amazing job ! I look forward to see how the game will evolve ^_^

The strange life of Bill the postman is out on :

"The Strange life of Bill the postman" is a #pixelart platformer.  Bill the postman live in a world where life is time and this time is currency. He earns time when he posts letters. You have to help him to post letters to keep him alive. But don't forget to feed him...

You can play it online,  Windows executable and Mac executable. 

This is also a game for Ludum Dare 44 :

Thank you !! :) I will try to improve the game controls in the future...

Nice character and mysterious story ! Your art style is great !! 

Beautiful little game !

It's really fun ! All the gardens can be covered of gifts ! x)

Thank you HalfAlieno ! ;)

Thanks for all your feedbacks and advices!
I will try to improve the camera and the controls in the future ...
See you soon ;)