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Hi all! I just took part in the 41st Ludum Dare game jam, with my game Combo Maker!

Combo Maker is a mashup of the match-4/beat 'em up/platformer genres! You can punch, kick and throw blocks around to link them together, scoring points and setting up chains! But beware! Monsters have entered the arena, and are trying to stop you... how many points will you score?

Really well done! Original idea, and the mechanics introduced later on keep it interesting. This kind of idea could definitely be expanded upon. Keep it up :3

Really cool idea, and decent execution! All the little details worked very well, like the paint splattering and the way the skull floats behind a little bit when you walk around. I would be very interested in seeing a version without the time restriction. Great job!

Really good job for just a week of work! The graphics are simple, but effective. I loved the UI as well, especially for the options screen. The sound compliments it really well too. Keep it up!