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Short Small Dungeon Puzzle Platforming Demo
Submitted by Fmlad (@FmladUpdates)
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Use of the Limitation#54.1004.100

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Affinity Designer * Unity

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The size swapping mechanic is cool. It could allow for some really interesting puzzles. The random card mechanic is pretty interesting as well although I think you would need to introduce more enemy types, obstacles and hazards in order for it to work at its full potential.

I will say I accidentally glitched out of one of the rooms (the one with the spike traps moving up and down) by hitting the top of one and moving up into the ceiling. Then I couldn't get back in and I ended up falling infinitely. Obviously game jams don't give you much time to test everything properly, but if you continue to work on the game then you should have a look at fixing it.

Great effort ^-^


I had a really enjoyable 2 mins. I love the layout of the front page, it really inspired me to spice up my own. Very fun demo!


Hey, very nice submission! 

The overall aesthetic and sound create a very nice ambience as usual, and the size swapping gives space for very interesting puzzles!I very much liked the fall mini-puzzle one.

I very much like the per-level card mechanic, but it felt a bit disconnected with this specific type of level design. That is not a bad thing, but i guess it is extremely hard to balancing puzzles and character builds. Mark brown has a very good talk about that that can inspire you about puzzles vs problem solving if you want to make flexible puzzles:

As usual, superb work for 3 days, super polished.


Thank you for the awesome link, puzzles are very much a weak point I never knew I had so will practice more on this aspect. I agree the cards were a little disjointed and my initial idea required them changing the levels much more dramtically even the 'theme' of the layout. Thank you for playing my game and taking the time to write great feedback :) 

P.S I cant stop going back to your submission and playing, I hope you port it to mobile :D


hehe, glad you enjoyed it so much. In fact, I just joined the Finally Finish Something jam to give a full iteration over it, I wanted to finally do a longer project, and this one seems to be the right one.


Everything is pretty great. Love how smooth the movement is especially. If you were to work on it more I'd say cards need some balancing but the idea behind them is very interesting.


Thank you I really appreciate the feedback! The cards do need a bit more work to intergrate well.. sadly they didn't have as much time as I probably could of put in. Thanks for playing :)


This is a just amazing for a jam entry! The art is polished, the music is evocative and loops well, and the puzzles are really interesting and fun. And despite platformers being my worst genre (as in I'm really bad at them and therefore don't bother), the jumping, running, and pouncing was really smooth and the difficulty wasn't overwhelming but not boring either! Really good job! If I could rate, I'd give you 5 stars across the board!