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Anthony Marmont

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Nope, just made to simulate the multiplayer experience. It was a game jam project for Ludum Dare 48.

Yeap - I thought it was going to be a heal ability until an hour before the deadline 😅

Thanks for the feedback, I was quite nervous about posting this one because I feel like it isn't as good as my past MiniJams; but I guess I didn't have any reason to be :P

Yeap 😅

I used to have a bunch on instant-loose conditions (Not guarding the camp overnight, not lighting the fire by 2 am, letting food reach 0) but they where really harsh in play-testing.

I decided to remove the loose conditions and make the game an experience and a story-telling device rather than something to test your strategy.

Let's call it "the illusion of choice" 😅

Thanks for the feedback ^_^

Thanks :) Yeah, during development I really wanted to add some background music but I couldn't find any on my hard-drive.

I feel like I might expand on it. Simplify the UI and UX a bit and maybe make a mobile build of it.

Oh man that was awesome :P

Really appreciate the ragdoll physics. Felt like a hyper-casual game :) I would appreciate perhaps a bit more difficulty, but I know a lot of people would disagree with me.

Really enjoyed timing different hits with the last hit on the enemy just to enjoy different ragdoll effects.

Nice stuff :)

Easy access to the controls, nice consistent art style that works well with the gameplay.

I struggled with the jumping and after one of two loops of the music I just had to mute it.

I haven't seen anything like the teleport mechanic, I really like it :)

My god I stayed up late doing this...

I didn't expect the game to change so differently once the flower got taller. It increased the difficulty and changed how you played quite dynamically.

Nice stuff :)

Like the colours. Really well presented. Self-explanatory control and clear route-forward.

The game feels great. I love the transform mechanic, it feels really satisfying.

I appreciate the single-executable file - though it did look a little suspicious when I first downloaded it.

As soon as I figured out that the text on the right was my controls (btw good introduction making the player click "Wash Ashore" first) I was really excited!

Really love the visual style of the game, the UI is nice and reactive with the hover effect (hard to do when you only have 3 colors to work with).

The actions where quite intuitive. I had a feeling that if I stayed somewhere long enough I could start a shelter and then before I knew it the option appeared.

Really enjoyed it :)

Those hints are so helpful! Glad you took the time to add them.

The "hold to remove plant" tip unblocked me when I got confused.

Appreciated the 3D graphics!

I was really excited for the game to get harder!

After the first play through I got the controls and the lose-condition which was record timing for me.

Really unique hostile characters, it's interesting to see this voxel head translated in pixels.

I love the procedural character animation!

The character controller is nice and smooth too. I felt like I could get around quite easily. Just the right amount of challenge as well :)

Great stuff!