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I'm glad you like it! Soul husks are just an item I added when implementing the inventory system to test things out, and it doesn't do anything yet.

This was a reaaly nice game! Loved the artstyle and gameplay gimmicks.

Level design is ok, but invisible walls in certain places make it a bit hard to navigate, and I wish there were shortcuts at the end of each world branch, to eliminate some of the backtracking. Also, while the camera switch triggers work well when you're going through the level forwards, but if you're going backwards, they have a tendency to get quite awkward, to the point when you have to go completely off-screen to reach them. This only really becomes a problem if you die and enemies respawn behind you tho, so it isn't really that big of a deal.

Still, I really enjoyed playing this!

That's really weird. Did you extract both files into the same folder?

Obviously, U came nowhere close to finishing this, buut that wasn't really my intention.

This was the first time I did anything 3d in Godot, and also the first time streaming.

So, for me, this jam was definitely quite an experience! I'll definitely try to make something for TriJam some time again.

I'm gonna be using Godot, as it's , and I also try to stream the entire process over on twitch.
I've never streamed before so it's probably gonna be quite boring, but still, It's good to try new things :D

Oh, and also I have no idea if I am actually capable of finishing something in three hours, but I'll try my best :P

Wow, this one is actually my favorite! I'll definitely try to beat it completely later. Everything about this game is great, and there isn't really nothing to complain about.

One of the best games I played this jam! Art is great, gameplay is fun. The screen pause when a bird eats one of your bees is a little weird, but nothing experience-breaking.

Simple and nice! Love the simplistic artstyle.  Gameplay is pretty basic, thou collisions between falling objects do add a tiny bit of depth. Sort of reminds me of Undertale battle minigames :D

Game feel is almost great, acceleration/deceleration are really neat, but the weird jump cooldown takes away from that a bit.

UI-wise, the four-panel "tutorial" is great! But feel like there could be a better way to display HP, perhaps with the number of petals or something.

Overall, a simple, yet lovely game. Good job!

Amazing audio, great art, solid gameplay, and enough game juice to make Rami Ismail proud. Great job!

Added a Linux version, if you try it, please let me know whether or not it is working.

I've tried charging for a long time at first, but spamming is m=just way more efficient, since there isn't a minimum cooldown between shots, you fire as fast as you can press space, so there's practically no limit in dps. I have a mechanical keyboard, so I just pressed the spacebar down almost to the point of activtion and just started vibrating my hand at ~5-10Hz lol
It's probably a good Idea to add at least 0.2-0.25 seconds of cooldown to prevent cheesing
Also, a lot of the times you can dodge everything by just warping through the edge

This is the first game in this jam that genuinely felt good to play. The controls are extremely solid, and the screenshake is nice. Vlambeer would approve :D
The difficulty curve I found to be a bit weird: the first boss is alright, the second one is a joke, third one is hard as nails and the last one is perfect. I'd personally swap the first two, or change the second one- he's way too easy rn.
The artstyle is nice, the trail after you dash looks awesome.
Sound effects are pretty good, but the music is kinda unfitting and way too repetitive in my opinion.
Overall, a really solid game with a great feel to it

Oh man, that was a work out.
The game is hard, took me like 5-7 attempts to beat it
The idea is really interesting, and the final stage really caught me off guard
It's a shame that charge shot mechanic deals so little damage it's pretty much useless, mashing the space bar is really pretty much the only way to play and not pull out all of your hair
My time is 46.65247 btw, let's see if any1 can beat it ;P

The battle music is extremely atmospheric.

Overall, a great take on the jam rules, really like how you made the limitations pretty much your main game mechanic, good job!

Also, props to you for writing your own engine!

P.S. the github link's broken

Really nice game! the difficulty is just right in my opinion, took me a several attempts to beat it.
Sprites are simple, but animations are on another level of smooth, I can almost feel the pain you went through drawing all those spritesheets lol
The artstyle is awesome, reminds me of a mix of Gameboy games, old Java phone games and The binding of Isaac of all things.
The story adds a really nice touch.
Overall, short but solid! Would defo play it if you made a full version

P.S. Just a small technical flaw I I experienced and would like to point out, on a PS controller, you can't aim horizontally, only vertically. This might be a problem with mine in particular, it's a bootleg usb dualshock 2, but it works fine everywhere else.

Thanks <3 Sorry for the weird difficulty, I didn't really have time to balance everything properly :( I will probably do it if I decide to properly finish it.
In the meantime, if you just want to see the entire game but can't because of the difficulty- I left in a little cheat for that, you can add extra lives by pressing space ;)