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There is many flaws and things I would design otherwise but definitely not this voxel head :).

thank you ! Maybe iterating on this game wouldn't be a bad idea :)

Best game of the jam for me. You designed it so well, the music, the graphics. Well done.

"Youhouuu" !

What a creative game ! It reminds me of 90s tamagotchi but with plants. cool, well done.

If you do I definitely would like to !

More difficult than I thought ! ;)

Good palette choice and art. Audio is great and very appropriate. The gameplay is clever, playing it released muscular tensions.

I loved it all. thank you !

Is the html5 version actually working ? I can't plant any seeds ? I want plants !! :p Can't rate for the moment. Kudo for you Ryan, music is great.

Art is great ! Too bad there is no little chiptune music to accompany. The game is quite hard but very authentic.

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So creative and relaxing :) There is something I like about your game ! great atmosphere. didn't like the sound from the drops, a little too loud and sharp for my ears