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Really glad that you liked it. Thanks a lot!

Very nice and relaxing. Congratulations.

Very nice graphics and audio. With a little more juice, like more feedback when you connect a node, it would be a perfect little mobile game.

Good idea, congratulations on the amount of content you managed to put it. The walking speed is a bit slow i feel.

Very nice! Controls are intuitive and responsible. Great submission, keep it up :)

Very original! Some pieces of advice:

  • Make it more obvious which enemies will be affected by which color (by coloring them red/blue/both for example
  • Add just a little bit of variety in the music, the loop is too short, it gets distractingly repetitive
  • Maybe a very short tutorial would be nice? In godot it is really easy to display a dialog with just a bit of text to explain what you have to do.

Good job!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Thank you for your detailed feedback! I like what you propose, I'll try to update the game with that in mind.

Thanks for playing!

The car and the birds were done in blender, the buildings are godot meshinstances, and the road is generated on the fly!

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing . It was a bit of a rush at the end so it doesnt surprise me that I left some holes in the map..

For the flower level, I wanted to add a mechanic were you get to upgrade your gun/yourself at each level to make it worthwhile, but I didn't have time in the end.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I thought about adding a respawn mechanism but I didnt figure anybody would play the game as long as you did! I am really glad you enjoyed it.

Love the atmosphere, both visually and in terms of sound. I think it's the strong point of your game!

I've looked at your source, really nice use of animations, I will take inspiration from that!

Sometimes it's a bit hard to find the pickups, I think it would be interesting gameplay wise if you added a specific sound to locate them in the world (using audiostreamplayer2D)

Otherwise, really great!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I really like Godot, I come from Unity and I find that GDScript is way more straightforward than C# so its perfect for a jam (but maybe for a larger scale project unity is better)

I think your idea is good and really simple to implement (just going from is_action_just_pressed to is_action_pressed, thanks godot)

I will be sure to check out your game!

Really cool that you managed to implement random generation of dungeons within such a short timeframe. Good job!

I finished it, but it lacks just a bit of variety in my opinion. I know that it's hard to put much content in the game in such a short timeframe, but a simple idea such as changing the color of the rooms when you change level would work in my opinion! ;)

It was a great mix of wholesome and cryptic, with sort of an undertale vibe, if that makes sense. Loved it, congratulations, it was an awesome experience, especially given the amount of time you had to work on it. Keep going.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and the kind words! I got too caught up by building and testing the bot systems, which probably took me too long, so I didn't have much time to build a working game loop and a more "long term" goal. I will make be sure to make an update in the coming weeks to add more variety and a true ending to the game. Thanks you for playing!

Thanks for playing! You only have to give bots the right orders, normally they should figure what to do by themselves.

I didn't have time to work on an ending ahah. I will work on it in the future and publish a update for that. Thanks for playing!

That is sort of the point of the game (it's called Misfire) :) However I will work on making it less frustrating (maybe with a smaller explosion radius or something).

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I realize it's not really well balanced, I didn't have much time to balance it unfortunately. I will try to work on that in the future!

Thanks for the feedback!

I was thinking about making the center "base" a collector building in itself so that this sort of thing happens less often. I will be sure to add that in an upcoming update!

Amazing! I love the movement and the visual effects.

In my opinion it lacks a bit of feedback on enemy kills, it would be really fun if you implemented some sort of combo mechanic, so that you have to line up enemies in order to score bonus points or something.

Amazing! Nice concept, and very nice work on the feedback for the jumps, checkpoints etc.

However in my opinion the difficulty curve got a bit too steep too quickly when you have to climb 3 blocks then go down a block surrounded by lasers.

Nice! I love superhot so I really enjoyed it. I didnt understand the UI mechanic at first, but it made for a nice surprise. Good job.

Thanks for your feedback, it means a lot! I'm glad that you enjoyed the concept.

Thanks for playing! I was a bit short on time so I couldnt add a clear objective before release. But I will work on it in the future!

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to add sound and screenshake for feedback but I was a bit short on time. As for the developers, it's just me :)

Thanks for your feedback! The bot AI system was much more work than I anticipated at first, so I ran out of time at the end and I couldnt add a proper ending. Im glad you liked it anyway! Im planning on making a post voting period version with better visuals, map generation, and a proper ending to the game (or at least better scaleability)

Thanks for playing! I was inspired by games like rimworld/dwarf fortress (but on a way smaller scale obviously)

Amazing! I love the idea. The graphics are nice, the gameplay is good, and it's funny!

However, I got stuck in the "shoot yourself" state after reporting the bug, so it was a bit annoying. But great submission, congrats!

A bit hard to understand at first, but then it's really fun.

Also the setting is really original, congrats!

Pretty ambitious to make an online game in a jam, good job!

For some reason the camera angle is pretty weird, it looks like you are playing on a wall (if that makes sense).

Nice concept! Also the graphics are amazing.

Nice animations! I got stuck on some level tho.