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Nice! I've played a game pretty similar to this one, but this is a nice variant. More importantly, the execution is super cool! I love the graphics, animations, sounds, and music. Well done!

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that in my review. Left & right arrow keys work for me, but up doesn't seem to do anything.

Cool concept. I really wish there were a reset button. In the last level, I managed to get into an almost-unwinnable state, and I had to do a lot of finagling to get out. I did manage it, though :)

Crazy mechanic! I really would have liked to have been able to customize the controls (but this is definitely not something I expect from a jam game) because I kept hitting either AS&D or QW&E instead of AW&D. I really enjoyed it, though. Graphics are super cute, too!

Neat concept! I didn't get very far because I'm not very good at technical platformers. It must have been difficult to create levels that were challenging but doable for both characters. You've done a great job here.

I also liked the name. I've heard of the Kiki/Bouba effect, and I think this is a neat use of the concept.

Thanks! I was inspired by

At some point I want to add a drag & drop editor to this playground and maybe make a game or two using the tiles.

Really interesting concept. Some of the wacky things that would happen if I messed up the moves made me laugh, so congrats on that :D I feel like the level ramp-up was too difficult, but that's understandable for a jam game.

Really neat concept! I think it could be hilariously awkward as a co-op game where one person plays as Screwy and one as Magny XD

Fun! I love the magnet's lil face. So cute!


I used Construct 3 to make this. If you include the "touch" object, then any tap events you create will also automatically work as left click. The only thing I had to do special to get this game to work on mobile was to set up the touch dragging for the hook to work the same as mouse dragging, which was also pretty easy. And yes, I built for HTML 5.

I can finish within the current time, but I'm also fine with extending it. Extending it might give me enough time to create my own assets, as recommended in the rules. Currently I'm using other folks' assets.


I'm using Construct 3, which makes it really easy to do the lighting. You just set up the walls as having the shadow casting behavior and then have a shadow light that moves to follow your player's movement. Built-in stuff like this is what really sold me on Construct after using Phaser & Unity for a while. Hopefully your game framework has something similar!

Construct 3 also makes it really easy to set up a parallax layer like I did for the stars.

Regarding the sword and bug-freeness, I wanted to have an animation happen when you pick up the sword that shows the player jumping up and down holding the sword, but I couldn't get that one to work for some reason. Maybe I'll revisit this sometime and fix it. 😆

Cool game! I don't have a controller around to see if you added controller support, but I think it would be a lot of fun with a controller. I managed to get enough fuel on my third attempt.

Nice! I wanted to make a space exploration game, but it didn't really work out. 

I like this one. The art is really cool, especially the ship.

Fun game! I think it would be interesting to have it in a vertical frame, although I know that's generally a bad idea for embedding it in Itch. I also enjoyed your blog post about it. Thanks for writing it!

I don't usually download games from jams (I usually only play ones you can play in the browser), but this one sounded interesting enough to convince me to. I really enjoyed it. It took me some trial and error to find out what I should be doing. At first, I tried to click the ones that didn't change instead of the ones that did change. I think you could do a better job of ramping up the level difficulty if this were a longer game. I think it would have helped if there were more easy levels in the beginning. Fun game!

This game is pretty fun. I really like the music and the player character animation. It took me a while to realize I need to hold down S to camouflage.

Pretty fun, but difficult! At one point, I managed to fall off the right side of the platform, so maybe you should make it where the player can't move past the right side of the screen. Or maybe that's just an extra challenge!

Fun concept! I enjoyed it.

OK, good to know. I kind of feel like making a vertical game was a mistake. I probably won't do that again for a jam. The vertical layout doesn't work well in the browser, even without the problems you were experiencing.

No, I haven't seen that one before. Do you mean in full-screen mode, embedded in itch, or both?

Very cute. I love the color palette! I had to watch the animation to learn exactly what I was supposed to do. Fun mechanic.

Pretty cool! It definitely took me a while to get the hang of it, but it was worth it. I'm kind of getting more of an inchworm vibe than a snake, but either way, it's fun! I think it might be nicer to start out with some easier obstacles.

The behavior of slicing works a bit oddly if you just click points instead of clicking & dragging, but it wasn't a problem. I enjoyed it, especially the sound effects!

It was fun! I loved the dot art style to get shades of gray while still fitting in the limitation. Brilliant!

Gameplay was really fun! I also really liked the music.

Sweet game! I loved the black&white to color aesthetic. Gameplay was fun, too.

I really enjoyed this! I really liked the way you handled the three-color restriction. The music was nice, but got a bit repetitive.

I didn't play through the whole thing (I discovered 5-6 plants), but this is impressively long gameplay for a jam game. I liked discovering the different plants.

To answer an earlier question, the HTML5 version is working fine for me. It did take me a while to realize you need to click on the checkmark to use items, though.

What a zany game! I love the background audio. I could never get the Q key to do anything, but it didn't hinder my experience any.

It's really fun! If this was a mobile game with touch controls, I would totally play it!

It was fun and surprisingly difficult. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did, I was good to go. Hilariously, I went from having a high score of 8 to then getting 87! I love the hats. I would like to see even more "rewards" like a clicker style game.

I enjoyed it! I did get confused for a bit because you can use left & right to move, but you can't use up to jump. I did figure it out though. Plus, I should have read the directions :D

Super fun! I really liked the graphics and the combo sokoban/paint the floors gameplay. I would totally play this on mobile.

I really enjoyed it! The animations in particular were delightful. I do wish that you could toggle the tiles to a third state to indicate that you know there shouldn't be a banner there, to make it easier to remember what you know.

I really enjoyed it!

That was fun!

I liked this game so much that I had to keep trying until I won!

I loved the graphics!