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That was quite fun, I love me some good puzzle games!

On level 2 I kept staring at the wall for like 30 seconds until I realized i could go through it xD I should have known... the theme is intentional bugs after all! Pretty neat game, visuals are great and music fits really well, good job man!

It was fun to play, the only complain I have is the controls were a bit hard at first but after a while I got used to them, good job!

Yooo the music and visuals are amazin, the gameplay was a bit hard at first but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit! I can also appreciate the 3d graphics as well as the flying controller, my game contains these both elements as well! Good job man!

I love me some snails as the main character, rather fitting for a game jam hosted by Jonas, good job man I liked it!

This was fun! The only problem I found is that sometimes enemies would clip into the walls and it would be hard to shoot them down but other than that it was fun!

Love me some 3d games! Good job man this came out great.

Very fun little game! I loved the art as well man good job!

That was a very short game, I love me some physiscs platformer though! Good job!

I loved how fast phased it was, the visuals are really neat too with the amount of particles on screen not being that many and disappearing fast enough, good job man I liked it!

Only 2043 errors? laaaame I figure you'd go for something like 69696964684864686969696 but its ok I guess xD overall I found it to be a very cute little platformer, good job!

This is a pretty neat platformer with some amazing visuals! I really liked the art.

The visuals were a bit hard to follow at first but after playing for a bit I got used to it, well done!

I like how you used a literal bug to give the player the double jump, that was pretty neat! Overall the look of the game was super nice too, I liked it!

I like how fast the gameplay is, I found it a bit annoying the amount of particles that were being shown on the screen but other than that I liked it!! Good job!

I liked how fast phased this was! I got to 900 points!

I worked about 10 hours each day on it, that is why it is so polished! I still had a few other things i wanted to add but ran out of time :( Thanks for playing I appreciate it!!

Yes I might rework the controls since I purposely made them buggy to fit the theme! Thank you for playing!!! 🙏🙏👊

The controls were buggy and not rendered images in place to fit the theme! I am glad you liked it, thanks for playing!!! 🙏🙏👊

It wasn’t you, I purposely made the controls buggy to fit the theme! Thanks for playing!

Would you say the controls are a bit... buggy? xD thanks for playing! 🙏🙏👊

good wow? 😂😂

Yeah I took inspiration from what’s happening out there, there are no beavers in australia though. Thanks for playing! 🙏🙏👊

would you say the controls are a bit... buggy? xD Thanks for playing! 🙏🙏👊

I really wanted to make a cutscene at the end too but i ran out of time :c thanks for playing !! 🙏🙏👊

Love me some good puzzles and there are lot out there, this game in particular I really enjoyed the basic mechanic of clipping through walls, you could come up with a full game with this, just saying... xD

Damn yo granny's got some moves! It was a bit painful to wait for granny to walk up to you and then suddenly you are playing as her jumping around and shit ahahaha this was pretty fun!

I love the character and sound effects! He looks like harry potter xd

I love me some strategy games! This was real fun too, I had so many bots around the map ahahah

That was quite fun, I made it really high up until I died to a respawning enemy ahaha I had no clue they did damage when they respawn! :'c 

This was great! I had a lot of fun playing it, the visuals/sounds are on point as well! Good job! :D

Link to rate my submission:

Hello, my name is David and I been creating 3D assets for over 11 years now, the past 6 or 7 years I worked on a lot of freelance CGI projects and about four years ago I picked up Unity and began creating video games. This is my 5th game jam I have submitted projects to and I had a blast doing so!

I hope yall had as much fun as I did developing your projects!

Nice I am glad you liked it ahaha! I put quite a bit of work into this, I will be posting a devlog video on youtube about too, thanks for following man I appreciate it! 

The gameplay was a lot of fun, I really liked the idea and you nailed its visuals/sounds too! I could see this being a full game if you put enough effort into developing it further more! The physics where a bit wonky at some points but other than that, great job! :D

That was very fun. The game was very long, you made lots of cool levels! Good job! :D

The visuals are great, really loved the art! I had fun playing it the only thing I found annoying it was the bugs were super hard to kill but other than that, great game!

Wowieeee wowieeee I loved the sound effects on this one, it was quite fun, I kept the lizard going on cicles xD

I got lost at the start, was a bit too hard to pick it up at first but after a while I got it. The character is too slow in my opinion but over all I had fun playing it, the visuals are really good too, you drew it all? Good job! :D

Awww man I fucking hate bedbugs! I really liked the sound effects, the bugs were a bit too small and hard to click at times but that might just be me xD Also I'd be nice if they spawn randomly instead of 4 fixed directions! Good job though, over all I think this was super fun!

I wish you could use the glitch finder more often, other than that it was a pretty fun platformer, fits the jam theme pretty well too! Good job :D