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I managed to chesse the final level by going under everything, feeling good.

Ok mister "my high score was 128". sorry I have a life. good game though.

At first I was annoyed by the fact that there was no real indication whether what I was doing was endangering the egg or not, but after playing for a little bit I grew to appreciate the design choice, it truly made me feel like a caring mother trying her damnedest to protect her babies.

simple, yet enjoyable; a phrase that could sum up this whole experience.

The game's pretty enjoyable, but I think It would be more fun if it weren't on an isometric grid. don't get me wrong the isometric grid is more visually appealing but it's also more awkward to control. The last puzzle had me feeling like a genius after solving it and that I feel is the mark of a good puzzler.

This games biggest strength is definitely the level design. There aren't many mechanics in this game, but almost every concept introduced in this game is thoroughly explored throughout the 5 or so levels this game has to offer.This game's presentation isn't the best, the visuals are a bit meh and the lack of music really hurts too.  Great Work!

Man, this game really had me questioning my gaming skill. Fun movement, extremly difficult layouts, and a good presentation. With a package like that it's hard not to enjoy.

Fun little high score experience that get's more challenging over time. The biggest thing this game is missing is sound design, but that could always be added in after ratings.

Good art work magnet guy is a cute design, very difficult game though, like some of the enemy hitboxes are huge. reminds me of when of those old cutesy nes games that lure you into a false sense of security with the visuals, then kicks your ass. good game i liked it.

literally how, I feel like I should be playing this on steam right now, by far the most impressive game of the jam both in terms of quality and how much got done.

Cute artwork, fun gameplay, what's there not to like.

alright, now that I understand, I must say that's a pretty neat mechanic. I just wish the walls you could look through were like windows or something, it's a bit confusing.

that mixed guns game lookin kinda pog ngl

man this game is hard... or I'm just bad idk.

As someone who adores movement in games, thank you.

nice bunny.

easily the best puzzler I've got to play from this jam, the levels really made me think.

sorry if this is a dumb question, but like how do I get the porcupine to move.

The presentation(both sound and audio) is nice and the concept itself is pretty unique. where this game definitely suffers the most is fun, the game gets boring pretty fast.

very fun chaotic mess of a game, the use of screen shake really adds to experience. may not be the most ambitious game from this jam, but it's easily the one I had the most fun playing.

The gameplay is actually very enjoyable, but the lack of music hurts the game  a lot. I recommend in the future finding free music you could use in your game, it really adds to the experience and is a great option if you're not good with music or don't have time to compose anything.

The game's just begging me to improve, I love it.

omg you can bhop Speedruns of this game would be sick...

also beautiful game you've really outdone yourself for two days work.

Thanks for the positive feedback. originally the black blocks were going to just be simple enemies the white blocks had to avoid, then when I was in the middle of making levels for the game I decided that it would be more interesting if the black blocks had to connect too.

Thanks for the positive feedback it means a lot. Believe it or not, the knives originally weren't turn based at all, I made them turn based because I felt like the knives moving in real time went against the spirit of the game.

Very well designed puzzles that make the player think around the game's mechanics. It's almost like my entry but like actually good.

wacky mode is so much more fun.

The jump feels off to me because:

1. It's too floaty. After I reach the apex of a jump it feels unnatural how slow I'm falling.

2.the shortest possible jump doesn't cover a full tile, which is a bit annoying.

Also you should definitely release a web build if possible, a lot more people will get to experience your game that way.

Very cool idea with many bugs, I imagine if you had more time this game would be very enjoyable.

pretty cool game, only problem, I'm a low sense player so I got dizzy very fast.

Very nice well polished experience, I distinctly rememember starting the game and being dazzled by how smooth the transition to the planning phase was. biggest problem(and this is gonna sound kinda stupid) the controls, specifically the jump, feel a bit off.

YES, this game is so good. I absolutely adore the fast and frantic action and how you need to quickly decide whether to get hit or not

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I wanted nothing more then to go outside and kick some alien ass. In the end I pulled through though.

This best way to describe this game is short and sweet. The the draging and placing pieces of the level mechanic is truly seamless and the later puzzles could really rack the brain. one improvement could be a visible grid to make it easier to tell which box you're currently in. Also that end screen was funny.

I can describe this game in one word, addicting. the visuals could definitely use some work, nothing looks like what it actually is, making a lot harder of a game to get into.

This game has a nice sense of humor and you know what, I can get behind that. My favorite level was definitely the one where you only get two moves, it plays out like a rube goldberg machine.

Very unique game, the finally level was kinda annoying and not sure if I solved it the correct way. If this game were any longer I'd probably still be playing.

very unique Idea, the game would be a lot better if you had more  control over what the werewolf does.

Amazing presentation, also the core gameplay was very enjoyable. I don't like how fast the triangles start shooting once they show up on screen I got blindsided by that so many times, otherwise very good hard arcade style game with a large skill ceiling.