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Thank you

But what kind of sinister business deals in jams?

Eek! I'll fix that as soon as I get back to developing this game. Yeah it was just the one platform.

Thank you so much for your kindness!

The real Murderzone 3 was the friends we made along the way.

Hur hur good one. I forget the name of the sport. It's the one where the big stone is thrown across the ice and some people with mops clean the way for it. I think it's called Kotlin

Yeah, I ran out of time and forgot to remove those from the options. Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for the detailed review. These are all very valid points. I guess I was subject to being too wrapped up in my own development to notice a few things, but at least the difficulty is on brand with most of my games lol.

I appreciate it man!

Thank you so much!

This was the last we seen of James. I'll always cherish this post.

Lmao, you're supposed to use beefsteak tomatoes. You done messed up.

I get it. Hur hur hur!

Aww thanks for the feedback. Saving is a pain point for my engine

Looks pretty powerful. Good job!

Cool game! Even works on mobile. What did you use to make this?

Ahh damn, I had to look that one up. I missed out on the entire sega generation of games. I'm watching a playthrough right now and it looks so much like I was inspired by it lol.

If I had more time, I would have implemented that baddie to launch you into a secret room if you positioned yourself right. Sadly, I was too stressed to do even half of the cool stuff I planned. Thanks for playing!

🅰️hh, I see you're 🅰️ m🅰️n of culture 🅰️s well.

Oh hah hah this is a great question for us game developers. Typical Java recommendation is to make break points but that is super annoying if it's something that happens every frame. You don't really want to have to unpause every millisecond. Did you know that you can configure breakpoints to not pause in Idea? That's super cool. That way you can log different stuff without having to recompile. 

But in all honesty soutv is an incredible shortcut and I usually debug that way...

I've been in touch with Forsaken Waffle and he said they look like they're unusual bugs. If it counts for anything, I used Firefox to play the web version in my video. I don't know why that would matter since you're using RPG Maker though...

Great game! I got stuck :-( But my journey there was well worth it. The music... excellent. The atmosphere... flawless. I'd love to play more by this group! Good luck!

This was actually pretty inventive. Good job! I'm very happy to see the progress you're making with your games.

This is a great game! I really like the UI elements and the intro video. This is technical prowess disguised as a GBTK game. Well done!

I tried to include everyone I could. No two playthroughs would be exactly the same!

Thank you much for posting this and your kind words!

Naw, I was just responding in character (savant game designer misunderstood by his peers) . Thank you so much for playing. It's messages like this that I make games for!

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It's called Hard R for a reason: it's hard! I feel that with time, you can beat the game. I mean, if you watched Raseya stream the game (as you should), you'll observe that she beats all the levels with ease. Do you like being beaten by a girl? The menu was simply fulfillment of my viewer's demands as I designed the game. I take no responsibility. Thank you for taking the time to review!

The artwork is truest example of fine art. It grieves me to tell you that only those with a mastery of the drawn figure can understand this work. Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to play.

You always make good games. I'd love to see what you cook up this time around.

This is very exciting! I have not heard greater news. Let us know if you need anything, buddy.

Hey all! I wanted to share some resources to my fellow developers which may be helpful for this jam.

First of all, introduce yourself on Discord and ask for feedback and support if you need it:

As you may know, it is perfectly acceptable to use free assets so long as you have permission to do so. Below you will find various resources with permissive licenses for your use in this jam!

Music and Sound Effects


Also check out the libGDX Awesome List for code, tutorials, libraries, and more resources:

Thanks for joining and make sure to list any other resources you would recommend.

Great to see you here! Yes, you can wait for a good theme OR you can make any kind of game you want and kinda hamfist the theme in with a BS story aspect or something . The possibilities are endless!


Not a genius, not a genius, YOU'RE THE GENIUS!

Thank you very much for playing and participating in the jam!

Hah hah. Glad we could do you justice. I modeled your move set after King K. Rool, if you're a fan of Smash.

Great and glad to hear it works on Parsec. I can't wait to play my own game lol

Perfect feedback. Thanks partner!

Thanks for playing Bob!