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Hey thank you, i'm sure you'll succeed! Also your submission is easily among my favorite too.

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback! We didn't think of adding a sensitivity slider because of the way the submarine is handled(an heavy object with weight and drag, rotating with motor), but it might not be a bad idea to add one. As for the monsters, it's them  that mimic the shape of the submarines. It's like a shapeshifting creature that take the global shape of their prey. I didn't think much of the "lore" to be honest ^^

PS: I replied first, you're 2 minutes late Nerspartan

Thanks ! I'm glad you enjoyed our little game !  Don't feel bad if you didn't manage to beat our game. As it turns out, it's extremly hard.

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Damn it scared the crap out of me! I walked like 10 minute with nothing happening. I was starting to get comfortable and then i heard a buzzing sound becoming louder on louder at a worrying speed. It was the chainsaw killer closing in on my position at mach 20 speed! I tried to get a few shot at him but  i died pretty much immediatly. 

So the game got some good scare value! But it got some problems: You spend most of the time walking pointlessly because you don't really know where to go (maybe a map of the level should help) I think the level is a bit too big and need more landmark. It's not very fun to navigate in it for now. 

As for the firearm, I really like the receiver style reloading in this game but i think most people won't be familiar with this system so I recommend adding some indication or prompt ingame that tell you how to load your weapon. Also It need to be made clear that you need to AIM before being able to shoot. Because It is not at the moment and i had to discover it the hard way.

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Oh ok I see. Is it randomly placed ?

Neat game with cool ambiance ! I really like the distorted guitar/bass sound and the drawing it really make me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Once you understand the creature patern the game become really easy and repetitive though. Maybe a less predictable behavior for the creature would spice things up(like random speed or random turn). But it is still pretty well done especially for a scratch game. I'm still wondering where the exit is.

Thanks for the feedback ! It was in our plan to add more landmarks and directional signs to the map but we didn't have enough time unfortunately. The yellow pipes can still help you if you're lost though. They form a whole network around the map and connect every facilities together(except for the water pump(blue pipes) and O2(big red pipe)). anyway I'm glad you like it

Thanks ! Glad you like it !

Neat little game ! I really love the aesthetics. I think the range of the axe should be increased though, it sometime feel unfairly small. Or rather make the attack of the axe instant. It feel tricky to kill an enemy coming right at you. Also this game containt a satisfying amount of *Swish* *Swoosh* and *Whoosh*

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Interesting and orignial game. It truly make you feel like a poorly coded human algorythm lost and scared. Well Done !

Hey thanks for playing, we didn't have the opportunity to playtest very much. So the game may be a little hard indeed ^^

Thanks for playing and the feeback ! I didn't know it was that hard to get into it... probably because of a lack of playtesting. Anyway i'm glad you enjoyed the graphics at least.

This game is very well made !  The presentation is great and the gameplay is fun. I'm terrible at it but i found my way on the scoreboard anyway... not for long tho.

It's a cool little game! But i think the cat take a bit too much time to recover from a punch and the punch hitbox is too small just like Robowarrior said . Also my cat is in this game !

This is indeed midly inFuRiating and painful... but its fun. it's an experience.