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Thanks for playing and for the feedback! There were definitely some improvements to be made.

Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Nice fun puzzle game! Well done!

Definitely reminds me of GoldenEye on Nintendo64

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Yeah, if we were to spend more development time on the game we would need to change some things.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing! We actually had different enemies, but we had to cut them because of time.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Definitely more we wanted to add, but ran out of time.

Nice job on your first game! Needing to die to get platforms so you can progress is an awesome interpretation of the theme. There are definitely improvements to be made, but overall I thought you did a good job.

Like the "old-timey" art style. Music is good too. My only request would be that there be more to the gameplay. Very well done still!

Awesome game! I love the idea of taking on the evolutions of whatever killed you. Well done!

I had a lot of fun playing this game! I thought the gameplay loop was good and that it was a challenging experience. Nice job!

I had a controller plugged in and was not able to move with my keyboard. I had to move with the joystick and attack with my mouse. That being said, I still thought you did a good job!

Nice job! It seems like you put a lot of work into this game and it shows!

Love the art and style of the game! The driving mechanic could use some refining, but I thought you did a great job!

Well done! I think the art looks nice.

Trying to do the art myself, still learning the different aspects of modeling, shaders, and particle systems. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I like the idea of the brain continuing to live after death lol. Pretty fun game, it was definitely challenging to time the jumps going up the blocks.

I think the idea is awesome. Needing to die in order to complete the level is a great interpretation of the theme. The mouse sensitivity was a little high, but that could have just been my mouse. Nice job!

Cool idea, It kinda reminds me of a simplified Vampire Survivor. I think that if death would have stayed facing the direction he was walking instead of always turning downward, it would have been a bit more fun. Good job though!

Really cool and clever idea!

Love the aesthetics! The game idea is cool, I just found it a little annoying to have to die to figure out how to progress. I found myself just trying to press every button at certain parts. That being said, still think it is a great game and it was well made!

Thanks for playing! We appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! There were definitely some improvements that needed to be made but started running out of time. We appreciate you taking the time to play it!

Completely understandable. Still thought you all did a great job!

Cool art and game! I almost died to the bird lol

Cool story, definitely had some funny dialog.

Cool game! I struggled with the camera movement and controlling the ball. I could see it being a fun puzzle game. May need to change some of the controls though.

Really like the concept of taking the body of your killer. I got a little confused. Definitely could see this becoming something cool! Nice Job!

I thought the gameplay was good, I understand not having enough time to work on the project. I thought you did well though!

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate you playing the game!

A multiplayer race would definitely be fun. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing! We wanted to add some more sounds but ran out of time.

Thanks for the feedback and nice words! This was our first time submitting a game for a jam. We learned alot.

Great concept and execution. I enjoyed the story and dialog between all of the characters.

Looks awesome! Great concept! I had fun playing well done

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Really cool concept

Nice simple tower defense. A little slow at the start.

Mostly joking, I thought you did a great job on the game