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Hey Lotdot,

Sorry for the delay, I have a lot of work piled up.

Q: Bullet boxes, bullets, food can get stuck on top of things you cant get to ex: in shed you can get food that is on a table half characters size. (maybe add a jump?

Jump goes against the design of the game really, since the items are physics based is difficult to predict what will happen. I’ll try and find a solution

Q: Is the dog supposed to make cars float a little sometimes when he runs into them? 

No, the dog currently has a simple AI where its only focused on getting near the player unaware of walls or cars. The AI for all characters will be updated soon.

Q: Are you supposed to be able to walk up a fallen electrical post to get over a farm fence?

Was not intended, but seems like pretty cool if it is possible

Q: Will you make it so you can build roofs? 

Not roofs, eventually there will be much more upgradeable build objects; New traps, survivor manned structures, plants, etc

Q: Will you add a crafting system? 

The plan is to add more depth to the Roguelike dungeons and Tower Defense aspects of the game, and add online modes with customizable characters and skins

Q: Are the orbs that you collect supposed to disappear when you complete the game?

Once the roguelike dungeons are updated there will be official bosses that give you the orbs. the orbs will be a usable asset as well as the keys to end the apocalypse

Some suggestions: A a buildable garage door/gate for vehicles. 

A build able Garage is planned

Seasons and weather. 

Would be really cool, there is just a lot of things with more priority

Make the molotovs so that when you throw them that they will also make fire burning in a certain radius from where you throw them. 

Molotov fire and spreadable fire overall is planned 

The tools in the farm shed are useless now. make it so it takes longer to break trees unless you have the axe that is there. Make rocks breakable with the pick that is in the shed.

The plan is to have only the farmer character be able to change his weapon here as a harvest moon homage.

Make a limit on how many gates, walls, spikes etc depending on how many hordes you have defeated (but no limits on corn/trees that you can plant). You can make a cheatcode that will remove the limit for people who want no limit or beat the game and want to build a huge base. 

There definitely needs to be a limit, It just needs some balancing to really hone in the numbers

Have survivors you save wander around or near your base but when there is a herd/horde attacking they come to the safehouse to defend it. Be able to take other survivors with you, not just the dog.

This is planned. Also various types of companion animals

if you quit before collecting a key but you saved the person, when you reload, is the person supposed to be where they are before you save them with the key put down? 

Yes, the survivors drop the keys when you reach the base. the key will reset to their origin point if you didn’t collect it.

Is it currently possible to get all the items in the codex? 

everything except the third option which is Rock, the upcoming resource

When do you plan on releasing the next update?

Lots of new stuff and these bug fixes coming very soon! Just trying to launch on PlayStation and Steam already so that the game grows on all the platforms together.

Hope this answered all your questions, 

Stay Tuned,


Hey Lotdot,

Just give me a day or two to respond to all your questions. Thanks so much for finding all this stuff!



Hey Carlos,

Thanks so much for the interest and support! We have someone that is translating the text to Portuguese, I'm just focusing on the Steam/PS4 launch the local translations will follow soon after. It should be fairly simple to translate as the system is in place for it, the problem is that alot of the text needs 3D models making it a bit time consuming. 

Stay tuned, lots new stuff coming up.


Hey mlgwilliamss,

I'll check it out very soon, there shouldn't be a problem with the resources cheat code.

Thanks a lot for the feedback it's really appreciated,


Hey Lotdot,

Thanks so much for the feedback! its alot for me to respond to each but keep them coming I'm definitely keeping track. 



Hey Lotdot,

Thanks for all the feedback! these are great.

" I was in the city and i was driving my truck and i ran into a car pile-up and my truck got stuck. You should make the cars taller." 

Because of the physics there is a bunch of places the truck can get stuck in, if you click in the Right Stick (R3) or press R if on the keyboard the truck will reset to the nearest road. I'll try and add an instruction text when the car can't move.

"As a school kid i couldn't talk to the trader and now i cant store my wood/food in the stockpile and i doesnt save."

This should definitely not be happening thanks for letting me know I'll look into it.

" i cant put two spikes going in different directions next to each other but sometimes it works."

There is a system to auto-snap the pieces while you are building. I added a "precision" mode you can activate while placing an object that will stop the auto snap from happening. I believe its Right Stick Button (R3) and Alt or CMD on the keyboard. I'll make sure to add some kind of instructions for that.

"in dungeons sometimes my bones get stuck halfway up the wal and zombies on fire tend to clip through walls."

The randomness of the dungeons and the rooms leads to alot of wierd things happening. The plan is to recreate the dungeons after a few updates so that each possible room is actually crafted and tested instead of randomly put together. The goal is to make each dungeon almost a standalone rougelike game like binding of isaac or spelunky.

"I don't know if this is a glitch but in the old church dungeon, when there is a circle of candles, i get hurt if i touch the side of the candle." 

Yea this is supposed to happen, the fire is a hazard in the church, a bit like the lava in the caves

"When i turn off the blur the center of my screen is blurry."

This is the opposite of what should happen, thanks for pointing this out

"Some suggestions: Have the shopkeeper not have duplicate items in his store."

This actually has not happened to me yet, I'll make sure it checks for duplicates

"Please make the inventory storage go evenly to 100 not 99 (but u don't have to)." 

I'll look into this

"have the shopkeeper not sell keys that you already bought."

You're right about this

"Have an ability to regain the default character weapons after you save with other weapons that you bought/obtained."

The weapons didn't save before the last update, so this is a new problem. I'll look into a way to fix this. You can always opt-out and lose the weapons you've collected but there should be a nicer way to solve this.

"Add a boy school kid because why is there 6 girls and no boys when you rescue them." 

The schoolgirls are supposed to be girlscouts that were selling cookies. There are designs for lots of characters coming up, including a school kid boy.

"Be able to upgrade the fences in the farm area." 

The farm is supposed to be just a part of the town thats why you cant upgrade them

"Be able to move the storehouse to different locations ( ex: You can choose as an 1 out of 4 places where to start the game)."

Originally the game allowed you to move the house wherever you wanted but this caused all sorts of problems with the hordes and it was also posible to delete the house alltogether. I have some pretty fun ideas to solve this but it's something that will most likely make it into a sequel of the game.

"And maybe in the future when it is on steam, be able to receive different costumes for characters." 

Yes, lots of skins for all the existing characters and also whole new characters with unique abilities. I'm also planning on an equipment system (at least for the online modes) which will let players mix and match different items on the characters (Hats, armor, boots, etc)

"Also the crocodiles and/or alligators cant be killed and they don't move but they have zombie sounds."

Yea, the crocodies are supposed to act more as environmental hazards. 

"All the characters sound the same ex: school girl grunting like a man."

All the sounds of the game will be revamped, and voice actors will do the voices to the characters in update 1.2 after launch. Just focused on gettting the game out first.

"Make the grid (the squares on the ground) an option and/or have it appear when you are placing structures, traps, etc."

I actually tried this, because there is no textures, the grid is necessary to keep the world from looking too bland I think

"Also the hospital dungeon was pretty hard because the spaces to move in very small usually."

Once the hospital rooms are designed individually a lot of these problems will go away. But with the new roguelike systems It will be difficult to get through without some upgrades. Hopefully it wont feel cheap, but satisfying.

Thanks again for all the feedback and support!,


Hey Lotdot, 

On steam, the game will be free with the DLC available as microtransactions through the store menu inside the game. Anyone that buys the game here before the launch on steam will recieve a free key for the steam version of the game. 

Thank you so much, I would charge because we really need the money but the game was promised as a free game and I don't want to go back on my word. The goal is to get it in as many players hands as possible. I think the free-to-play model of the game will make more sense once I'm ready with the upcoming online modes. Theres going to be A LOT of new content coming up after launch.

Stay Tuned!


Hey Lotdot,

This is great feedback, thank you so much for your support!  I'll try to fix these as soon as possible. The flashlight suggestion is great, the hospital first floor was darker before so it makes sense to not have the flashlight on now. I'll also take a look at the other characters not shooting this should definitely not happen. 

There is no Direct Message on here but if you email me at info@muifwego.com I'll try and get you a key for the deluxe.

Thanks again,


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Hey 20cIndieGamer,

Yes, absolutely! The plan is to release on steam and PSN at the same time, very very soon. We are just waiting on the release date. I'm working on the online mode now, there is so much new stuff coming up.

Stay Tuned,


Replied to Felix0111 in Controller

Hey Felix,

Thanks for confirming! Hope you enjoy the game, lots new content coming very soon,


Posted in Controller

Hey Felix,

If you join in first with the keyboard then the gamepad will also act as player one, but if you join in with the gampad first then the keyboard will join in as a separate player 2.

This was easier before but it made the gamepad unreliable when someone would opt out or if the gampad battery died. This way is alot more consistent.

I hope this helps,


Hey MeatPudding,

Thanks so much for checking it out! As you complete the levels the virus keeps spreading, first within the folders, then outside. After the second level the glitch starts to  spread on the desktop. 

Hope this helps,


Posted in pls help

Hey Minilink,

Thanks for the feedback I'll make sure to check on the NPCs  and fix the store items not saving in the next update very soon. You can quit the game by pressing P or Escape, quiting to the Main Menu then pressing Quit in the options menu. 

Hope this helps, Stay tuned lots of updates coming very soon!


Hey Akira Person,

Thanks for clearing this up and thanks so much for the support! 2016 was the very beginning thanks so much for sticking around. Lots of new content coming soon, the playstation version is just about ready for launch and I already started working on the online. Lots of exciting stuff coming very soon!


Hey Corn3l25,

Thanks for pointing this out i'll look into it soon,


Replied to CoRn3l25 in Cheat Codes

Hey Corn,

Unfortunately bones are the currency of the game and a part of the gameplay. The weapons and vehicles are currently available through the Deluxe version, because itch doesnt allow add ons. Everything will be sold individually on other platforms soon and lots more content coming soon.

Thanks for your time and feedback,


Hey ProfessorPig,

It depends on the cheat really, resources and survivors are saved, but things like confetti or big head modes are not. Would you prefer that these things save?

Thanks for the feedback,


Hey Akira Person,

Which windows version are you using? There is a windows 32 bit version and a regular windows 64 bit. I'm not sure if this relates to the problem you are experiencing. Could you try the other windows download instead and let me know if you are still having a problem?

Thanks for your time,


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Hey Everyone,

When you get the chance check out Glitcher: https://muifwego.itch.io/glitcher 

"Now you're all warmed up, shellshocked and thoroughly confused, it's time for something completely different, or at least a complete reversal in tone. Glitcher by Mufiwego at first appears to be an exploratory, story-driven thing where you quietly learn about a character through files left on their old Mac OS-styled desktop.

This lasts up until you start poking around for files in the recycle bin. Just remember: The is a sneaking mission. There's some really clever design here, too. Just because you can do stuff with the keyboard now, don't forget that you can scroll your way around windows using the mouse interface - it's an important skill to have."

- PCGamesN (https://www.pcgamesn.com/mama-possum/mama-possum-indie-browser-trio)

You can play right in the browser. 

Thanks for checking it out! I'll be sure to rate as many games as I can,


Thank you so much for the support! I really want to optimise it, we just ran out of time. I'll update the game with a bit more additions once the voting period ends. Stay tuned!


Hey ninix,

You can start inside the roms folder that is located  inside the trash bin. If you click the glitch the level will start. 

WASD movement with mouse for scrolling. Hope this helps!

Hey Lucas,

Thanks so much! I fixed the adulthood.jpg level so you can finish the game now, I hope thats ok.


Hey Rawr,

Thank you so much for finidng this bug, so sorry you had to experience it. The good news is that the game should save when you enter an indoor area. Bad news is that any progress inside the hospital is lost. I'll look into a fix for it. do you know what kind of wall you passed through? was it a hallway?

Thank you for your feedback and support,


Replied to Dominic10 in Cheat Codes

Hey Dominic,

For the keyboard cheats they are under "PC:". All you have to do is type them in while in-game.

Hope this helps,


Posted in Cheat Codes


When you get the chance, please let me know if the speed for the cheats on keyboard is better now.

Thanks for the patience and support,


Hey Jordan,

Thank you so much for the support it's really appreciated. There's alot on the list of things yet to come but all suggestions are always welcome.

This is whats yet to come:

v. 1.1

Playstation 4 Release

v. 1.2

Sound Design, NPC AI, Simple Online Modes (Death Match, Team Deathmatch)

v. 1.3 

Roguelike Update:

Real Bosses, Powers, More World art, Cutscenes

Online Modes and Update

v. 1.4

Tower Defense Update:

6 Character Pack #1

New Build Objects for each House Level

Which House Arena


Online Modes and Update

v. 1.5 

Content/Amusement Park

6 Character Pack #2

6 Weapon Pack #2

6 Vehicle Pack #2

Amusement Park Area and Dungeon

Amusement Park Boss


Arcade games

v. 1.6

Online Modes and Update 

Thanks again for the support,


Replied to QuirkyQ in Cheat Codes

Hey QuirkyQ,

You have to type it pretty fast. I've slowed down the speed you need to type in in the next update just give me untill tomorrow night to upload. It takes a while to build all of the different versions.

Thanks for the patience and feedback,


Created a new topic Cheat Codes




(Quick Sequence)


PS: Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square

XBOX: B, X, B, X, Y, B, X

PC: P, A, R, T, Y, P, E, O, P, L, E


PS: Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle

XBOX: X, B, X, B, Y, X, B

PC: H, E, A, L, M, E


PS: Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square

XBOX: Y, B, X, B, Y, X

PC: D, U, D, E, M, Y, C, A, R


PS: L2, R2, L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle

XBOX: LT, RT, LB, RB, Y, B, Y, B

PC: T, H, E, A, L, M, I, G, H ,T, Y


PS: L2, R2, L1, R1, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square

XBOX: LT, RT, LB, RB, X, B, Y, X

PC: B, I, G ,B, A, N, G


PS: L2, R2, L1, R1, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle

XBOX: LT, RT, LB, RB, B, X, Y, B

PC: H, U, G, E, D, O, M, E


PS: R2, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle

XBOX: RT, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y, B

PC: G, A, T, H, E, R


PS: R2, L1, L2, R1, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square

XBOX: RT, LB, LT, RB, X, B, Y, X

PC: S, U, P, P, E, R


PS: R2, L1, L2, R1, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle

XBOX: RT, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y, B

PC: B, A, N, G, B, A, N, G


PS: L1, R2, R1, L2, Square, Circle, Square, Circle

XBOX: LB, RT, RB, LT, X, B, X, B

PC: M, O, R, E, M, O, R, E


PS: L1, R2, R1, L2, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle


PC: L, E, S, S, L, E, S, S

All GAS:

PS: R2, L2, R1, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle

XBOX: RT, LT, RB, LB, Y, B, Y, B

PC: G, E, T, G, A, S


PS: R2, L2, R1, L1, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square

XBOX: RT, LT, RB, LB, X, B, Y, X

PC: S, U, R, V, I, V, O, R, S 


PS: R2, L2, R1, L1, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle

XBOX: RT, LT, RB, LB, B, X, Y, B

PC: A, L, L, T, H, E, B, A, L, L, S 

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(Edited 2 times)


DLC Store

         Vehicle Pack #1

                   Chopper Bike


                   Riddle Bus

                   Spy Car

                   Bear Mobile

                   Monster Truck


         Weapon Pack #2








Random Shopkeeper Items


New Items

         Coffee (Speed)

         Beer (Attack)

         Shake (Defense)

         Potion (Vitality)

         Blood Bucket (Invisibility)

         Protection (Armor)

         Gas Card (Infinite Gas)

         Life (Revive)

         Adrenaline (Temporary Speed, Attack, Defense Boost)

         Armory Key

         Shed Key

         Bus Key

         Box Key

         Small Key

         Master Key

         Crate Box

         Treasure Chest

Shopkeepers in dungeons

Tabbed Start Menu

         Store Tab

         Missions Tab

         Map Tab

         Codex Tab

         System Tab


Key Items

Dialog Conversations

Car Garage

         Locked Cars



Car Reset to Nearest Road (R3, R)

Multiple Players Build at the same time

Survivor Animations for new Weapons/Items/Vehicles

Stats Item

Gamepad Vibration

DUAL SHOCK 4 Light bar Colors

Zombie Head Pop

Resources Full Labels

Zombie Decapitate

Home Information

Items allowed based on House Level

Map Revisions

Hunger Meter

Place with precision mode (L3)

itch Community Members in the Credits

New Difficulty Menu

         Easy (More Bullets, Random Saved Survivor on Death)

         Medium (Random Saved Survivor on Death, Hunger Meter)

         Hard (Each Survivor Permadeath, Hunger Meter, GameOver)

         (Onslaught) New Game + (Each Survivor Permadeath, Hunger Meter, All Feral Zombies)



Massive, Massive Frame Rate Optimization

Fixed Flying Wood Planks

Fixed Attracting Crocodiles to base

Campfire over boxes in Dungeons

Car Camera

Flying big bone

Zoom out after tutorial cancel

Lose things when dead

Load visited Map Squares

Gravedigger NPC walk animation

Car Acceleration from stop

Kids NPC animation

Counselor: “We’re Alone” and backwards walk

Highway Transparency

Arrows on Pizza after Drunk Quest

Darker dead Incubator

Mouse Aim

Boss Zombie Spawning inside camp

Light Marks in Fence Holes

Can’t Build near shooting range

More snakes around Map

Tutorial: remind of zombies

Smaller Save File

Text over loading screen

“Horde” new default

Pedestrians walking backwards

Campfire sets zombies on fire

Metal slides off car

Gasoline Full Warning

Horde Pause symbol indoors

Stuck in Swamp

Multiple Towers Large Herd FPS drop

Loading Speed

Memory Leak Crash

Faster NPCs

Fast Fire Zombies

Physics Stutter

Invisible Trees in City

Eject from car when out of gas

Spanish Text Fixes

Hey Peter and Madicat,

Please check out the new update, So much new content and fixes to the game.  I'm still waiting on Sony for the Playstation version to be released so I figured I'd release the 1.1 update on here while we wait.

Thanks for all the patience and support, the PlayStation version is coming very soon hopefully,


Hey Anthony,

Please check out the massive new update, lots of new Guns, Cars, etc.

You are totally right about the lag, that has all been fixed and optimized so much.

Unfortunately itch does not allow micro transactions so I added a different DELUXE version to provide all the DLC and upcoming DLC. 


although it is also possible to obtain all DLC in game for free by grinding. 

Thank you for the feedback! Hope you enjoy the update, lots more coming very soon.


Hey WhoStole,

Can you check if they work with the new update?

Everything should be working fine, I'll check it out if not.


Hey WhoStoleMyName,

Sure, it can be spoilers to some though so, SPOILER WARNING:


Sheriff: (Quests)

Find zombie sheriff around town. (Spawns at any dead end road in the town, its a zombie with an arrow, he will drop a badge)

Find Donut (You can find donuts randomly inside Trashcans)

Build A tower (save another survivor and build a tower)

Farmer: (Quests) 

Kill all 12 zombies in the farm

repair broken wall

Harvest crops

Counselor: (Quests)

Gather wood

Gather Mushroom

Save the Kids

Drunk: (Quests)

Gather Gasoline

Gather Pizza (Spawns random in Trashcans)

Smash the bottles


White picket fence North West of camp.


All the way west on the Southern road


Entrance of the Hospital

Girl scout:

Save all the kids


Entrance of the Church (Coffin)

Mountain Man:

Kill the feral at the end of the tutorial


Drag the huge bone from the west side of the forest to the East (Touch bone to shopping cart)


Hope this helps,


Posted in Cheats problem

Hey ErBruns, 

Sorry you feel that way, I thought it was a decent amount of time but I can definitely add more leeway in the next update. Once some bugs are found I will make sure to slow down the time needed.

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't know this was a problem,


Hey MarcusVinicius,

Thank you so much for your support! I just release a massive update to the game along with a DELUXE version that includes the DLC that will be available on other platforms. 

We can definitely use some help with translation but its still a bit away as there is a lot still left to do before.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks again,


Created a new topic DELUXE Version and DLC
(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for all the feedback and community response to “Don’t Bite Me Bro!” on itch.  Unfortunately itch does not allow us to provide additional Downloadable Content for the game. Because of this MUIFWEGO will offer an additional “Deluxe” version which will include all the DLC available on other platforms (i.e Steam, PS4, etc.) .


“Don’t Bite Me Bro! - Deluxe Edition” (on sale for $4.99 USD) will include the following content updates immediately: 

  • Weapon Pack #1
    • UZI
    • AK-47
    • RIFLE
    • KATANA
  • Vehicle Pack #1
    • Chopper Motorcycle
    • ATV
    • SPY CAR

Additionally, owners of the Deluxe Edition will also own upcoming DLC packages!

To show our appreciation for the donors of “Don’t Bite Me Bro!” during the beta phase, a key to the Deluxe Edition will be sent to you!

We would like to thank our supporters for their continued patronage and support.


Created a new topic BUGS & SUGGESTIONS

This game is for you, the community, and only with your help can continue to expand and improve it. All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated and considered. I will always try to respond to everyone as soon as I possibly can.

Thank you all so much for all of your time and support we really appreciate it. Please feel free to post any bugs and suggestions below. The more detailed you can be about the situation the better. I will try and fix all problems found as soon as possible.

Lots of new content coming very very soon!

Thanks again,


Created a new topic DELUXE Version and DLC
(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for all the feedback and community response to “Don’t Bite Me Bro!” on itch.  Unfortunately itch does not allow us to provide additional Downloadable Content for the game. Because of this MUIFWEGO will offer an additional “Deluxe” version which will include all the DLC available on other platforms (i.e Steam, PS4, etc.) .

“Don’t Bite Me Bro! - Deluxe Edition” (on sale for $4.99 USD) will include the following content updates immediately:

  • Weapon Pack #1
    • UZI
    • AK-47
    • RIFLE
    • KATANA
  • Vehicle Pack #1
    • Chopper Motorcycle
    • ATV
    • SPY CAR

Additionally, owners of the Deluxe Edition will also own upcoming DLC packages!

To show our appreciation for the donors of “Don’t Bite Me Bro!” during the beta phase, a key to the Deluxe Edition will be sent to you!

We would like to thank our supporters for their continued patronage and support.


Hey Respen,

The partner is spawned after the mission starts at any dead end road of the town, inside the farm or in the trees north of the town. There might've been a few bugs with him I think I've fixed since. Look for a zombie with an arrow.

Hope this helps, A huge update is coming very soon. I'm waiting to release at the same time as the PlayStation version. The frame rate has been increased so drastically with so much new content and polish.

Thanks for the support,


Hey Peter,

In the version that you have, any of the four players can drive the truck and everybody else will get on in the back . From the back of the truck the other players and can shoot and turn around. The new cars all hold a different amount of people including players and NPCs. The game is still in QA, Just finished a new list of bugs and I'm waiting for the next response from them,

I'll let you know when its ready,