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Don't Bite Me Bro!

1-4 Player Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game. Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. · By MUIFWEGO


A topic by cwspurple created Apr 11, 2017 Views: 952 Replies: 8
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the info screen showing how to use the map some times freezes leaving the overlay and I cant move.

(I really love the premeis of this game and am exited to keep playing but, glitch.)


Hey Cwspurple,

Sorry about this theres a problem with the "Back" button on Xbox One controllers, I just fixed this on version 1.0.4 which ill upload tonight after I fix some more multiplayer problems,

If you're on another kind of input device please let me know so I can get the fix out there tonight,

Thanks for the feedback,


thank you i use a razer wildcat.


Hey Cwspurple,

I fixed the Map button problem on Xbox One style controllers, or at least I hope I did, I don't have an Xbox One controller to test. Could you please confirm if the fix is working?


Game Breaking

º Mountain Man Bounds when 1 Player Fix

º Dungeon Hole and Camp Spawn Overlap Fix

º Overlapping build objects/trees Fix

º Opting out from tutorial town Fix

º Car Falling Under Bridge Fix

º R2 Places Multiple Objects Fix

º Towers stop shooting after dungeon Fix

º Tutorial Zombies Touching Base Bug Fix

º Quitting To Menu Bug Fix

º Xbox One Back Button Fix

º Full resources Bug Fix


º Rounded Stumps

º No Harvest Corn on Attack Prompt

º Cutscene Survivor Collecting Wood

Game Design

º Check Website for Updates on Title Screen

º Upgrade Walls Objective Fix

º Skip Tutorial Option

º Lose held resources on house death

º FeralKid not counting towards herd count

º Grimkey Attack Faster Cooldown

º Zombies by the Sheriff

º Can Move Mistake Walls During Tutorial

º Gate Closing on Zombies

º Less Attack from inside gate

º Dash on Save

º Max Gas Limiting

Visual Problems

º Manual Save Confirmation

º Arrow on Car Showing up after Dungeon

º Cave Overpass Variation 45º

º Clear Herd Overlay

º Store Prices Red if not enough

º Save Option Grey Text During tutorial

º Bullet Box Arrow

And much more,


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it works does the time between hordes go up because i cant really go past the nearby town.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey cwspurple,

Each upgrade of the house you get more time between Herds,


The zombie sheriff doesn't spawn for me.  I have tried getting the armory in 10 different saves but it never spawns.  I use the max resource cheat so there might be an issue between the cheats and the game.  It had spawned before I knew cheats existed so that leads me to believe that is the issue.

Deleted post

Hey Duckling,

The zombie sheriff appears randomly in 8 different spots around the farm. Look for a zombie with an arrow pointing down at it. If you do a lap around the town you should be able to spot him. Entering and exiting a dungeon will reswpawn and reset the zombie sheriff again.

Hope this helps,


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I need help my truck is stuck in the church doorway and every time I get in I spawn inside the church ? I play on Ps4. I try to get in and hit the reset but it loads beforehand so idk what to do other than start over