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Don't Bite Me Bro!

1-4 Player Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game. Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. · By MUIFWEGO


A topic by Tiakamine created Apr 13, 2017 Views: 2,132 Replies: 8
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So idk if this is a bug or not, but I have 177 bones with a character that has 2 damage 2 speed and 1 range, however when I go to merchant, it still says I need more bones, but I can buy ammo and food, nothing else.


Hey Tiakamine,

Sorry about that it actually shouldn't say Need Bones because every player has three slots for upgrades (You can see the boxes on the Left of the player icon) you can currently only have 3 upgrades at a time. This isn't very clear currently I'll try to make it tell you better whats actually going on,

Thanks for the support,


Are you only allowed to buy one of each upgrade? Because I had a ton of bones and empty upgrade slots after reloading my game, but it still wouldn't let me purchase two attack upgrades. I was only able to buy one attack, one defense, and one health.


Hey OldeSword,

Yea currently you can only buy 3 of 4 possible upgrades and only 1 of each, as the game grows i'll eventually added a more robust skills upgrade system,

Hope this helps,


I bought a katana but I don’t know how to equip it, and does it apply to every character?

I got an idea to resolve this... make a skill tree window. via a building associated to it or something along those lines.


Hey Okmaster,

thanks for the suggestions, I'll try this and some things and see how I can make the skills not be so complicated.


is there a way to grind for bones because for some reason i had 287 bones and saved my game and when i loaded back in i had no bones, i hoped this is just a random glitch and not part of the game #GoldenKeyWayExpensive


Hey Kyleisawsme,

I think the best way to grind for bones would be in the church because the coffins randomly drop bones too. Not sure what happened with the save file but your bones should definitely be saving. I'll look into lowering the price to the Master Key a bit.  The DLC should be available on the PS4 in a few days. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback and support!