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Are you only allowed to buy one of each upgrade? Because I had a ton of bones and empty upgrade slots after reloading my game, but it still wouldn't let me purchase two attack upgrades. I was only able to buy one attack, one defense, and one health.

Thanks, Rafi.

I played some more last night and observed more odd behavior: When I reloaded the game, the quest restarted so I escorted all the kiddies back to the camp. The counselor vanished again but the survivor icon stayed on the map and I somehow got a girl scout survivor. Saved and reloaded again and I still had the girl scout, but the quest restarted though the survivor vanished again once I finished the quest.

Anyways, I know you said that you're working on it for tonight's update, but I thought I'd share just in case you hadn't seen that other odd behavior. It's great and impressive that you're cranking out updates so quickly.

I found the bus survivor, gathered the wood, and was tasked with saving the kids. For some reason I couldn't fit four girl scouts in the back of my truck, so I ran them all the way back to my base, fought the horde that arrived while I was hoofing it, then let the girls in. All four of them survived. I ran back to the bus... and there wasn't the survivor.

Did he die while I was escorting the kids? Why doesn't he just follow us back at the same time I'm escorting them?

Escort quests are pretty annoying, especially when I can't use my perfectly good vehicle, but it was frustrating to do all that work and not get the reward.