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Bus Survivor?

A topic by OldeSword created Apr 14, 2017 Views: 2,234 Replies: 10
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I found the bus survivor, gathered the wood, and was tasked with saving the kids. For some reason I couldn't fit four girl scouts in the back of my truck, so I ran them all the way back to my base, fought the horde that arrived while I was hoofing it, then let the girls in. All four of them survived. I ran back to the bus... and there wasn't the survivor.

Did he die while I was escorting the kids? Why doesn't he just follow us back at the same time I'm escorting them?

Escort quests are pretty annoying, especially when I can't use my perfectly good vehicle, but it was frustrating to do all that work and not get the reward.


Hey OldeSword,

You're completely right about this i'm fixing it in today's update 1.0.7 should be out some time tonight I'll let you know,

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated,


Thanks, Rafi.

I played some more last night and observed more odd behavior: When I reloaded the game, the quest restarted so I escorted all the kiddies back to the camp. The counselor vanished again but the survivor icon stayed on the map and I somehow got a girl scout survivor. Saved and reloaded again and I still had the girl scout, but the quest restarted though the survivor vanished again once I finished the quest.

Anyways, I know you said that you're working on it for tonight's update, but I thought I'd share just in case you hadn't seen that other odd behavior. It's great and impressive that you're cranking out updates so quickly.


Hey OldeSword,

I Fixed the bus survivor just working on a few more bugs before uploading the latest version tonight, I Hope to fix and improve the game as fast as possible,

Thanks for all the feeback and support, it really helps out.


MR.muifwego i am also have bus problems and i am using 107 also the bus has a white lock on the back am i supposed 2 use the bus 2 get them back and how do i unlock it if so

(love your game)

also i only have 3 kids

so sad a horde went up 2 the bus

I was able to save the bus lady but at first i tried riding in the truck but they didn't get in, so i got out and there was a girl next to the truck and was not moving (She was also looked like she was crying with her hands to her face and hunched over) so i saved the rest of them but i only got the bus lady not the girl survivor and i saved 3 Girls. And now i can't do it over again.

Kind of same here. I was able to save the girl scouts with my truck, but there was a girl left outside of the bus. I dropped h scouts off, went back, she thanked me and gave me the bus key, cool. But now she just jumps there saying "We're alone, save us please!" and I can't do anything 🤷


Hey Everyone,

The new update has a brand new Car System, and now you can carry all the kids and the counselor as long as you have space in the truck,

Thanks for the patience and support,


i really need help with getting all the survivors i have all the normal ones like hobo, woman, police, farmer,  football player, teacher and the girl scout but im missing the last three and im not sure how to get the last three i could use some assistance 

Hello. I hope you are still tracking this page. I’ve recently started playing your game... which is extremely fun.  However the kids won’t come off of the bus on PlayStation 4 version. The adult is stuck saying “Thank You,” to me. Could you please assist with the fix for this?  I’ve tried everything. Died quite a lot trying them tbh. Still this game is dope. Thanks!