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idk if u still need the info but u need to shoot the rock golems arms off and then the force field drops so u can attack its body, dev probably should of made that a little clearer since its the only enemy that i know of that requires u to do that

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if u still need the info, there is a doctor im the hospital, a dude with a pitchfork in the church and if u push the big bone over to the bone merchant u unlock him

is the ero gallery in the game now or has it yet to still be added?

this is the most expensive game i've seen on, why so expensive? it had better be well worth it if i'm paying more than $10 for a game on because most games here are not worth more than  $5 even so if u are charging $25 then the game better be one of the best of it's genre ever imo (i'm not buy if u couldn't tell $25 is way too much for an 18+ visual novel, maybe if the price goes below $10 i will think about it)

based on the description sounds like my kind of game :), can't wait to play it

update: idk if the games been updated since i payed for it or not (doesn't really matter) or if itchio has changed something but it seems my questions answer is yes paying for a game entitles free downloads of future versions which is a great

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1. yea i get those 2 words spelling mixed up allot cause they are both pronounced the same idk why though

2. thank you for clearing that up, although if it's dealing with dates it should of been 31/08 and 21/09 as that is the format used for dates, the period (.) made me think it was a version number as that is how version numbers are usually displayed and they were next to the words next update and current update, can u see my confusion?

i'd love to have a download for this if it was possible so i don't have to play it in my browser, other than that its a great fun little game, wish there was more to it though since it is such a great game

idk witch is wrong but the current and next update numbers read 31.08 and 21.09

its under the file option in your menu, i was also thinking the same thing until i noticed that and thought that sounds like a save feature to me, it could of been a little more obvious imo though as it wasn't immediately apparent  and left me asking the same question as u had

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ok so hears my thoughts: 

1 save scumming for me at least is a way of me choosing which choice i would  go with if it was me in that situation, without it i can choose a choice and then later think to myself well that's not what i would of done at all in that situation and then i will have to either completely start the game again or reload the closest auto save file which is very annoying to do and ruins my immersion into the game

2. i see your point but in my case none of the names resonated with me (i'm Australian) so without descriptions i just ended up going through all of them untill i found characters with names and ethnicity/colours that i like/felt best represented what i wanted and even then i stopped playing because of a lack of being able to save freely so i could stop whenever and wherever i wanted to,

anyway i do think the game has a great concept and i will revisit it at some point when i have the time to do so maybe after u decide weather or not to add descriptions to the countries in a future patch as if u did that would help immensely with starting out the game again

id like to say from reading the description and from the brief tim ive played of this game i can tell its going to be good, however i feel i should mention a few problems i have with the game: 1 from 1st glance there doesnt seem to be an imediate way to save the game which is a problem and 2. this is a minor thing but i feel the contries need a breif description when u hover over them as it was hard for me to make a decion just going off their names alone

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does paying for the latest version entitle free copies of the next version to come out on this site? or will that have to be paid for aswel?