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Don't Bite Me Bro!

1-4 Player Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game. Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. · By MUIFWEGO

Stuck in Cave

A topic by Freedom Fries created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 3,469 Replies: 14
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Hey Devs. I think this game is fantastic, but I have just hit a pretty major wall. I got down to the second level of the cave area, trying to see what's going on in there with the glowy ball and whatnot, but there is no exit or further hole. I have been in all the rooms, and I can't go deeper down or back up out of the cave. Please help!

I was able to find a bedroll next to another campfire, but that's it

Hey there Freedom Fries, It isn't a bug, you are supposed to fight the boss to get out, the boss can be found 2 rooms before the bedroll where you see bubbles coming up from the floor, enter that room you should see a big boss. Kill this boss to get out the cave.

No boss to be found


Hey FreedomFries,

Thanks for the support and playing the game, really appreciated. The dungeons are randomly generated so I can't tell you exaclty where to go but there should be a room with a hole on every floor untill the boss. sometimes its not so clear that you can go down from a room, there should be a room you missed somewhere.

Dead zombie bodies return as red feral zombies after a certain time,


Same problem here. Stuck in second floor.I checked every wall but there is no other room. got 2 fireplaces. in the room with one of them is a shape on the floor that looks like it should be a hole down. I'm not sure but it could ne the room I started the floor.



Hey Feanity,

That is actually the entrance room for the level and the shape you see is the light from the room above. There should be a room with a hole in the center. The dungeons are randomly generated so there is a small chance that the floor that generated for you didnt have a way out. I tried to really prevent this and hope it was just a bit hard to see. I'll check it out though and try and recreate it. Going back in to the cave should fix the problem,

Thanks for the feedback,


I'm having the same problem where on the second floor there are 6 rooms (2x3) with 2 rooms with fireplaces and I have been through every room several times and cannot find any exit. I love the concept of the cave, but I hope that you can fix this problem.

Great game so far and good luck!


Hey Riteflyer,

This seems to be a recurring problem for a few people I'll make sure the next update has a check to make sure that there is always a way out.

Thanks for the feedback and support,


hey sooooo. Im stuck on the 2nd floor of the cave. I have looked in every room. I've hugged the wall to make sure i didnt miss any. Ive walked through the middle of every room (unleed theres a rock in the way). I cant leave the second floor. Do i have to delete this and start again? 


Hey Minihuey,

I believe the update fixed this problem, hopefully you haven't had any other problems.

Thanks for playing! Lots of new content coming very soon,


i get to the cave boss but he have a forcefield surrounding him....what I'm supposed to do

This is still a problem for mac users please fix. 

i get to the boss but he have like a forcefield around him....what I can do?

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oof, yeah. i have the same no exit bug, second floor aswell. followed the walls yada. should go without saying this game is a gem. and you've all done great work. i am a little torn though because i unlocked pretty much everything i can without doing any dungeons first... and didnt save """:D i presume the odds are low enough that upon a new game this shouldnt be an issue.. but will save first. at what point does the game decide the cave terrain, upon entering or upon creating the playthough? EDIT: i discovered the game auto saves and it worked the second time so its really not THAT trouble-sum. lol