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No crops to harvest!

A topic by Fastfoxisreal created Apr 01, 2018 Views: 1,447 Replies: 4
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The farmer is telling me to farm his crops... But I just see rocks grass and tree stumps... I NEED HELP


Hey Fastfoxisreal,

Are you on Computer or PS4? The computer version is a little behind because of the upcoming STEAM version. it should be out very soon with all the new updates and Bosses.



Has anybody found a way around this? My farmer has no crops to harvest as well. Tried planting and harvesting my own, but that doesn’t work. Playing on PS4. 


Hey Artxipaws,

Did you try entering and exiting the church? I'll try to find the source of this problem.

Thanks for the feedback,


I ran in to this when I harvested the crops before completing the other missions for the farmer