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A topic by DonkeyKongHero created Apr 12, 2017 Views: 4,114 Replies: 21
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do you need to have x box or playstation controls for multiplayer?


Hey DonkeyKongHero,

Yea unfortunately you currently Playstation or Xbox controllers, many off brand gamepads also work like logitech and Razer gamepads, you can use any mix of controllers too. 1 person can be on a ps3 controller, 1 on an xbox one controller, 1 on a ps4 controller, and 1 on a logitech controller for example.

Hope this helps,


how do i play multiplayer theres no button for it


Right now DMBD! only supports local multi-player. If you have another controller plugged in 1-3 other players can join whenever you're at your camp or in the entrance to a dungeon.

Thanks for playing! Keep up to date with development for updates on online multi-player.


is there going to be any non local multiplayer added in the near future?


Hey Snazzbits,

Yes an Online Multiplayer will be added soon after the release on playstation in May,

Thanks for the support, stay tuned,


do you need to be in the same pc or you can use seprate pc's?

Same PC currently, it will be added to playstation which allow multiplayer!

I try to play w/ 2 xbox1 controllers w/ my brother however the game will randomly despawn our characters and respawn them (and duplicates) at the home base w/ loss of health.


Hey MrKrabs,

I'll try my best to look into this and fix the problems as soon as I possibly can,


Is there an exact date for the PlayStation release yet or is that still to be announced?

I'd also like to thank you guys for making this free to play. As soon as it becomes available for Ps4 I'm going to donate. Good developers deserve support.

Is there a way to play multiplayer on the computer?


Hey Tieve,

Multiplayer is currently only local co-op. you need to connect controllers to the same computer to play multiplayer. Online Modes coming as soon as possible,


Ok thanks your game is the best!


Thanks for all the support Tieve! really appreciated

Hey umm when are you going to release a multyplayer online mode ??

They are saying Online multiplayer will be released sometime after the game has been released on PlayStation this month. However I don't know if they have an exact date for release yet or if the time-frame was pushed back for other reasons.



Drwaffles is right, the goal is to get the PlayStation release first then focus on getting the online muliplayer. A lot of legal back and forth keeps happening which is really slowing down the release. I'm focused on releasing as fast as I possibly can.

Thanks for the support, Stay tuned!


Hi there, the game have been so greats with all the bugs fixed but when will the multiplayer mode came out?

Thanks for reading!

So, when will online multiplayer be released? Preferably a estimate or exact date.

And would Hamachi work with it or no?