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Don't Bite Me Bro!

1-4 Player Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game. Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. · By MUIFWEGO


A topic by DonkeyKongHero created Apr 12, 2017 Views: 21,115 Replies: 35
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do you need to have x box or playstation controls for multiplayer?


Hey DonkeyKongHero,

Yea unfortunately you currently Playstation or Xbox controllers, many off brand gamepads also work like logitech and Razer gamepads, you can use any mix of controllers too. 1 person can be on a ps3 controller, 1 on an xbox one controller, 1 on a ps4 controller, and 1 on a logitech controller for example.

Hope this helps,


hy man im in the future and i dont see any non local co op and its june 28 soooooooo yeah 

how do i play multiplayer theres no button for it


Right now DMBD! only supports local multi-player. If you have another controller plugged in 1-3 other players can join whenever you're at your camp or in the entrance to a dungeon.

Thanks for playing! Keep up to date with development for updates on online multi-player.


is there going to be any non local multiplayer added in the near future?


Hey Snazzbits,

Yes an Online Multiplayer will be added soon after the release on playstation in May,

Thanks for the support, stay tuned,


do you need to be in the same pc or you can use seprate pc's?

Same PC currently, it will be added to playstation which allow multiplayer!

I try to play w/ 2 xbox1 controllers w/ my brother however the game will randomly despawn our characters and respawn them (and duplicates) at the home base w/ loss of health.


Hey MrKrabs,

I'll try my best to look into this and fix the problems as soon as I possibly can,


Is there an exact date for the PlayStation release yet or is that still to be announced?

I'd also like to thank you guys for making this free to play. As soon as it becomes available for Ps4 I'm going to donate. Good developers deserve support.

when are they adding online multiplayer cause its on playstion and its not here

First off, I just want to start by saying that I love your game and am very excited to see how it progresses over time. I know that you are working hard on this game, but just wanted to ask if you have an approximation on your online multiplayer release time?


Is there a way to play multiplayer on the computer?


Hey Tieve,

Multiplayer is currently only local co-op. you need to connect controllers to the same computer to play multiplayer. Online Modes coming as soon as possible,


Ok thanks your game is the best!


Thanks for all the support Tieve! really appreciated

Hey umm when are you going to release a multyplayer online mode ??

They are saying Online multiplayer will be released sometime after the game has been released on PlayStation this month. However I don't know if they have an exact date for release yet or if the time-frame was pushed back for other reasons.



Drwaffles is right, the goal is to get the PlayStation release first then focus on getting the online muliplayer. A lot of legal back and forth keeps happening which is really slowing down the release. I'm focused on releasing as fast as I possibly can.

Thanks for the support, Stay tuned!


Hi there, the game have been so greats with all the bugs fixed but when will the multiplayer mode came out?

Thanks for reading!

So, when will online multiplayer be released? Preferably a estimate or exact date.

And would Hamachi work with it or no?

We just tried out the demo version of the game, and we had a blast! I was able to play with my keyboard (not sure if that was originally intended). This game is great, and we made a video for it as well so that many more people can watch and find their way to this game :)

Keep up the great work!!

Can't play the game in coop unfortunately. I have only one gamepad and hoped that I could play on a keyboard and mouse and my friend on a gamepad. But for some reason - gamepad duplicates keyboard. So only one character can be controlled. I also haven't found option to set a specific controller for a specific player. What can be done here?

Mr.developer  I have a question. When online is added how will it work? Will you start to make armies and attack other bases because I think the clash of clans route would be interesting. I think you should have it so you can attack other bases and defend your base. If that was with the online update that would be amazing! I also would like to thank you for this wonderful free game because most ps4 free games are crap.


Hey Jmor,

I don't want to promise too much too soon, what I can say is that the online multiplayer will start with a single mode; Two opposing teams with their own bases. Players will build, fight zombies, and attempt to destroy each others bases. 

Thank you so much for the feedback and support, So much more new stuff coming soon!



Thank you for your response I appreciate it! 

how can i play with a friend on pc with keyboard and controller we push any button on the controller and it doesnt klatch please help

When will there be an Online Multiplayer 

(1 edit)

To people asking for online multiplayer, please read what the developer is saying and stop ignoring him, the more of you that ask, the more online is prolonged because he has to take time to respond to all of you. Just read what he already said, there is no date given yet, he is working on it right now. And to the Dev, on PS4 there is an issue when driving the car/vehicle, the game doesn't load fast enough and the vehicle ends up hitting obstacles that do not exist, it occurs most when driving up and down the ramps that lead to the bridge. Please look into this, but other than that, the game earns a 10 out of 10.

Thanks developers. I did see your response killa989. I do feel that a mulitplayer is really needed even at the local coop level because playing on one little screen is really hard for 2 or more players so it takes away from the game. Please keep this option in but it is better as a multiplayer multi screen game I believe. 

In testing this over the past 2 days we have found an unreported error. We found that if we play one keyboard and one gamepad controller it works fine UNTIL we go off the screen then we get lost and unless we stop right away and come back together we will die etc. This is why a multi screen is needed.

AS to the suggestions of 2 bases fighting each other I do not agree. There are many of us who just want a zombie fight game. If we want a fight zombie and each other game we can just play call of duty or fortnite. This game has the elements that are not present in all zombie games so that is why I think it is popular. Please if you do put in this 2 bases idea keep the option to allow for working together in one base.

Thanks! We are waiting patiently for that multiplayer.

Okay, i test the game and is awesome but, in my game i cant control the second player, it controls the same player.

To solve this I download x360ce

and hit works.

Hola ya esta el multiplayer eje yo desde mi casa en ps4 y mi amigo desde su casa en pc