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bump for newcomers

Adding multiplayer platforms using Hamachi (or a self-hosted multiplayer) will take a bit to develop, i'd give DBMB atleast another month to get this far. I feel that online multiplayer (actuals servers and not using Hamachi or LAN) should be paid for because of the cost to run them. Online multiplayer might take 2-3 months unless Muifwego solely focuses on adding mp, not new content or bug fixes.

Hello! The download link for Windows 10 would be the top download link, (32bit works for 64bit).

Need further help? goto: Cant play using windows? Download guide here

Cant play using windows? Download guide here

Watch that video, ask me if you need anymore help...

yay an update! Excited to see the new bosses in herd waves....

Ive also had this problem, however it's a pretty easy fix. Just save the game, (make sure all resources on characters are in Home base), and restart DBMB.

Hello CoRn3125, suggestions and new ideas should be posted in the Bugs Found & Suggestions sticky thread. They have the best chance of being seen & reviewed there! Also, I do agree, I hope that a way to get rid of tree stumps will be added. (However it should take a bit of time so players can't just remove all the stumps in the area in 5 minutes.)

-you cant shoot over a fallen zombies body || I don't believe this is a bug, and I personally like it. Its fun to see a wall of bodies build up outside your base and watching bullets sink into the mass.

-I am having a lot of zombies disappear and appear out of nowhere || Is this because of you going into a new chunk? I know when I play Co-Op and the map chunks are more visible, zombies will despawn when leaving a chunk, and respawn when entering one. This mechanic is probably to reduce lag.

-The onramp from the city onto the bridge changes its look when you aren't on it || The exit/entrance ramp becomes translucent so you can see under it. I haven't had problems with this yet, though I do know that other players have had issues. Maybe have it so when you go beneath the ramp it becomes highlighted around the edges?

-The merchant guy makes an amazing road block for the truck || 100% agree with this. I have gotten stuck on him many times.

-the camera slides across the map || I have had problems with the camera sliding back to characters, or panning randomly to my house even though I'm on the otherside of the map and its not in danger.

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First of all, could we have a sticky thread for suggestions (And also bugs, like ApocalypticNinja said)? I would give some ideas but I'd probably end up spamming the forums and Id rather not do that.
Also, here are the questions.

In the future of the game, will we be able to send people we rescued out to gather resources or food? Will we also be able to have people not being used by towers come out of the home building and defend against the zombie hordes? (and will new NPCs be added?)

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New types of zombies do come in the later waves. I'm currently on Hoard/Herd 20 and Ive started to see baby zombies (I think), as well as weird highlighted/red zombies. Also after a certain time period, or dungeon clearance, a bigger type of zombie appears, though I haven't seen them in the waves attacking my base.

I also agree w/ the tree stump idea. It is quite annoying to run across a stretch of land where you cleared the trees only to find yourself getting stuck every few meters.

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I've seen a lot of threads about people being unable to download / play the game. Decided to make a video to show how to install Don't Bite Me Bro on windows.

Note: I didn't buy the game in the guide because I already bought it. However, I fully encourage you to donate $1-2 to help support the games development.

Hey, I might have a solution. If you execute the game and navigate to your save files using your mouse, your controller will not work. You must start the game and use ONLY the xbox controller.

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What operating system are you using? I'd be happy to make a vid showing how to install and load it on windows.

I think a cool addition would be more permanent defenses for your base, like sentry guns and possibly MG mounts that cost a lot of resources to make. Or possibly whenever you upgrade a tower, there's a chance of the survivor getting a better gun? (I just feel that atm towers don't really do much. I play a co-op game w/ my friend and we have 7 towers that can only kill 20 out of 75 zombies in a herd. Though this may just be me, and towers are having range upgrades soon so...


This would cut down on a lot of posts, (including some of mine), and decrease the spam in the forums.

Pretty sure its unlockable at the moment. When more weapons are added in the game it might be unlocked.

The bug I'm talking about can be seen when I came back from the cave to my camp. I was standing still for a while because of my friend trying to join (mashing buttons). When he did join he resumed control of MY character, and I rejoined as a brand new one. A couple of seconds after that we were both kicked off of the game and couldn't respawn. (Had to alt + tab out of the program to kill it) Tried using controllers on other games and they worked fine.

I try to play w/ 2 xbox1 controllers w/ my brother however the game will randomly despawn our characters and respawn them (and duplicates) at the home base w/ loss of health.

I keep attempting to play w/ 2 people (2 xbox one controllers), However the game keeps resetting our characters, causing us to respawn and lose all of our health. Any fixes?

No, you can't upgrade spikes/mines in the current version.

So I'm trying to figure out a second/third character I can get for my base. I want to have 2-3 towers up so I can explore the map for longer periods of time without the need to go home. Any suggestions for characters I should get? (Also, do characters get different weapons? And does upgrading towers increase range or any other stat besides the towers health?)