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A member registered Sep 15, 2017

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Posted in Multiplayer

Can't play the game in coop unfortunately. I have only one gamepad and hoped that I could play on a keyboard and mouse and my friend on a gamepad. But for some reason - gamepad duplicates keyboard. So only one character can be controlled. I also haven't found option to set a specific controller for a specific player. What can be done here?

Or that would be great. I'd prefer some ending like in Spelunky even if it would be hard as hell to get to it.

I have one question - is it possible to reach the end of the game or it has only infinite mode?

Created a new topic New build?

So there were no news for a long time. Are there plans for new build in near future?

Oh it's fine. I'll wait for the next demo. ^_^

Not sure if I'm a bad player or burst lasts too short - can't use it effectively at all. Also - when I broke gates using green ship - bullets still aiming to broken gates.

Wow. Goog prototype indeed. I think this can become a really great game.

Strange but I can't find download link.