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How do I tame the dog in the village? It's written 'blank' in tutorial.

Auto Fire community · Created a new topic Help needed

I can't finish the very first battle for some reasons. Guns don't work but I killed eveyrone with ram and don't know what to do after this. Unfortunately readme in game doesn't help me.

Are there any plans for coop? At least local. Maybe giving other players a possibility to control chosen tamed creature?

So is new version still in plans? Waiting for two years already. ^_^

Could you check steam discussion please. I reported about two bugs there and made one suggestion.

Maybe there should be some invincibility window after respawning? It's a classic mechanic in arcade games to think of it.

Good to heat it's not dropped. Will wait for new version then.

Thanks. It seems that all works fine now, but I should test it also on that computer (though I'm not sure when I'll be able to reach it). By the way have you implemented ending in the game yet?

Thanks. It seems that all works fine now, but I should test it also on that computer (though I'm not sure when I'll be able to reach it). By the way have you implemented ending in the game yet?

We've checked it. It was something like 160.

Oh it seems like some problem with Russian keyboard. Key "/" is some other key that make game crazy. We somehow repaired it but then break again.

Hello. We've just tried PONDSCUM demo and we're not sure that the game runs fine. It's too fast and it's hard to understand there you are.

Wow great game indeed! We had so much fun in 2 players mode. I wish there were two or at least one more players. The only thing we would change is kill enemy pilots mission. 10 is too much - we couldn't nearly complete it. I would set it to 5 or even 3. DirectInput support and online multiplayer would also be great.

Definitely one of the best games on this 7drl. I would change heroism potion from 2d4 to 1d2 though. At first I was thinking that it only restores stamina and that's all. But with such huge boost even a couple of heroism potion makes your character too powerful.

This has much potential I believe but in its current state it's kinda raw.

Даже умудрился пройти попытки с пятой, что ли. Так и не понял, как использовать карту Rest. Ещё желательно, чтобы подсказка всплывала при наведении на карту, а не при нажатии. А то так используешь карту и не понимаешь, что она вообще делала. Описание одного из спеллов, точно не помню какого, уходит за края экрана. Ну и вообще вся игра на экран не помещается (разрешение 1366x768 - стандартное для ноутбуков), приходится туда-сюда скроллить. Но в целом вполне положительные впечатления. Одна из лучших игр с последнего 7drl, по крайней мере из тех, с которыми успел ознакомиться.

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I hadn't intended to be harsh or something like that. Just my style of speech with plenty of profanity words. ^_^ Still the problem is a problem. The planet in the left corner in the first image already had a food. It's strange that they took more if it is the case. Also when I sent this post itch redirected me to comments page so I lost the progress. Not your fault but damn - that was my best run!

Well that is a fail. -__- Where the hell is my food now?

It's kinda interesting but a big pain right into the brain because you can't cross routes at the beginning (a plain space or what, I don't get it) and there is no transit chains. Also - why there is possibility to make double route between planets in one direction?

BTW - are you planning Steam/GOG release?

Can't play the game in coop unfortunately. I have only one gamepad and hoped that I could play on a keyboard and mouse and my friend on a gamepad. But for some reason - gamepad duplicates keyboard. So only one character can be controlled. I also haven't found option to set a specific controller for a specific player. What can be done here?

Or that would be great. I'd prefer some ending like in Spelunky even if it would be hard as hell to get to it.

I have one question - is it possible to reach the end of the game or it has only infinite mode?

VEKTOR 2089 community · Created a new topic New build?

So there were no news for a long time. Are there plans for new build in near future?

Oh it's fine. I'll wait for the next demo. ^_^

Not sure if I'm a bad player or burst lasts too short - can't use it effectively at all. Also - when I broke gates using green ship - bullets still aiming to broken gates.

Wow. Goog prototype indeed. I think this can become a really great game.

Strange but I can't find download link.