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the update is finally out on the PS4. Please  let me know any new bugs you find, I fixed all the ones I could find.

Thanks for the patience and support, so much new stuff coming soon!

Hope you enjoy the new update and bosses,


Downloaded this for free on PS4, and was enjoying myself until all the glitches started.

1) farmer won't join, can't pick corn he wants 

2) children from bus came all the way to base, doesn't show that I completed it

3) non upgradeable house

4) bullets disappear on overpass and can't be picked up

I liked this game, and honestly was going to pay for dlc to support it, but I see these issues have not been fixed since 2017. I also see you say they have been fixed..? Nope, still glitchy as heck. I also teleport randomly and get black screens sometimes. Would love to see this all get fixed, but my feelings from reading previous posts on various forums from 2017 to 2018 make me uneasy.