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Could you please let me know if this problem still exists in the new PS4 Update? I fixed all the bugs I was able to find.

Really appreciate your patience and support, So much more coming soon!



Just gave the new update a play. Zombies are still clipping through our fences.

When our house was damaged the HP bar on the left went off the screen into the negatives but nothing is happening and now it won't accept resources or food.

Hi there!

I am having the same problem with food not being accepted on PS4. As well as many other bugs. In the tutorial, it didnt even show me we had a gun? So i played and died for a long time! Also it does weird glitches when you die. It just shows me a black screen and i have to push a bunch  of buttons to switch back to the house. For a long time, it didnt let me choose the girl character as an option. And it glitched pretty badly when i was playing with anothwr person and we both died. It won’t let us revive, showed multiple black screens then the join screen, then if you pushed  X, it would go back to a black screen.

This game seems like it could be pretty fun, but as it is right now, it is unplayable since you cant gather any food, or rejoin after dying.