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The idea of using your points to rewind is actually very original and it could be improved and turn into something much bigger.

The only(and biggest) problem with this game is that is unplayable, sadly. The movement is really poorly made, jumping is too slow and walking is too fast and that makes it even weirder. Collisions are so bad and it's actually impossible to pass a cactus without taking damage. It is a solid good idea but right now it looks like just a prototype. Maybe you should work more on that idea and then make a good game about it.

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The graphics are easily one of the bests I've ever seen, the concept is neat and really wonderful but the execution sadly wasn't that good.

There is a lot of bugs, I can easily cross invisible floors, sometimes my characters is way higher and not even close to to the floor, floating like everything is normal. The game has a lot of inconsistencies and that makes it harder to understand the mechanics of the game. There was also not enough guidance and tutorial at the beginning, like, what does that yellow shards do? when I clicked lmb near them, They gave me a orb, but sometimes not? idk, it was pretty confusing but really cool to try it, the introduction was amazing  and graphics too but when the gameplay started was really messy. Also camera is weird but you can get used to it.

Anyway it is a cool game but it feels more like a tech demo then a game but nice job!

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The graphics are really cool to see and the hacking theme is also great. It's such a good idea, but I found it very complicated(idk if I am dumb or what),at the beginning the commands are very weird and it takes a bit to get used to it. Then, when you get  used to it, the games starts hard for a first level, I found it very interesting but I didn't play long enough, I wish the game was easier(maybe it's only me but idk, it's my opinion, don't get me wrong I liked the game).

Anyway, nice job on the graphics, on the theme, I liked it!

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This games is so much fun, the graphics are wonderful and the gameplay is really good. But I think the game is too hard, in moments there are so much bullets in the screen(My fps even drops sometimes) and it takes some minutes to start getting the game. I loved, the first time I got a 5 combo was really cool but maybe starting the game slower would be better. Anyway, it's a great game, I can see myself playing this more, not even gonna uninstall.

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Audio great, graphics great, idea/concept great. Overall is a solid "almost perfect" game, I loved the idea, for real! I'm impressed with the concept, really well thought. But I have only one complain that stops me from giving 5 stars in everything. It is not huge deal, it is actually something that many people struggle to do(even I struggle): Difficulty, sometimes it is too hard, sometimes it is very easy and I think that stops me from "mastering" the game and sometimes even having fun. I'm playing, level is super easy, then next level is the mission impossible chapter 7 you know what i mean? Idk if it is me or the game, but I had this problem so here I am saying, maybe it is just me hahaha.

Anyway, it is a nice game, top level, steam quality you know? good job!

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Greeeat game, I loved it! One of the best platformers, is original, music is really good, graphics are fine and so much fun! Puzzles are simple and challenging, makes you wanna play even more. One of the only games I would finish again! Probably to get the true ending... You did a nice job on this game, music is not distracting, not annoying, the way it changes at the final level is really cool but the level could be harder u know?Maybe in the true ending it is. Anyway, nice job! I loved it.

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dude,  idk why but I can't play your game, webgl not loading

I'm gonna try a few more times, maybe later too but if you want you could try my game while I try to play yours!

Graphics and audio are amazing, idea is god but very confusing. It's really interesting to play but I didn't have fun doing it. It would be good to start the game with less difficulty and then increasing. I was kind of understanding what I was doing, I liked the hammer on the wall, and stuff. But I didn't know what to do, just a small complain because the game itself was really interesting and the music was not bad!

Great work on the game mate, be sure to check my game too.

This is a nice idea, I didn't have a second player tho' but the concept is great! Smash bros style, I liked it!

Very simple game, I can't say much about, the gameplay is overall good but the jumping is a tiny bit weird,(specially climbing platforms), maybe some adjustment would be nice!

You did a nice job with the execution, but polish would made even better!

Really nice feedback! I appreciate! You are right on these points, I should have done more adjustments and balancing. Maybe in an update after the jam!

Anyway, thank you so much for the constructive feedback!

Audio is great, graphics are nice, gameplay is smooth and fun is guaranteed! Aiming is a little bit hard because enemies are too small and the projectiles too, but the chaos, the energy, the velocity are nice balanced and fun! The rewinding mechanic is well implemented and a lot helpful. One of the funniest games on the jam, congratulations!

Such a nice and sad story!!! I'm impressed! Game design is smart, really nice gameplay where you need to dodge the enemies and go to certain places. It is a little bit too easy, maybe that is were your biggest improvements could be. Graphics are really weird hahaha and cute, so no complain on that.

Overall is a great game for a 1 week time stamp, with a few improvements and tweaks you could make a wonderful game!

Music and graphics are wonderful, nice job on these. But I think it is too hard, enemies are so fast and it takes a lot to finish a room. But the idea is very original, instead of you rewiniding, the enemies does. So points for you! It is a cool game with a nice story, but if you add more things and adjust a few things, the game would be great!

Nice job on the game! Be sure to check my game too!

Check mine and I will check yours

Rated and reviewed, be sure to check my game too!

Nice game design right there, gems are really well executed(even if there is no reason to get them hahaha) but it is a nice touch on the final game! Audio is really good too, puzzles are hard(I'm okay with this, maybe others won't) and really makes you be careful when rewinding. In my opinion is no hidden gem or anything perfect, but it is a nice idea, with nice execution and I liked it! Congrats!

Be sure to check my game too!

It is a nice idea but I think the execution could be better. Well, first thing's first, the music is really annoying(it is okay, I'm also not music master, my game has also really bad music). I guess the game would be better if the obstacles were random, right now the obstacles are really unfair because there is always only one path you can use it. The graphics are nice, no problem on this. Oh, and collisions on trees, I think it would be better to add some slippery there, so the player don't lose a lot of time turning.

Anyway, you did a nice job but try to polish a little bit and it would be a great game. Be sure to check mine!

graphics are really nice, animations are neat too, audio is simple but "comfy". Movement is weird but once you get used to it then is nice as well. Character is too slow and double jumping is inconsistent. Shooting feels great too. Rewinding could be better if you could do more than once, but is just my opinion. It is a great game, really fun, puzzles are not the best thing in the world but are fun to solve and I liked them!

Nice job friend, be sure to check my game too and leave a rating!

Really great game my friend! So much fun and intense! It reminds me of the new doom with a top-down approach! Rock music and blood splattering everywhere! Sooo cool. Nice job.

I would recommend you to add more enemies and health packs along the way(or maybe an easy mode where hp regenerates). The rewinding mechanic is not so special, but the idea is nice. Maybe a few improvements would make it better!

Anyway, nice job mate, check my game too!

Hello guys, once again here talking about ratings.

So the deal is: Send me your games and I will give my honest and very detailed feedback, gonna leave my comment too saying my opinion and my rating too. If you could, please, do the same to my game as well!

Just post the link below and I will check it!

And please, do the same on my game, I would love it! Hey I'm about to check yours, check mine too! here is mine!

Great idea, really great! Very fun too! At some point it gets kinda boring but when it came Thomas the train at full speed at me, I got my eyes blazin, pure adrenaline hahahah! Anyway, it is really fun and original. After the jam, try making something even bigger! I was thinking about making a big level with a lot of platforms and obstacles coming, and you have to survive, sometimes power ups would spawn at a random point in the level, and make a lot of different scenarios, get it? I would be really fun, and maybe a co op feature, dude it would be really funny!!!

Anyway, good job on the game, I loved it! Be sure to check my game and rate it as well!

The game has a really good concept but it is not very fun to play, is more like a text you read. The font of the text is really hard to read, even causing my headache. And the camera flicking is really unnecessary and easy to avoid, I see that you put the camera as child of the player and that causes this, instead make a script to the camera. And there is nothing at all to do in the game too hahaha, you just jump trough platforms. Anyway, you had a really great idea there, maybe if you work more on that after the jam, you could make an amazing game! So keep it up, don't give up!

Hey, be sure to check and rate my game too!

One of the best and funniest games I've played in the jam. Just no words to describe it! Congratulations, the music is addicting and the graphics are sooo cute! The gameplay is really smart, sometimes it looks kinda boring but the music and the graphics make us forget about this and the funny moments too!

Hey be sure to check my game too if you could!

The idea is very original and really fun to play with. You had a great idea and executed it very well. There are some bugs that, if fixed, would make my experience much better. And the super rewind mechanic needs a few adjustments(I got stuck at the first level with the mechanic), I knew it what to do but I couldn't make it because idk the box not always got the enough momentum.

Anyway, you did a nice game with nice graphics and a really good mechanic, puzzles are well made too but I guess it needs more polish to make a even better game! Nice job.

Hey, check my game too, the rewinding mechanic is very similar! downloading yours I would love that, please this is my web game this is mine, be sure to check it out Im downloading yours

I really like the game and the idea, there are few mobile games fun like this one! Maybe a few improvements would make much more better, like knowing the next color that you will be and maybe some tweaks at the movement(it's too fast sometimes). Overall, pretty nice game, simple and funny. I loved it!

Really nice work mate! Opening yours already! heey be sure to check mine

Slaying enemies have never been so fun! I loved the idea of rewinding and giving more damage to enemies(like elemental damage) it is very original! Movement is really smooth and satisfying.  I wish there was two buttons for attacking, one physical damage and the other, so I can choose one of them. And please add more stuff, like enemies weaker to physical etc etc, that would be really cool to see in a future update!

Anyway, nice job on the game. Be sure to check mine too, and maybe rate it!

I notice the binding of isaac inspiration and I love binding of isaac, but I think you should work more on that idea.

The rewinding mechanic is really fun to play with and you can easily exploit enemies to return to their original location so that they never get to you, it is really fun! I enjoyed the game, but try to add it content in a future update just like binding of isaac!

Now what do you think of playing my game?Actually the mechanic is very similar to yours. give it a try and a rating maybe! here is mine, checking yours in minutes here is mine

yours look very good, very pretty, gonna check it ou!

The concept is very original, chess with the power of controlling time. However, I am not a big fan of chess srry but anyway it is a cool game with good design. I bet it would be much funnier if playing with a friend.

Good job on the game mate, try it out my game and leave it a rating too!

The concept is cool and the graphics are really good and cute but I think the execution was not as good as the idea. There is not much to do besides jumping and collecting the gems. Maybe adding enemies and different scenarios would make it better but still it would be just like any platformer out there. Try to implement a mechanic were you need to use your gems to rewind or to pass trough certain doors idk, use your creativity.

Anyway, it was a good game with good story but it is not very fun. Hey, try my game and rate/review it as well, I bet you would like!