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It's so silly but kind of addicted xD And I don't know why but "real handshake" feels even more awkward than if we do something wrong xD 

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Hi :) Played this game with my subs on the youtube channel and twitch and we all agreed that this game is SUPER adorable :) Also as Harry Potter fan I SO LIKED Dementor's reference and some other stuff. REALLY liked the design of these cats, some silly talks about "porcelain bowls" and poop xD Thanks for a nicely spent hours :) ps also Death is my fav, he's just the best representation of myself, cause I like spooky things, but also everything cute and adorable xD pps also I see that the shop issue with money is still not solved, so maybe it could've been fixed somehow?)

Hi there, I'm kind of late to the party but I just played this game with my subscribers live on my Russian youtube channel and we freaking LOVED IT xD Art style is adorable, music is nice, and all the dialogs and characters xD ESPECIALLY my subs LOVED RUTABOO xD Maybe cause I kind of voiced his as Mario?!! Who knows xD Also my subs also kind of started shipping Rutaboo low-key with Cyrus somewhere in the middle of that storyline xD Mooooooving on xD Also we OF COURSE liked Era, she's nice and Yen of course.... And Cyrus/Yen ship is just adorable xD It kind of reminded me about my fav snarry pairing, but it's just me, so I really had a blast with find yourself 1000 and 1 HP reference xD Anyyyyway, THANK A LOT for creating this game and making us laugh a lot, while playing it :) I wish you all the best,  good luck with your future projects and just have a wonderful and an incredible day ^^ ps and also I would actually like to know more about our Princess and her Witch or just to see the story from their point of view, so if you EVER would make something like that... I WOULD LOVE to play it too :))

Hehehe, I'm happy to hear you think so ^_^

hahaha, well what you're gonna do and no, I unzipped it :)  Though I have MacBook, not a iMac or smth like that :) And maybe it's just my notebook. Well... it happens xD

ah, you're being too kind for my own good :) And you're welcome ^_^

Hi, first of all, I FREAKING LOVED the game. Thanks for advising it to me :)) It’s quite silly, absurd, strange with weeeeeeeird sometimes jokes, but enjoyable xD Also it reminded me of all those old times where I played such RPG games with battles and fighting bosses on my old mobile phone :) Also WHY YOU decided to end Flatwoods story so bloody and gruesome?!!!! It was such a cute and nice little story xD You EVIL!!!!! xD

And now I wanna say something about the bugs I noticed along the way. First of all in Mac version when you open options and then press Esc game just gives you black screen of Death xD And you can then only close the game and restarted once again. Another thing happened with me after I went into the mines. When I began to use any attack from Shooty I got «0» points for quite a while o_O Is it me or there is some bug there? AND the last question is about «save». Is this feature actually working now or it’s still in a progress? Cause I couldn’t find how to use it.

And in conclusion I just want once again to thank you for Episode 1, I had a nice 1,5 hour playing it :) All the nostalgia FEEEEEELINGS xD Though WHY HAVEN’T you included some scenes from your trailer like right into the game? It would be so AWESOME!!!!! At least at the end, as it was in Flatwoods. ps CAN’T WAIT FOR EPISODE 2!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Hey, man. I don't know it's just became a tradition for me to write to you every time new episode comes out, so xD You don't even know HOW MUCH I WAITED for this episode to see the world. You never stop to amaze me and I don't know there is something special in this game, content is spooky sometimes, disgusting a little, but at the same time it’s so full of some peacefulness. And with each episode it’s just like coming back home, with this cozy atmosphere and well-known characters, that we became so fond of already :) This episode was something. I was so happy to see a new location (i.e. school) and to walk around and be an ordinary (Sally… ordinary… HA! xD) teen. I loved all the details, stuff in our gang’s lockers, so cool. Though is it really that okay that they search in each others lockers without permission? Are they THAT good types of friends? xD Also as always I can not praise you on a new Sanity Falls single. My man, you’re a human being of tons of talents :) The whole story with meat was not THAT shocking for me, I guess I even saw something like this in one of the episodes of Criminal Minds, though still nice, still nice. ALSO I FREAKING LOVED the doodle part. THAT WAS SO unexpected but SO COOOOOL. 

Also Todd’s boyfriend was a reaaaaaly unexpected part. And about Travis. Would we see more of him in future parts. Also COME ON, MAN, you can’t do that to me, who was his crush? Give me a name, a hint, point on him, ANYTHING! I’m just so curious xD In that piece of paper it was mention, that they don’t really know each other, so it’s not someone from Sally’s gang. RIGHT?

I was once again happy to see some old characters and David with his wife xD And will we some day  see what newspapers he keeps at the wall? Cause I’m so curious about it :))

And now about puzzles… Sometimes I JUST HATE you, no jokes, because that puzzle from the beginning? SO ANNOYING AND CONFUSING! Like is it the position of each exact symbol or just sequence :) And LACK OF TIME! MAN. WHY?!!!! xD Also I got stuck with not getting an achievement for beating "Clumpy" but I saw you've already fixed it :) Thaaaaanks ^_^

And also… sorry for !!SPOILERS!!! but ALIENS?!!! SERIOUSLY, STEVEN?! xD Your love for E.T. is really showing xD At first hoodie, now THIS xD 

Anyway, incredible job as always, wish you only the best of luck and kick ass with that 2 last episodes  xD 

hahaha, thanks and about introducing everyone... I absolute get it :)

Aw, thank you very much ^_^

Oh yeah, I definitely like horror. And about circumstances…yeah I was so pumped after the first death. I’m such a horrible person, I know xD I just love intense atmosphere :) 

Some people just don’t like anyone xD But I get it, different tastes and all :)

OKAY, so I just ended playing demo and GOSH! The beginning was slow, meeting characters etc, but when it got to action part it was SO COOOOL! And I kind of got sucked into this whole story, also it kind of reminded me about the movie "Escape room" and game "House of Wolves", I just love this type of stories I think xD And it's pretty interesting to be in such a story yourself, have time limit, know that your decisions can cost lives.... SO COOL xD So exciting xD I know I'm kind of weird human being, but well xD So can't wait to play the full version (that I already purchased) and to know how it all ends in every ending possible. But right now I kind of want Adam to stay with Vince and for them to adopt Lucky, cause that green-hair guy is SO ADORABLE, he's shy,  adorable, geeky and video game developer aw ^_^ So thank for making this game and  good luck with future projects ^_^

you're very very welcome and aw, that's so good to know :) Will be looking forward to new episodes ^_^

Hi! ^_^ Just wanted to let you know that I really liked the game. Aw, how I like small little horror pixelated games. I don't know they're just so cozy and the whole atmosphere is wonderful. And the music was also lovely :) I pretty liked the story that was shown to us in 1st episode. Actually I found out that it's "first" part only after playing, but that's typical of me xD The storytelling was pretty creepy and after playing it I have SO MANY QUESTION  and weird THEORIES xD Like is Scarescow a villain here?!! Cause it was at the back of old photos and at kid's picture. Also what the hell happened at that place? Where's the MOTHER? And most of all who the hell was that weird kid that scientists observed and tested in their lab? And what a coincidence that all those scientist are now dead...MUAHAHA xD Aaaanyway xD I'm really looking forward to new episodes, cause it's so cool :) I don't know would you make a continuation of this story or just bunch of different connected somehow (like spooky stories at the campfire kind of thing, or it so reminds me about it ^_^) stories, but I know I'll like it anyway :) So I wish you luck, hope your inspiration won't ever leave you and well... thanks for making this game ^_^  Bye :)

okay then :)

and ehm.... sorry? xD 

Hi ^_^ So I finally checked your game out and even edit the first part of let's play on it. SOOOOO... Not my ordinary cup of tea, I be honest, cause I like something more dynamic. Even though I pretty liked it. ESPECIALLY Sam's and our POET guy routes. THE POET WAS SOO COOL, I liked kind of suspense in that storyline. Nice ^_^ And the ending. Yeah... my inner teenage emo kid was so pleased xD The whole atmosphere and idea of this game is pretty cute. Though I just wanted to quickly ask one thing about lgbt theme. Is it there only because our main character is of unknown gender? I'm kind of confused there xD Aaaanyway, I would love to see the end result. Good luck, and I wish your inspiration will never leave your side ^_^ 

Aw, you're welcome. And that's good to hear ^_^

Aw, thanks for the explaining and yeah, I noticed two images to different episodes thing last time I uploaded the game. So cool. Anyway, thanks once again. And I would just go and patiently wait for the next episode. Cause gosh the ending of the episode was just WOW ^_^

Hi! So I finally manage to play the second episode. Still not finished it, cause I enjoy it like a good wine xD And I kind of fear the next period of time until the next episode. So no need to rush indeed. Aaaaanyway, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts so far and bust your ego a little, man. Cause let’s face it, you deserve it. And what else are fans for? xD And I’m too awkward to use pm on twitter and email. Sooo first thing that I really liked is that you expand a little the scene of the game. Also you kind of could walk through the walls of it sometimes. Does it make scenes? xD  With going into other ghostly dimensions in our nightmares, and some other stuff. Also it was a nice surprise that you kind of add more details to the game, like posters. OH MY GOD. And can we talk about some references? I don’t even know why, I wasn’t such of a hard fan of that anime, but Vampire Hunter D reference made me so happy! And some other stuff. Also next Sanity Fall song! I waited for it for so long. I mean these small details is what makes the games so great, right? Also I liked that second song (by the way, should be expect a Sanity Fall album anytime soon? xD)  was more complex and with different voices mixing together and some glitches. It kind of fit, doesn’t it? Making it seems like there are some secret messages in it. Aaaanyway, what I was talking about before…somewhere. About detalization. Those small details like Gizmo’s plates and toilet. I think I kind of remember someone mentioning it to you before either on game jolt or here. And it was nice to see that you decided to add it. And just the pose of Gizmo at the sofa. Gosh, SOOOO FABULOUS xD  I really liked that you made this game more surreal. It’s nice. I liked all the weird creatures in Sally’s nightmare like toiler monster? anorexic pony? Charley-Terminator? Haha, well… And I definitely liked that in new episode there were much more ghost and just supernatural stuff happening. Also I liked the idea of Super Gear Boy. At first it was unusual. Cause after first episode every time our Gear Boy was glitching and lightning I was expecting a new game. But later I got used to it. Especially when those games finally actualy came xD

And man I so liked those characters, that was designed according to wishes of Kickstarter donators? I like that those characters simply exist and thats so cool.  

You know the first episode was more like «detective kind of story» with solving crimes and etcetera. But this one is so my jam, cause I’m a fan of paranormal activity and supernatural stuff. And that was so nicely put together and added to this game. I wasn’t 100% sure how you could make this game any better. But, man, you truly did. Never have I ever regret supporting you on your Kickstarter campaign. I waited so long for this new episode to see  the world. And man, you made it ever harder to wait for the next one xD Cause I think it would be even better. 

So once again I hope you face less challenges with working on the next episode that you had with this one. I hope your inspiration and motivation won’t ever leave you. I wish you all the best. Keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re really great at it. Good luck ^_^ Can’t wait to see how the second episode ends and I’m already waiting for the episode 3. 

ps by the way, do you plan on adding screen resolution option. Anytime? Just curious)) And what's with the background picture near the  menu shifting from black and white Sally face  to multicharacter and back again? xD

Oh, hi! Let me tell you just how much I enjoyed the atmosphere of this game. And the pencil and watercolor design! It instantly reminded me of childhood. Aw, you know, some 3D children book. And I liked this whole spooky atmosphere. It was nice, kind of scared me one time with that figure running in front of us xD I was lacking a little bit of background story of our ghost weird 4 arms guy (what the hell is wrong with him?!! xD), but AAAAANYWAY I really liked the game, it was nice. So continue doing what you're doing, I hope to see something else as cool as Yurei Station from you in future ^_^

Hi there. You know I quite enjoyed this game. It was atmospheric and that room with "sounds of raindrops" kind of reminded me about one episode from "Paranormal Witness". So that's good. Also the eye painting was nice :) But at the same time I got SO CONFUSED by this game. I have so many questions right now. Like have we really killed Leeroy, who the hell was he, why it was normal in this game for a dog to write and be a party host?! xD And why the hell we were wearing dog's costume? Was it a dress up party, are we a part of some weird BDSM club? xD And yes, as the previous commentator already mentioned the moving part was a little bit uneasy sometimes xD But aaaanyway I pretty liked the game. It was not bad at all. Good luck with your future projects ^_^

Yeah, I already checked it. The art style of the underground level is different. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just different. Also new level is more gore with teared body parts etc. I like it xD AND I really liked that you added a lot of new afterwords. Some of them have sexy innuendos, but I like them nevertheless xD

How could I not? And you're welcome ^_^

Hi, you know what? I freaking loved this game. It has a nice and sweet design. Mary is such a cutie ^_^ The whole atmosphere is really well made. I liked the difference between our room with and without the light. Also that mask-face was so creepy. To tell you the truth I began to play this game without watching the trailer so it was really interesting for me to try and guess what the background story was, and why Mary looked the way she looked... And speaking once again about trailer i.e. game's final scene actually I kind of missed it in a game too, cause I turned the light off and the game kind of looped itself. Anyway once again, nice game. Good luck with future projects. I hope you'll make something as amazing as this little thing pretty soon ^_^

Aw, I'm really glad to hear it ^_^ You're welcome :) Aw, bummer...but okay xD OH! That sounds wonderful. I'll be waiting :)

Aw, no it was my pleasure really ^_^ And I hope I certainly will ^_^

Hi. OH MY, can I just say HOW MUCH I enjoyed this game? I don't even know what I like about it. Well, I kind of do actually...Shan!! Obviously! He's so amazing, so fabulous, funny, etc. Also I like the idea with using your voice. It's interesting and funny to mess with.The whole atmosphere was so nice. And relaxing music. Aw ^_^ Also I'm kind of curious was there any possibility to lure that cute sailor with a mop? Oh he was immune to our charms? :) Anyway, once again, cool game, hope you'll make it even cooler somehow seeing as it's in development ^_^ ps btw if what I kind of made a let's play on it at the beginning of this video ^_^

Hi. Let me tell you HOW MUCH fun I had playing your game. It's so nice. I was hoping for "sweet little thing" (got fooled by the pink color and music) but what I got I enjoyed waaaay more ^_^ I liked the contrast of chilly and relaxed beginning and then plot twist scenes :) Also it was fun to speculate about that mysterious voice through our whole journey and it's owner. So once again, nice game, thanks for making it. Good luck with your future projects, I'll definitely be looking forwards to them ^_^

Finally I found the time to edit the first part of this let's play. I so liked the way this game was presented, with us looking for some clues in lost girl's phone. I bet those who downloaded it on mobile phone had even better experience. You know even if those themes of hacked devices, red rooms, killing people for fun are now really popular because of their actualities, this game still was quite unique. Though the only minus for me was that our decisions weren't really changing a thing. If we would act as a maniac with a cult or a saint, in the end it wouldn't even matter. We would get the exact same ending. But all in all...really nice game ^_^

Hello and you're welcome :) And haha...yeah, I can imagine, especially when you're the creator.

Well.. you can't please everyone. And that's perfectly fine. Also it's good when the character makes people express any emotion about him at all. It's bad when people can't say anything about a character. It means he's not believable. And Igor is such a sweetheart! What a shame xD

Oh, I know what you mean. I tried writing quite a lot when I was a kid/teen and also creating songs etc. It's a wonderful feeling when you can present the idea you had a long time ago in finished state to other people. Especially if that something was really meaningful to you.

Hey, there. Well what can I say about this game? I really liked it. The main idea and gameplay!! Come on, FINALLY we got something interesting and new in lgbt games for quite a while. I liked the soundtracks and whole atmosphere you created, backgrounds, little details, statues. And the characters were actually not bad. Especially Igor! Gosh the more I played the more I liked that sad alchemist and it's so sad that he hadn't got any happy ending, because don't know he was a little annoying but not bad at all. And also ALEX was so good looking and quite a dancer. Wow, those MOVES at the end!! xD But Amulka for me was like meh... I don't know. His reasons were doubtful for me and by the way....his castle was FULL OF HUMAN BONES. Why our main character was so chill about it?!! xD And that fact that Amulka made a lot of bad choices in his life before etc..... So all in all except some grammar errors, I enjoyed the game so much. Partly because I'm a Harry Potter fan and come on, be able to run around and cast some spells? It's basically heaven xD So thanks a lot for making this game. I'll be looking for your future projects ^_^

you're welcome ^_^ I'm glad it was to your liking :)

Hello, and I'm glad you liked my lets play ^_^ That's COOL :) And I think I'll definitely will. Because I'm really curious to know more about that character and his background story))

Hey)) Well I know I should be ashamed of myself for saying it, because suicide theme blah-blah, but I actually had a lot of fun with this game :) Let me start from the beginning, at first I didn't really want to play it, cause of my suicidal past, whatever. Then I quickly scrolled it, got «Out of the Breath» ending and was like «Meh, well made but pretty ordinary game». BUT THEN! After noticing that it got a lot of nice reviews I decided to give that game another chance and see what is the big deal about it. And I so much enjoyed it. The whole game is a cocktail of angst, tragedy, cuteness, sexiness? and creepiness xD And although those «speaking on the phone» routes are so «true», «heartbreaking», «full of emotions», I liked routes at our guy's house SO MUCH MORE. Also HOW THE HELL it's the same freaking man? Cause while speaking on the phone with him I imagined him really sweet, caring, shy, BUT WHEN I FINALLY MET HIM! Gosh, he gave me the creeps! Also all those talks about «I can be a murderer» got me wondering… IS HE REALLY?! Why exactly he wanted to kill himself so bad? Why everyone around him died? Anyway, I had a nice time playing your game, had a real rollercoaster of emotions while doing so, couldn't stop until I found all the endings :) So thanks for making this game)) Really. It's really nice.

Hi. You know what? I pretty liked this game, mostly because of its absurdness. I got stuck for a while trying to figure out how to make jam, but otherwise I had a lot of fun playing it :) Thanks for making it ^_^

Hi there! ^_^ Well it was quite a quest to find your game, even though I check itch every once in a while :) Seriously, put at least "lgbt" tag, because it's quite popular here and this way it would be easier for slash/yaoi fans to find your "child" ^_^ AND NOW let's get to the interesting part, I SO LIKED this game. It has one of my fav kink? type of pairing? xD (servant/master) and the story was so touchingly good. It was quite soppy in a few moments, but with nice angst and I liked it. The music, art, dialogues... everything is put together great. And honestly I don't even know what ending I like more. One has nice fluff and the other one "My heart will go on" xD Unexpected turn of events))))) To summarize, I pretty liked this game. You made a great job. Good luck with future projects ^_^ ps but seriously ANOTHER DIMENSION?! Where did that come from? xD

Good luck with future projects))

You know what? I pretty liked this game. It's simple, nothing extraordinary, but still very nice made. The music was good, atmosphere creepy at some places especially after the sun went down. But the ending was annoying, cause it's that type of ending that don't explain anything! xD Anyway nice job and thanks for making this game ^_^

Oh, you're welcome, you're welcome ^_^
And it surely did))) Haha, well you can have part of the credits xD Anyway, you both made an incredible job with this game, thanks :))

And no problems))) I see it already began to crawl high in popularity)) Nice job))