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Hi, you know what? I freaking loved this game. It has a nice and sweet design. Mary is such a cutie ^_^ The whole atmosphere is really well made. I liked the difference between our room with and without the light. Also that mask-face was so creepy. To tell you the truth I began to play this game without watching the trailer so it was really interesting for me to try and guess what the background story was, and why Mary looked the way she looked... And speaking once again about trailer i.e. game's final scene actually I kind of missed it in a game too, cause I turned the light off and the game kind of looped itself. Anyway once again, nice game. Good luck with future projects. I hope you'll make something as amazing as this little thing pretty soon ^_^


Thanks a lot for the elaborate feedback! Yes the game may has some bugs that I need to find out and fix. Anyway the video is great! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.:)

How could I not? And you're welcome ^_^