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Hey)) Well I know I should be ashamed of myself for saying it, because suicide theme blah-blah, but I actually had a lot of fun with this game :) Let me start from the beginning, at first I didn't really want to play it, cause of my suicidal past, whatever. Then I quickly scrolled it, got «Out of the Breath» ending and was like «Meh, well made but pretty ordinary game». BUT THEN! After noticing that it got a lot of nice reviews I decided to give that game another chance and see what is the big deal about it. And I so much enjoyed it. The whole game is a cocktail of angst, tragedy, cuteness, sexiness? and creepiness xD And although those «speaking on the phone» routes are so «true», «heartbreaking», «full of emotions», I liked routes at our guy's house SO MUCH MORE. Also HOW THE HELL it's the same freaking man? Cause while speaking on the phone with him I imagined him really sweet, caring, shy, BUT WHEN I FINALLY MET HIM! Gosh, he gave me the creeps! Also all those talks about «I can be a murderer» got me wondering… IS HE REALLY?! Why exactly he wanted to kill himself so bad? Why everyone around him died? Anyway, I had a nice time playing your game, had a real rollercoaster of emotions while doing so, couldn't stop until I found all the endings :) So thanks for making this game)) Really. It's really nice.

Hi, Rainby! The team watched your video, and we loved it. You had an awesome presence, and it was fun to watch. We're glad that the game was able to offer you such a great experience. If you're curious about this character, please do keep an eye out for Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces). He'll have a proper name (and face) there. ;)


Hello, and I'm glad you liked my lets play ^_^ That's COOL :) And I think I'll definitely will. Because I'm really curious to know more about that character and his background story))