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Thanks for downloading the game, Faytard!

You have to open the game first. When the game runs, you should see the main menu. "Pick Up" should be at the top of the main menu.

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Hello,  Sandpixie!

I remember you! And yes, there's no voice choice this time around. The original game was made for a 48-hour game jam so I didn't have time to direct the voice actors then. For this update, I did, so  the voice actor was able to work closely with me (the director) to capture Unknown's character. 

Aside from that, there are also 2 additional endings and a few changed/added lines. Plus, updated artwork. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share what you think about the changes/additions.

Hello, Betsy! Rest assured, this project is still live and kicking.  I post updates periodically on tumblr. At the moment,  we've been more or less quiet on the social media front as the team and I work  hard  to  finish the game. We have ambitious aspirations, and we're passionate about doing the best we can with this! But once we get closer to the finish line, you can expect an explosion of updates. Follow us on our tumblr or here if you just want to know when the game's ready for release!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Have a great weekend, Betsy!

Hello, Sandpixie! It's mostly just bug fixes/minor updates. I apologize  if   I made it seem otherwise!

Hello, Anna~H 20b! I'll be happy to help. Let's see...what kind of laptop do you have? Mac, PC, or Linux?

As for Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, I haven't read  it yet, but after giving the summary a look,  the story does look intriguing! Does it happen to be  a series you like or does the game's premise remind you of it?

Hello, NeruOrdisi!  Ooh, sorry for the late reply.  Still trying to catch up with all my messages!

Anyway, the game is dark fantasy, intrigue and (optional) romance. If you have any other questions,  please feel free to ask! Have a Happy New Year!

Hi, xoxdqxox! We're all working hard, so we're thrilled to hear it. If you have any questions, just let us know. You can also talk to us on tumblr, where we post updates periodically.

We appreciate you taking the time to comment. It motivates us to keep doing our best for everyone! Have an amazing weekend.

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Hello, Goldshade! We're really loving your enthusiasm. We can't wait to finish it, too! I can't say for sure when that will be since we want to make everything awesome, but if it helps...we do post some fun stuff related to Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces) on our tumblr like this.

Feel free to look around our tumblr and ask questions, if you'd like! It might help with the wait. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

No problem! We'll be looking forward to it.

Oh, by the way, we posted an update on tumblr a while back, explaining a little bit about the kind of voice Ambrosia is meant to have. Feel free to check it out if you have the time! We post a lot of fun stuff on tumblr.

Hi, Mishasta! Glad to hear you're enjoying the game.

I just answered the poster above, but allow me to repeat my answer here. Ambrosia's is a vote-driven game that you might consider "episodic." For that reason, you will run out of questions to ask! At that point, please feel free to put down the game and wait for the update. Each game update will include fun, new features, based off survey answers.

This post has more details, if you're interested. Just scroll down to Ambrosia's tips!

Feel free to follow us on tumblr or Facebook if you want the latest announcements and updates. If you have any other questions, just let us know.

Hi, aylabriann! Ambrosia's is a vote-driven game that you might consider "episodic." At some point, you will run out of questions to ask! At that point, please feel free to put down the game and wait for the update. Each game update will include new features, based off survey answers.

This post has more details on that, if you're interested. Just scroll down to Ambrosia's tips!

Thanks for playing the game, and if you have any other questions, just ask.

Hi, Konoi! Glad you asked. Let's see...this new update has:

- Ambrosia's re-done lines
- Minor bug & typo fixes

So, the main thing is that Ambrosia's voice actress re-did her lines according to the feedback and our direction.  It'll undergo some more polishing in the final version! (She's very determined to nail the delivery.) If you'd like to give it a listen and let us know what you think of her hard work-in-progress, we'd love that. Feedback's always helpful!

Otherwise, please feel free to wait for the full version, which is the end goal we're all pushing for. Hopefully, it'll be sooner than later!

Hi, blu_proxy!

Oh, no! Let me take a look. Is this for the PC, Mac or Linux?

Hi, Sandpixie! Yes, the paid version will be rated 16+ and will include steamier romance scenes (all optional, of course). Plus, more animations, more choices,  more endings - more everything...including the love interest(s).

Hi, ocupers! Ooh, I'm glad you asked. The demo for Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces) has received a brand, spanking new update right here.  Demo version 2 is more polished and even more animated than the last one. If you care to check it out, feel free to let me know what you think! And if you have any other questions, just ask.

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Hi, DAGamerGal! We're delighted to hear you've been enjoying the X Playing Pieces universe.

Aha, yes, Ambrosia is meant to speak with a hint of an exotic accent. We believe she was trying to give some words an English slant and others an oriental touch, which didn't seem to work out so well for you! However, we'll see if she can't adjust her accent. After all, practice makes perfect. We'll probably post some audio clips over on tumblr to get feedback in the future. The team and I listen to the dialogue so many times that fresh ears are helpful! We fully believe our voice actors can do it with hard work and support.

As for Chase's appearance? His design is relatively the same (aside from the addition of his fur coat), but his leathery skin texture is being made a little more prominent.  Let's see...this short piece should explain why a little better. (Long story short - his rougher appearance is part of his character. He's generally not known for being attractive on Virgo Island.)  Though, we do plan to touch up his design for the full version to make sure the art's all on the same page.

Thanks for letting us know what you think, and we're thrilled you're looking forward to the full version! (We are, too.) If you have any more questions/feedback/theories, feel free to let us know. Have a Happy New Year, DAGamerGal!

Hi, Sandpixie! This is the same game. This is a demo beta (version 2) - a work in progress, so it's still going through polishing and touch-ups. However, it is indeed the same game! Just think of this as an upgraded version of the last demo (version 1).  The story should be easier to follow, the gameplay better explained, and the art updated. Plus, you'll get introduced to the character of X.

However, if you're confused by these changes, feel free to wait for the full version! We're going to keep updating, fixing and hopefully improving the game until then. (But we'll be open to feedback, opinions, and theories all the while!)

If you have any other questions or comments, just let us know. Have a Happy New Year, Sandpixie!

Oh my goodness! Elmer Fudd. That definitely isn't the intended effect, but I'm sure Ambrosia's voice actress will get a good-humored kick out of the comparison.  When we were going over it with her, I believe she was trying to make it both English and oriental. (Some oriental accents touch on the r's, but since we wanted her to make up the accent, she must have adjusted it and made it sound more like a speech impediment unintentionally.)

We'll definitely let her know to touch up  the accent, so that it's not giving off Elmer Fudd vibes. Of course, if the changes still come off as unappealing, there is actually an option to mute the voices in the Preferences screen. This way, you'll be able to enjoy the story without worrying about it.

I hope you have a Happy New Year, Pixel!

Hmm...well, the good news is that as the years pass and Ambrosia grows older, her sprite will change! I've also adjusted her sprite recently, and I'll probably continue to work on the art until it feels right.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed X's interruptions and Ambrosia's "translations," which were definitely fun to write. In some ways, it was kind of inspired by Shakespeare. I love reading his works, but some of my friends consider his writing to be like a second language. So, I would essentially translate what he was saying to them plainly. Now, I remember in the first demo, some players were a little confused by Ambrosia and Arsenik's exchange, so this time, I wanted to make sure they fully understood what they were saying to each other. (To see that this isn't merely a polite exchange of pleasantries. There's a flirtatious undercurrent/overtone going on here!)

To answer your question...yes! There will be more than 7 bachelors in the r-16 version.

Thanks for letting me know what you think as always. I hope you have a Happy New Year, Konoi!

Hi, Artemis-Ameretsu. Ooh, thanks for playing the demo and letting us know your thoughts!

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the music! Aha, but it seems I have a habit of putting in an upbeat credit song. I'll have to see what I can do about that for the full version. 

We're also happy to hear you enjoyed the art! Viktor and Chase will be pleasantly surprised to know they're your favorites. Does that mean you're planning on entering a courtship with Chase first? (Unless you're still waiting for everyone's art to be on the same page. Or until Ambrosia gets older, which should be reflected in her sprite.)

Speaking of which, I took what you and others said into account and did some more tinkering with Ambrosia's sprite recently!

Better or worse? Rest assured, I'll be tinkering with the art for a while before I'm fully satisfied with it! But it's always helpful to get a second opinion. When I'm working on something, I'm often staring at it for hours, so in a way, my eyes get used to seeing it.

I hope you have a Happy New Year!

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Hi, Konoi! Ooh, it's great to hear from you again. (I remember when you commented last time for the first demo! It was both helpful and encouraging, no doubt.) Thanks for filling out the survey, too! As promised, every single word was read.

Aha, I was wondering how people would feel about seeing X in the header...and the thumbnail...and other promotional material. (Fun fact: When I was putting in the thumbnail, it was something of a spontaneous decision. I was half-preoccupied with Christmas arrangements and I was recovering from a sickness, so my thoughts were along the lines of: "Uh...all right, sure. Let's go with this." X, of course, would think that's a great decision.)

For the scene where X sees Ambrosia's back, I was trying to make it so that her hand's on her stomach, but I can see that didn't go over so well! I'll have to put that fix-up on my to-do list. As for Ambrosia's Virgo Island sprite, you could say it was...almost an experiment? I wanted to show how Ambrosia would look "in the real world" so to speak, while maintaining an anime aesthetic. So far, people are having different reactions to it. Either way, I'll definitely take what you said into consideration!

I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying the X Playing Pieces world. It's also nice to hear how X has made an impact! I was wondering how people would react to the bonus scenes. I wasn't sure how much readers would want to know what goes on in X's head, but I had way too much fun writing those. (And you can expect more bonus scenes in the full version!)

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to let me know, Konoi! Oh, and I'm glad you're looking forward to the r-16 version - and its exclusive bachelor(s)...I just keep wondering if people can handle him! I'm not even joking. (I want to say why that is but that would be spoilers. I might give a better hint on my tumblr - or other social media - when it's closer to the release date, though. Or, rather, a caveat. I feel like he needs to come with some kind of warning!)

Again, thanks for answering the survey and for commenting here, too. Merry Christmas, Konoi!

Oh, by the way...since you saw the bonus scenes, I'm curious. When Ambrosia lands on X in the beginning - as you might recall - do you think what happened there was A) On purpose, B) An accident or C) Something else (feel free to elaborate!)?

(If you think you're going to mention any spoilers, you can also e-mail us your answer at: poisonappletales(at)gmail(dot)com

Or just put a spoiler warning beforehand for anyone glancing through the comments!)

Aww, thanks, cheoories! We're thrilled to hear that you're excited for it. Feel free to let us know what you think after playing it!

Have a very Merry Christmas, cheoories!

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Hi, Pixel! Glad to hear you're checking out demo ver. 2.

Let's see...Ambrosia is meant to sound gentle and soft-spoken, with a hint of an "exotic" sort of accent (a psuedo one). Characters in the game will have varying reactions to it - some will like it, some will dislike it, and some just won't care. In real life, you're not always fond of the voice of the one you're speaking with and so it is here. (Ambrosia is known for her beauty but, well...just try to barter with Viktor and see what she says after you choose to sing him a song!)

That said, I don't suppose you would mind sharing what bothers you about the voice?  The team's very open to feedback and I trust in their abilities, so it would help us to know what changes you think might improve it. (For instance, is it her delivery? Too strong of an accent?  Just keep in mind that what I said above is our target description!)

By the way, if you're worried about it sounding mean, you could privately e-mail us your thoughts here: poisonappletales(at)gmail(dot)com

There's also a survey in-game, which you can answer anonymously.  However, if you rather comment here with your thoughts, that's perfectly acceptable as well!  I'm just laying out all the options. The team can handle constructive feedback, and as long as your heart's in the right place, then we won't be upset. In fact, we'll thank you for helping us to achieve our full potential!

I believe in the Poison Apple Tales team, and I hope you can, too. Thanks again for playing the demo, and I hope you enjoy the rest of it!

Merry Christmas, Pixel!

Hi, Sandpixie!

Ah, yes. This was the complicated one! It's completely understandable if it takes your head for a spin. My answer to an ask here might help clear things up. (Warning: Has major spoilers!) There's also a rather helpful TVTropes page, I believe.

Now, if you're interested in learning more about the world of Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces) without the psychological craziness, I might suggest playing War: Valentine Edition instead. Trust me, it's far more straightforward, very sweet, and a fan favorite. That is, if you like romantic comedies.

Aww, thanks, Daga! It means a lot to hear that. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the story (and Wildfire's character). Can't wait to show you more of it in Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces)! If you have any questions or other comments in the meantime, feel free to let me know.

Aww, thanks, sasha_6ers! Hope you look forward to meeting the boys again in Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces).

Hi, Artemis_Ameretsu! There's actually no particular ending from being a jerk, so you can rest easy and continue treating him nicely. Being mean mostly just affects your interaction with him. As a Valentine special, this game really only has happy endings. Though, someone once mentioned that they wished there was an option to reject the guys, so when I get around to remaking it (likely after I finish Beauty and the War), I'll likely include that choice, as well as an appropriate ending to go with it.

Thanks, honeydragon! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game. I also hope you look forward to getting to know them in their original homeworld of Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces).

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Really appreciate the kind words, dslerner! Oh, and if you're wondering how to unlock the secret character route...simply play through all the dates and then choose to end the date. But the catch is, you have to go through all the dates in a single playthrough. If you quit the game mid-way, it won't count and you'll have to do them again.

Hope that helps! Thanks for playing my games and taking the time to comment.