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Oh, hi! Let me tell you just how much I enjoyed the atmosphere of this game. And the pencil and watercolor design! It instantly reminded me of childhood. Aw, you know, some 3D children book. And I liked this whole spooky atmosphere. It was nice, kind of scared me one time with that figure running in front of us xD I was lacking a little bit of background story of our ghost weird 4 arms guy (what the hell is wrong with him?!! xD), but AAAAANYWAY I really liked the game, it was nice. So continue doing what you're doing, I hope to see something else as cool as Yurei Station from you in future ^_^


Thanks a lot for your feedback! We're glad you liked the game.
It motivates us to create more project like this in the future!

Aw, you're welcome. And that's good to hear ^_^